1. Church was so good today!Here are my highs:JumpStart/ I really like what PC said about looking unto Jesus and how we do that. 1. Like a little child looks up! Looking unto Him, stewarding the scriptures. We are already there; we didn’t get there on our own. 2. Don’t have a puffed up opinion. Be surrendered to Him. 3. Be dependent on Him. We’re all dependent on something.I will put all my focus on Jesus and follow His instruction. He is my first GO TO! He doesn’t want me to think I can do anything without Him. John15:5! I will be having a closer daily of consecration with Him in my quiet time. Taking no credit, no glory. Just looking up to Him, my Father who loves me. I will not have to cry out at night. But if I don’t have His direction, I have nothing!!!Soooo good PC! Thanks💖 1st/ Offering/ Not oweing, but Honoring! The very idea we’d see a gift as something we must pay for! His Love is Provocative! I’am to yield and obey ! Setting in His presence , to be quiet, seriously hearing His voice speaking to me! This is the Perfect Love of God telling me what my part is to do! A casual relationship with the Word creates casualties ! 3rd/ We are not off the hook or to sweep our stuff under the rug.We are responsible to do God’s Word! He was not casual about His devotion to us!!!!! His Love is Strong and Confident!!! Thanks PD!🙌

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  2. Today was amazing!!!! ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻
    Growth tracks was so awesome!! I really enjoyed learning more about myself and the unique gifts He has placed in me! I’m excited to study out these things!
    Jumpstart highs//
    Our desire and devotion is tied to our receptivity!
    It’s not just that you know you have authority, it’s that you’re in love with the God who gave you that authority!! ❤️❤️
    We look into Jesus all day long, in every part of our day, not just during our quiet time with Him!
    Everything I have access to is because He loves me!

    I also listened to 2nd Service on YouTube!! So thankful for all the ways the Word is made available to us! 😍🙌🏻
    Highs from 2nd//
    The Word is designed to fill your heart and lead your life!
    Love, as correction, is designed for my protection.
    Gods love is unique and brings the freedom, liberty, confidence, faith, encouragement and fulfillment that can’t be found anywhere else!
    A casual relationship with the Word created casualties!! This is an everyday decision I must make to put His Word FIRST!!!
    Dependence on Him ALONE is independence from the system!!

    I am just so so grateful for the incorruptible Word of truth that is brought in every service!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  3. i’m so grateful for chooselife church!

    jumpstart//y’all, it was SO GOOD
    -1cor 8:1-3//knowledge puffs up! it’s not that i know all this things about God and just know i have authority but that i’m in LOVE with the God who gave me the authority!! i don’t ever want to be so puffed up in my knowledge of God that i forget it’s the grace of God i encountered the truth and the truth set me free.. i want to fall deeper and deeper in love with Him!
    pastor charity said “if i cry out to Him then i don’t have to cry all night” so simple! i can look up because He put me there!! not because of anything i could ever do!

    1st service//pastor dean didn’t emphasize this too much but it went off inside of me! matt 6:2, if my deeds are for the praise of people down here then that’s my reward. like that’s it. nope! i want my reward in heaven!

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  4. Church was so good today!!! I also really enjoyed Growth Track and learning more about our personality & spiritual gifts!🤓

    I really liked the analogy of a child crying looking up to their mom/dad to pick them up!! I will keep looking up to Him like a child would be totally dependent!!
    Then when PC asked us what we are dependent on, really!! I’m going to evaluate this week when I’ve put my dependence on/in

    3rd service:
    A couple statements I really ♥️’d
    If I let the enemy steal the Word my life will be jacked up!
    A casual relationship with the Word creates casualties!
    If you don’t stay on fire pretty soon you’ll just smoke!! <- MY FAV!!!
    God’s love EMPOWERS!!!
    I will challenge my flesh in everything I do/read/head to not be casual in any way!!! I will not end up smoke!

    This week I will be a doer by waking up earlier (like I know to do 🤦🏼‍♀️) to spend more time with Him!!

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  5. Church was sooo great today!! I am so thankful for Sundays!! 🙂

    I was in 2nd today and it was just sooo deep to me…my notes are going like crazy in my notebook…

    Offering//It just went off on the inside of me how weighty the presence of the Father was in the life of Abraham that he couldn’t even imagine keeping all the spoils from a victory he won because God gave it to him. So simple, but so profound…who would I be to not honor with every part of my life the God who made me!

    Message//All things are possible when I know and do because the Word will follow through!
    We have to know what love looks like…it is not just what makes us feel good; that isn’t love; love is correction which is for our protection
    Enjoying His love is tied to my obedience!
    Casual relationship with the Word creates casualties.
    There is a price to pay for backing off of what is truly important.

    sooo good!!

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  6. Church was so fun today!! Hooray for all the January Birthdays!!! 🙂 🎉 🍰 🎈
    Jumpstart//There should be a grit that is motivated by love…like I love Him so I go hard…I don’t go hard because I know stuff…I go hard because he loves me, he called me…and everyday I get to know HIm more and more!! Pastor Mayo called it being steel wrapped in velvet!! Because of my relationship with love HIMSELF, I walk in authority!
    ***I refuse to be dependent on anything other than the Father and His love! I think my go to is that if I know that I have done what I know to do, then I am good…not that i don’t need to do what I know to do, but I can’t be more dependent on my performance or discipline, than the Spirit of God working in me…like I say, there will come an end to my own will…I MUST be dependent on Him and His love that made me good!
    3rd Service//You honoring God starts with you saying about yourself what He says about you…this is so huge…when you take on His perspective of your life, it will be impossible to do your own thing!!
    You can’t live your life and have HIS life! This reminded me of Prince Harry and Megan…I don’t know the whole story, but the idea of doing their own thing, but remaining royal and on the taxpayers dollar…I refuse to have that attitude with the father from the littlest decisions to the big ones!!! I want HIS LIFE ONLY!!!!

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  7. Jumpstart //

    It’s not Just that you know that you have Authority but you’re IN LOVE with the God who gave you that authority !!!

    It keeps coming back to love . Me and him. THAT IS MY WHY!!!!!

    Offering . I give simply bc he has loved me so hard and I just want to love him back. And In doing that I open the door for him to show me so much blessing.

    I will spend time just sitting in his presence. Just sitting 💖

    Once you KNOW HIM, you know whatever he asks you to do will only make your life better!

    This is personal !
    His love for you / your love for others which hinges on your love for yourself.

    I loved the definition of confident // publicly secure! When I know who I am in him I’m secure around anyone !

    You’re not in a healthy place if you let someone else dictate who you are .

    I walked away from church desiring to just be with my daddy more 💖💖

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  8. •Jumpstart

    ~I really like the title of Yesterday’s message, Look Up.
    I thought of how I am always telling students this same exact thing. I tell them to look up when they are walking down the halls, look up when carrying their trays, look up when you are speaking to an adult, etc. The same is said to my girls at home they get in trouble or are being taught a lesson. So when PC shared how we are to be as little children looking up to the Father-I remembered moments that I had said that to the many little people in my life-and I asked myself, why I had never said that to myself-or ever made that comparison?

    Here I am, self struggling at times to do and do, when all I have to do is Look up! 🙌🏽
    Look up when you’re walking with him, look up when it looks like it’s too much to carry, look up when you talk to the Father, and look up, even when you haven’t done right! You’re whole world changes when you simply look up. ❤️ I loved that so, so much.

    ~I also liked when PC shared about being in love with the one who gives us the authority, not just puffing up because we “know it.”
    Seriously, GRIT isn’t a word I ever use, but I like it-I like it because it means to have courage and showing the strength of your character. Using the authority God’s given me takes GRIT-because he who gave it me, gave it to me with GRIT himself! His passion and perseverance towards me should be a an example of the way we too should exercise our authority!

    I will LOOK UP, and remember him when using the authority that he gave me!!!! 🙌🏽

    •2nd Service
    ~More than anything during service, this statement stood out to me:

    “If you don’t bring anything you don’t get anything!” 😮😮😮

    It made me think of how silly I would be to go to a grocery store, load up my basket with groceries, and not have brought my purse/wallet…🤣 no money, no foodie!
    But how many times have I done that at church, concerning the word?! 😭I can recall so many times, more than I want to admit, just coming, not bringing a demand on or a wanting of God’s word, but just coming. Now I know for a fact, that I didn’t get anything out of it!

    I like knowing how I SHOULD come expecting, and I SHOULD come wanting from God’s word, bringing all that I have-ready to fill up my “heart basket” 🛒with loads of goodies to take home and use!

    With every service and every lesson, I will aim to put a demand and want on God’s word. I know that because of that, God will use my pastors to teach me exactly what I need to know! Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, I will look forward to shopping! 🛒
    Spiritual 🛍 Shopping that is!!

    ~Correction comes from God, not man! God’s love corrects us! As God keeps on correcting me I will choose to be a doer of his love by also correcting myself and not allowing the little wrong things that I do, to be ok. (Like speeding! 🙊)


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  9. Jump start: am I dependent on the Father as a toddler is dependent upon their parents? What do I depend upon? I think I see in myself a reliance on people a lot for affirmation…middle child syndrome 😂😂. I don’t find my worth, validation, expectation in what others think or say about me. That’s a wrong perspective as she said and my faith goes where my expectation goes. I only need affirmation from Him!! I look up!!!

    Some of my service highs:
    The Holy Spirit is a convicter not a condemner.
    Gods Word bring me confidence!!!!
    God in the earth was JESUS! What Jesus did and didn’t do is how God is and isn’t.
    You are open game to the enemy if you let him steal the Word. I must demand a seriousness of myself!!! A casual relationship with God causes casualties. It’s easy to become indifferent so I have to be intentional and I choose to be focused on what’s most important…His things!!!


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