Coffee with PK 1.14.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so good today!! (Like always!❤️) Which of the 7 things Pastor Kathy told us to do will you focus most on this week?

  1. choose the good part
  2. choose to walk and live according to the Word
  3. choose to maintain a soft heart
  4. make a decision to live by faith
  5. live in constant fellowship with Him
  6. live conscious of His presence every moment of everyday
  7. keep Him in the center of your life


  1. I am going to focus on #3//I will have a soft heart!! 🙂 My determined purpose is to know HIM!!! I really like the scripture from Colossians where it said be enriched!! Time with HIm makes me enriched!! I also like when she said As I know Him I will look more like Him. It is like those couples that have been together for a long time, like they literally start to look alike!! I want people to know that I spend time with the Father…He is the one that I want to look like!! 🙂 It was sooo fun today!! So encouraged and also a suggestion…what about Starbucks refreshers with PK?!! Just an idea!!! LOL!!!

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  2. I am going to focus on #6…live conscious of His presence! I really liked the challenge of just asking myself, “do people know that I have been with Jesus”? I also really liked when Pastor Kathy said when your life is too complicated you won’t receive from Him; and not just praying and doing all the talking but LISTENING and receiving from Him. The more I know Him the more I will have to give. Fruit producing in my life comes from knowing Him. Such a great message!! 🙂

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  3. That’s so Good Pastor Faith , especially the part about Starbucks Refreshers with Pk!!! Lol!!!My Determined Purpose would be to focus on all 7, but this week to focus on #5 to listen to God more , to be talking to Him ;but not being the only one who gets to talk. James 4:8 is about submitting to Him and just shutting up long enough to hear His voice not mine. To draw closer to Him! Getting to know my Father as He will draw close to me in the stillness of my life ! Thank you Pastor Kathy! 💖

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  4. I am going to focus on #7- keeping Him in the center of everything…I will keep my priorities correct!
    I also really liked when PK said make a list of the things I have going on and a list of the things I enjoy and compare them to see what needs to be eliminated!!! I don’t want to be so bogged down with things that don’t matter/I don’t enjoy that I don’t enjoy my life!!

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  5. This was such a great message. I got so much out of it. I will choose the good part. I have a determined purpose. To KNOW HIM. this has just set me on fire. Like what’s more important. I like when PK said when your life is too complicated you won’t receive from him. It’s so true. I want to be still and know HIM. Spend time with him and reflect him. LOOK LIKE HIM ❤️ I will focus on #3,4 they kinda go together. Believing is easy when all you see is HIM. Walk in love and faith. We have to be in love for our faith to work. And see the BEST in everyone. So so so good. I’m so thankful for this word ❤️❤️

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  6. Coffee with Pastor Kathy is one of my favorite things we do!! So grateful for her wisdom and encouragement!!! I make it my determined purpose to KNOW HIM!! When she shared about Hebrews 2:1 This is why it is so crucial that we be all the more engaged and attentive to the truths that we have heard so that we do not drift off course. And not letting things slip. I have to be intentional and on purpose, focused on HIM!!!

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  7. COFFEE WITH PK IS ALWAYS SO HELPFUL TO ME… I’m grateful!!!!!!! I really liked how PK mentioned that the enemy is running out of time and he wants believers to give up because his time is short… As a child of God I CANT QUIT.. TO KNOW HIM-I HAVE TO KNOW HIM FOR ME & that comes by being intimate with Him…I have to get the WORD in… it will produce a harvest..THERE IS FURTHER TO GO-THERES MORE!!!! KEEP KEEPING ON!!! Never stop pursuing God!!! Knowing Him=My goal & everything will fall into place. I will focus on 3. Choose to maintain a soft heart by walking in love with all men.
    4. Make a decision to live by faith by believing and acting on what God says. Believing is easy when He is all you see.
    I WONT QUIT!!!! I’ll keep my eyes on HIM-That I might know Him!!!!

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