Night Life 1.15.20

I’m so thankful for PD and that he never is shy about telling the truth!! Service was so amazing tonight! What was your favorite part of service? Which “know, do, expect” stood out most to you?


  1. Service was so good! I’m so thankful for the truth!! I really liked when Pastor Dean said:
    👉🏻 don’t ever quit learning no matter who quits
    👉🏻 Slowing down is NOT an option!!!
    👉🏻 Keep a pace that darkness can’t catch!
    👉🏻 A loose man or woman is NOT RIGHT!! We need boundaries!!!

    I was just really empowered to keep going!!! To not take on the worlds boundaries but to stand on and live within the boundaries of the Word!!!! I was thinking about my dog and he’s TINY, so the boundaries I have keep him safe and in the yard but if he were to go to the neighbors yard he can easily slide under their fence because those boundaries don’t suit him! Not all boundaries are the same and not all produce the same results!! They’re both fences but one just doesn’t work for him! I want to stay in the boundaries He set for me as His child and not take on anything that doesn’t suit me!!!!


  2. As a parent, it’s not do as I say it’s do as I do!!
    Where I’m loose it’s hard to stand up! Loose is lazy! Loose is undisciplined. I will not be loose in the way I live my life!
    Get the drama out! God doesn’t lead you into a bad place!
    You can’t play with sin and think it won’t affect you and those around you! My life isn’t my own. It was bought with such a high price and I choose to live my life in a way that will bring honor and glory to Him.


  3. Night life was so so good for me!!! THERES MORE!!! THE BEST IS IN THE MORE-GOSHHH SO GOOD!!! Nothing rivals the Word of God! Goshhh so grateful for the word because NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN HIM & HIS WORD! Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn only momentarily and PRESS ON!! I press on…. I continue!!! Never put your expectation on people… slowing down isn’t an option.. GO HARDER- it’s in me to Go harder than ever!!!! I really like when PD said RELEASE because what Jesus did is Bigger than what was done to you!!! DONT BE LOOSE… it’s not worth it…


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