1. Coffee With PK was amazing today! I’m so grateful for Pastor Kathy and for what she brings to us every Tuesday. Here’s my highs about Forgivenesses: The Father plainly tells us to forgive others as He has forgiven us.God should me where I had not forgiven a certain person that I was had not forgiven ,I was totally blinded to this. But I ask the Holy Spirit to show me anyone I had unforgiveness toward. He did! He’s so faithful and we just have to ask. I immediately forgave that person right then, even though this was many years ago , I had pushed it away but finally Praise Jesus surfaced! Now I’am free , the freedom Jesus paid for us to live and walk in!Thank you Pastor Kathy that you love us so much to give us the Truth of God’s Word! I love you. Today I ask the Father to forgive that same person! I believe He did!!!🙌


  2. Glory to God!!! Mrs. Darla I praise God with you in your freedom🙌🏾🙌🏾!!! That is a big deal!!!! Love you!!! I was so excited Coffee with PK was back on again!!! My high with this message was all of the parts about false forgiveness!!! When PK said it, it was an Aah-ha moment for me 💡!!! It is was my answer to some relationships and dealings with people! I will definitely be implementing the steps to forgiveness FOR REAL!! Also I will be taking the 21 day challenge! Like PC said in a message, “In order for there to be progress you gotta do something different!!! Thanks PK!!! 🥰

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  3. Coffee with PK is sooooo great! So grateful for Pastor mom teaching me to forgive and forget when I was little and to this day! I am so excite to change love to faith in the verses in 1 corinthians and make that confession everyday! I will allow HIS LOVE, as PD taught us Sunday to love through me! Forgive and let it go!!!

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  4. I really liked when Pastor Kathy said feelings are flesh and I control my flesh! I have power over it!! I will be doing the 21 day fast challenge!! I will keep my flesh under! 🤓

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  5. false forgiveness.. wow lol! the points pastor kathy gave us for those were sooo helpful to evaluate where i’m at! 2020 i will be better at sincere forgiveness! i started the 21 day fast yesterday (:

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  6. Ok, full disclosure I didn’t even write down all the symptoms of unforgiveness because I felt like I could have them all working at some point lol!!! LOL!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

    Unforgiveness is a sin, and I was made for love…

    I really liked the steps and even the concept of praying before you pray to forgive…I think Pastor Kathy mentioned the phrase “journey to forgiveness” like this is a process, I mean not to drag out for a lifetime but when your soul has been damaged you have to intentional take the steps necessary to see it is repaired!!

    When I forgive I not only release the person, but I release all the negativity in me!! That was soo good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bottom line…I will keep forgiving until I forget…


  7. The Father showed me a statement that I had made the day before while pastor Kathy was speaking and he showed me how that statement was rooted in bitterness. I thought I had already forgiven that person but the Father showed me that because this person is still in my life and I have to deal with them from time to time lol, that I should continue to check my heart and stay in love regardless of how they act and the things that happen. I choose forgiveness and love and I am so grateful for the truth that sets us free!


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