Night Life 1.8.20

Our new series is going to be amazing!! We ❤️ Night Life!

We do right because we are determined to NOT because we always feel it! Will you be determined to do what you know to do despite how you feel?


  1. I really enjoyed night life tonight!!! I’m looking forward to this series!!!
    I really liked at the end of service when Pastor Dean said to change beds and expect better sleep! I’ve been meditating on that and just realized that if something isn’t right in my life I’ve been in the wrong bed so to speak!!! Just change beds and choose different!!! That was so good to me! I love how Pastor Dean makes everything so simple to understand and apply to my life!!

    And yes!!! I will do what I know to do regardless of how I feel!!! I will control my flesh!

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  2. A few things I liked from last night’s message:
    We do right because that is what we DETERMINE to do.
    I like all of the know this, do this and expect this. One of my favorites was know this//God’s wisdom is for everyday life in every way. Do this// you make it real by DOING the Word. Expect this// life becomes easier.

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  3. I’m thankful for Night Life and this new series! My highs were from the very beginning when Pastor Dean made the statements, “Spiritual and natural wisdom are only found in the mind of God” and
    “Every human system and capability were God created!”. So good! Man can not take credit for anything good in the earth because it all started with The Creator God! And I will remind myself, “If it wasn’t for Him…” because I would not be where I am without His grace and mercy! Glory! Here’s to growing in wisdom in 2020 🙌🏼

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  4. Amen!
    Service was so, so good! It always is! 😃

    I’m also excited for the Know, Do, and Expect This while PD takes us through the Street Version of Proverbs-I’m so thankful for PD and the easy to understand way he’s made God’s word. ❤️

    ~One thing that I keep on meditating on is that we have to be sure to know that we started in God, he’s the original! I will take credit for absolutely nothing I’m able to do or achieve in life, because God did it first! He did it through his word, when he sent Jesus and when Jesus chose to die on the cross for me! God was, is and always will be the OG, triple OG! 🙌🏽☺️

    ~I will begin to take inventory of what I’m confident in. I refuse to be confident in anything that can be taken, or slip away and even burn up!
    My complete confidence and dependence is in God!!!



  5. PROVERBS 1!!! Yaaay!!!! I will walk in the wisdom of God! I will embrace the mind of God!!
    You have put on your beats and mp3s and tuned me out! I refuse to tune out the mind if God!!!


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