DEEP 1.13.20

Disciplines of Honor

If you have any fear, love is missing. If loves missing your relationship with the Father is NOT sincere!

Is there some fear you need to eliminate in your life?

The Church

As the church, mandate is to tell others about Jesus!

Do you share Jesus with others everyday? Will you begin to if not?


  1. Gosh , deep was so so good last night !!

    Honor //

    Faithfulness produces the same reward regardless of my giftings.
    God has invested HIMSELF in me and he expects a return!

    This is so good to me. It’s so weighty that he has invested himself in me and given me things to steward.
    What a waste of life to look around at others and not bring a return to the father in the gifts he has given me!
    I will be faithful and steward what he’s given ME!!
    I was so so convicted to really steward the gifts he has given me !!!
    I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit and deep!!!
    I will remain SINCERE !!

    The church //
    You have a distinct place in this family but you won’t be confident in that until you understand his love for you!!

    I am so so beyond grateful for the revelation of his love so I can be who he made ME to be !!!

    I cant bring my supply trying to be someone else !!!

    If your gift will make room for you , then DEVELOP IT!


  2. Deep was so good! Here are my highs: Honor/ is the fuel for all relationships! I will allow His Presence in my life to be the weightiest of all! You can’t just put ON, you have to conform, stop playin.Yielding to the flesh is yielding to the enemy every time! God has invested something in me, He expects a return! I liked it when PC said it’s none of our business how someone else is running their race, or what they are doing , we are to stay fit, focus on Jesus , His Word and He will be glorified! That’s where our victory is!♥️ The Church/ My past is the past! I’am fearfully and wonderfully made! I’m so thankful to be in the church God placed me in. A distinct place in the family of God , the body of Christ. But understanding His Love for me made all the difference in filling that place the way He called me to do it! Once you become a part of the family of God everything about your world changes, but if you don’t realize that , you will live your life as if nothing happened!


  3. •Honor

    ~I really liked learning about the weightiness that Honor is supposed to have. I want to be a heavyweight in the ring of Honor, and definitely not a featherweight! I think the heavier the load of Honor we carry is, the lighter the load of the world will be.
    I also like how PC talked about the “anti” Christ spirit and how easy it is to embrace it when we are anti bright!!
    Oh my goodness-I don’t eveR want to be found with that type of spirit!

    These two statements that were given also stood out to me:

    “Who you are is the you no one sees!”

    “If our lives aren’t getting brighter, we aren’t in relationship with Him.”

    More than ever, I just want to burn bright with the love of Jesus so The Father is pleased with me and so that I am pleased with me! I will be someone who is the same, everywhere I go!❤️

    •The Church

    ~I really enjoyed learning about how even in the very first churches, everyone had a place. The design that God had for people to bring their gifts and talents to be used to serve and minister is so neat! Like he called me to a place where my gifts and talents are going to be used! (Going back to what PC said in Honor-this is where my spirit is growing up at, why would I ever run away!?)

    But God will not force me to use those gifts and talents to influence people in my life or this world-it’s up to me to yield to and operate in those gifts and purpose he’s given me!

    A statement that made me think:

    “If you can not discipline your body, you can not discipline your spirit!” 😮 yikes!

    I want to discipline my whole self-body, mind, and spirit! 🙂


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  4. Deep was so good 🤓
    Honor- any excess is a root of fear! Don’t be more concerned with how people perceive me than who I really am! The real me is the me behind closed doors!

    Church- the statement destiny and purpose divinely created in you can never be reversed!!!

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  5. I learned to note be rude and ugly it just makes me feel better than I thought I was going to be but I’m a good boy and nice kid And I get better in 2020 i


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