Sunday, December 29

Don’t burn for what burns but for Who burned for YOU!!!

People who live to have their ends meet will never have their ends meet!!

What have you learned about True Prosperity? What changes will you begin to make in your life to reflect them?


  1. The last Sunday service of 2019 was FIRE for me!!

    1st service//He is my sufficiency and He fills all in all…
    I really liked seeing that the definition of slack is also deceptive…because I hate lying and deception! LOL!
    Deceptive and lazy will always lack…soo good!
    I refuse to take what I have for granted!!
    You have to unload (like the camel going through the eye of the needle) this was soo good to me!!
    I really liked the statement, don’t burn for what burns but but burn for the one who burned for you.”
    Giving according to the Word keeps “need” away

    2nd service//He presents opportunities, I say yes or no!
    He is my OWNER!!!
    Meditation and obedience trigger prosperity!!

    Soo great!! I really enjoyed the end of this series on True Prosperity

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  2. Services were sooo great today!!
    JumpStart- two things really stuck with me:
    1. All addictive behavior starts with one yes that should have been a no!!
    2. Religion=perform; relationship=stand and declare!!
    When I’m in genuine relationship I will be saying yes/no to the right things! Not performing and going with the crowd or what feels good but standing and declaring the truth!!! To me it just made me see that when I’m saying yes/no to the wrong things my relationship with Him isn’t where it should be!!

    True Prosperity!
    All 3 services were so great and just hearing that true prosperity is about HIM but the statement that stood out most to me was when PD said “I don’t want to just be a butt in a seat”. It’s so simple but was so profound for me because I don’t want to ever just be where I’m supposed to be in motion but not in mind, in attitude, and in my heart!!! I refuse to just fill a seat whether that’s at church or in quiet time and will challenge myself to always be engaged and all in regardless of what is going on!!


  3. The Word I heard yesterday in church was sooo good! I came expecting and I left with what I needed and more!!! Here are my highs:

    1st// In the offering message * Father I want what you desire for my life! Approaching Him in this way takes so much weight and pressure off of me!!!

    * Meditation and obedience triggers prosperity! * When the Father blesses, you can handle it! * Get out of the natural to experience the supernatural! * Never see a yesterday as a good as today! This series is a favorite of mine! ❤️🥰

    Kidz City// Valuing what God values gives me the best life!!! Amen!!! * Faithfulness is not a show it’s an attitude of the heart! * Faithfulness is staying true to the original! * Joy comes from me being faithful! * Being unfaithful will make you wanna quit!

    Jumpstart// * my life is a series of responses! * better to be corrected than to be encouraged (LOVED this ❤️)! * Maturity is never what you know, maturity is how you love (THIS ROCKED MY WORLD❤️)! * when your mind deviates, your life deviates! Also when PD ended with when we see Him we will be like Him!


  4. For it being the last Sunday in December the services was amazing ! Here are my highs: JumpStart: *To be harder on myself than others with the Word putting my flesh under! *Correction and how you demand more of yourself comes through correction stemmed from His love! I really liked this because when you’re corrected by those you know love you ,you perceive it was because they love you!* Religion makes no progress! I choose to reflect Him under any circumstances , not to deviate from the path, but my mind focused on The Father! True Prosperity/ 1st : * Offering/ Father I want what your desires are for my life! *I shall not want! *Being blessed is always predicated on Obedience! *Honoring Him brings exponential results! Only Kingdom Matters , matter!*Don’t burn for what burns, burn for the One who burned for you! 3rd/ Above all The Father wants us Healthy, wealthy and Wise!Thanks Pastor Dean 🙌


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