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  1. Night Life was AMAZING! I got answers tonight! I went expecting to hear from Him and I got what I was expecting! Glory to God! PD provided us with medicine and I received it! My self-talk was to drink up and take my medicine! Here were my highs: * A disciple chooses to put God first! * If He is not your first love you won’t love right! * It’s the doing that brings freedom! * Freedom known is freedom shown! When you are walking in freedom it will show! When PD was talking to us about forgiveness he said something along the lines of the Father forgiving us and we don’t have our t’s crossed and i’s dotted that rocked me! I realized that you forgive regardless even when the person isn’t doing everything perfectly because I don’t do everything perfectly and the Father still forgives me! Oh how thankful I am that He does and so I want to release that same forgiveness to those around me! Moving forward I will continue one day at a time, one moment at time, maintaining a heart of forgiveness and keeping my heart and mind committed and focused on Him! ❤️


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