DEEP 12.16.19

Most people fail because they lack the discipline necessary to commit. You are only as committed spiritually as you are naturally.

Will you commit to be disciplined? What area will you become more disciplined?

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  1. DEEP was so much fun! The classes were really good! Here were my highs:

    Christian Lifestyles// Be wise with what you listen to and look at! I have heard this sooo many times, but tonight was different! The Holy Spirit/ Pastor Kathy pointed out to me that everything I expose myself to has a voice! This has moved me to pay attention and be aware of these things and not just for me but for my kids as well!!! Also, meditation was big for me tonight! This is key for the Word to get down on the inside of me! I choose to be disciplined in being aware of what goes in!

    Confession//Believing in what I say was big for me in this class! PK’s definition of confession too! Seeing the manifestation of what you say is in the believing. I purpose to commit to being disciplined in this area of my confession, believing!


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