January Book of the Month

The Greatness of God’s Power

Nancy Dufresne

One thing Paul prayed for believers is that they would know “…the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe…” (Ephesians 1:19). God wants us to know His power that is in our direction – it belongs to us. He has made His power ours.

God has made us stewards of His power. Whether or not power flows depends on us, not on God. God intends that every need we face be met with His power. We cannot live the life God authored for us without His power.

This power that God has made ours is greater than any other power, and greater than any need we may face.

In this classic book, you’ll learn:

•   What God’s power will accomplish for you

•   The law that governs the power of God

•   What brings God’s power into manifestation

•   How to assign God’s power to needs

The more proficient and skillful we become with faith and with conducting God’s power, the more we’ll be able to cooperate with God and receive His blessings into our lives, as well as bring blessings to others.

He wants us to receive every need met by The Greatness of God’s Power.


  1. Finished a little late but it’s ok lol!

    Chapter 10
    All 7 men were filled with the power of God but only Stephen mixed his faith with it!!! I will be a Stephen and speak my faith so it is mixed with His power and mighty things are done thru my life for Him!!!

    Chapter 11
    It’s not the act of prayer that is powerful but the faith you release at the time you pray that brings power!!!
    Pray once and continue to thank Him!!! Continually release your faith!!!
    When you pray for someone you release power for them to receive but it’s up to them to take it!!!

    This has been such a good book!!!!🤓❤️


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