DEEP 1.6.20

Disciplines of Honor

Integrity isn’t about perfection but humility and sincerity; repentance! Evaluate: how do you respond when you get caught?

The Church

In order for it (the Word) to change you, you have to expose yourself to it!! How will you expose yourself to the Word more?


  1. DEEP was amazing, as always!!!! Both classes were really good and gave me so much instruction, correction, and revelation!!! Here were my highs:

    Honor// I was instructed to locate the “one thing” that comes after my honor! Man, just having it revealed through this lesson about there being “one thing” that could be keeping me away from being whole and undivided was an eye opener! I definitely have to to get alone and allow the Holy Spirit to show me what that “one thing” is! PC mentioned tonight something along the lines of knowing who you are then stewarding it! I always thought of stewarding something like money or something material. Being exposed to stewarding who I am in Him got me asking myself, “how am I stewarding who I am in Him”? Also, the evaluation of how do I respond when I am caught? This has me in a place of there is much more to learn and growing is a great thing! It may not always “feel” great, but it is the best thing I can do for me! Lastly, when PC said “With everything you do there is a harvest attached (this is really GOOD)!!! Oh! and “you have nothing to lose living a life of honor!!!

    The Church// In this lesson tonight I was challenged to intercede and share with others who don’t know Him! To point those in my world to the Father and not just for them get saved, but that there is so much more than just that!


  2. DEEP was so great tonight!!!
    Disciplines of Honor- wow. 🙌🏻 my favorite was in 1 Kings talking about David. Integrity isn’t about perfection but humility and sincerity. He had messed up big time but he was still spoken highly of by God. It’s not about never messing up but being humble and wanting to grow, change when I do and also admitting I was wrong!!! David acknowledged. I just really liked this whole part!! I will not misrepresent myself!!!! I will be humble in correction but also hold my own feet to the fire and call myself out when I mess up!!! No hiding and covering or acting—-only sincerity!!!

    The Church
    I liked when Pastor Kathy said witness in Word AND deed!!! My actions need to line up with my words!!
    Also- joy is the fruit of a recreated spirit!!! Stop looming at circumstances and situations and just choose the joy that’s already in me!!!
    Also, just hearing about how people need connections I left empowered to go out of my way and get out of my list and connect with someone new!! I’m so thankful people connected with me when I first started coming!!


  3. Wow !! So so good

    Honor – my main high was that Jesus isn’t a mask I put on , I conform to him from the inside , out ! Wow!!!! So so good !!!

    Honor is not about what I do on the outside , it’s who I am !!!

    I loved how she talked about being sincere and honest and how David was called a man of integrity even after his mistakes BECAUSE he humbled himself and repented.

    Also I loved when she said you may only have one talent but you’re acting like you have 5! Be SINCERE! Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not !! Dang yes!!!!!!
    I will NOT misrepresent myself ! I will be honest and sincere !!

    The church
    I loved how the early church began at Pentecost that is so significant to me. We have to have the Hs !! He started this deal and we can’t do it without him !!

    Our love for one another shows the world that we are his and that begins at the house in how I love my husband and kids !!

    If people don’t make a connection at church they won’t stay . People want connection. I will be better about connecting with new faces.


  4. my first night of deep!! 🙂

    honor: doubt is choice!!!
    matt 15:8-9//i don’t want to put on!! “we are not to put on christ but conform to christ”

    the church:
    people won’t stay at church if they don’t have friends!! the holy spirit already told me to start targeting people my age!!


  5. It felt so good to be back in Deep. 🙌🏽😃

    ~What is the “one thing” that keeps me from giving God my all? I’m Praying and believing for God to reveal to me what that is!
    ~I never have anything to lose when I give God my all!!!🙌🏽 I am so ready to give God my all out of Love and not just routine.

    •The Church
    ~What are your now and forever reasons for coming to church…My Now Reason for coming to church is to help myself and family gain knowledge of the Father with every service and learn how to live for him..My forever reason is to show honor to The Father and remain in Him!!

    ~I like how Pastor Kathy shared her story of the woman who prayed for her to receive and be filled with the Holy Spirit…
    It made me write down two names of individuals in my life who I would like to pray for to receive and be filled with the Holy Spirit. ❤️

    ~I also love the confirmation the Holy Spirit gave me when she shared about how we should approach new people…it’s one of my favorite things to do, but the enemy sometimes tells me I’m “doing too much” or “being too friendly!” So I sometimes hold back from talking to newcomers because I don’t want to scare them off, lol-but not after Deep! He showed me to keep on being me, in the newcomers face, (not actually) 🙊saying hi, laughing and telling them they are loved, oh so loved!


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  6. Really missed Deep so glad to be back ! Here are my highs: Honor: When PC said to check the One Thing that comes after your Honor, I really got serious about that wanting to be more aware than ever before asking the Holy Spirit and then how to fix it! It’s never about the outside But always about what’s goin on on the inside you can be a player only for a short time!!! Honor is about who you really are on the inside! All insecurity in rooted in self doubt! The Church/ People that come to church are not going to stay or keep coming back if they don’t sense they are welcome or loved. I want to be more about those may be setting alone to be more friendly , interducing myself , welcoming them telling them we’re glad they came! To encourage them to come back again ! This is the way we are to be imitators of Jesus known by our love for one another!!!!


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