1. Jumpstart //
    With my children I can not allow them multiple
    Times to obey . It has to be the first time so that they will obey the Holy Spirit the first time.
    Gosh I am going to get this with his help ! I will overcome in this !!!

    He does not need my help
    He just needs my surrender !
    I will keep surrendering and not trying to figure !!

    I can taint who he is in me by doing it my way.

    I loved that to abide is to CONTINUE!
    Gosh I will continue !! Good bad or ugly . Everyday is a new day and I’m continuing with him !!!!

    As I see HIM, I mother like him !
    As I see HIM, I business like him !

    I will see HIM!!!

    There have to be moments where I intentionally pause and SEE HIM!!!
    I will be great at pausing and getting still!
    I am changed in HIS PRESENCE!

    1st// I need to begin to look at things as if they’ve been paid for !

    The answer is never in the discussion of the problem but rather the solutions found in the word!

    2nd// I can’t have a successful Christian life If I don’t KNOW HIM!!!

    I have to ON PURPOSE ditch who I was if I expect to become who he wants me to be !

    I will know him ! And I surrender !!!!

    Growth tracks was so good today too ! I’m so so thankful for PD !
    I will continue with JESUS!!!!

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  2. 3 words the HS woke me up with last week Deliberate, Precise and Intentional I have been studying these words to see how I can best apply them to my life. Today PC talked about having Violent passion (wrath) and not letting yourself off the hook. I need to focus more on who I am becoming and not so much on what I’m doing (things that take my focus off Him). PD// Love always produces the best when it’s the Best we are focused on.

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  3. Church was so good today! Here are my highs: JumpStart/ You can’t Worship God when you’re in worry, strife, stress or anxiety! I must choose to be still!! He doesn’t need my help, I bring nothing to that. He only wants my surrender.The enemy is always seeking constantly to divide, so we should be looking up like a little child without doubt, lifting our hands up to Him with no fear. My purpose comes out of Him, but I must know Him as I see Him then I will be changed in His presence to be more like Him! I will be aware of His Presence more than anyone else’s! If we are serious about this New Resurrected life with Jesus and really want it, act like it— LOOK UP!!!!! This was awesome , thanks PC!💖 1st/ Offering //What you expect from Him is determined by you! Be thankful! To Love God is to never question His Love for me! I don’t have to defend myself, I’m just to do His Word! What can I expect? The Father will shower me with all the good things Jesus paid for me to have in this life! 3rd/ With that One look your life can change forever, received and acted on can change your life forever!!!! Good Word PD! ♥️

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  4. Offering:
    I really really liked the statement, “I choose to give simply because of what He has done for me.” I love that soo much!! Where would I be without Him? I want Him to have my whole life, every day in every way!!

    2nd service//Philippians 4:8 eliminates alot of chatter…I am sooo done with worthless chatter and basically anything that isn’t HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want Him! I don’t want to think it if He doesn’t think it; I don’t want to do it if He doesn’t do it and I definitely don’t want to say it if it isn’t something He would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I serve a God of solutions so what’s the point of talking about problems all the time; mine or anyone else’s…

    You can’t have a successful Christian life if you don’t Know Him!!! Loving God isn’t just saying you love Him…talk is cheap! It is what I do from the heart that will produce!

    All week long I have just been thinking about knowing Him…there is no way you can receive His love or live in and share His love without being more aware of Him than anything or anyone else. Its not enough to just say He is my everything or to spend my life about His business…I want to know Him in all that I do and allow Him to be the Lord of it all…

    I don’t want to just do my purpose, but be madly and deeply in love with the one who gave me purpose!!

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  5. Jumpstart
    I don’t want to get to heaven not doing what He told me!!!
    That’s a big one for me!!! I want His plan for my life! I want to live everyday more aware that there is something He wants me to do and not be so bogged down in what I think I’m supposed to do that I miss it!!

    3rd service
    I really liked when Pastor Dean said freedom require obedience!!! He used the example of natural things like going to jail for breaking the law and it made is so clear!!! When I feel bound in any area where have I been disobedient?!

    If we’re not on top of our “love Him” game when stuff happens it will set us back!!! When I love Him most and that is my perspective, natural things will no longer have that place in my perspective to cause me to fall!!

    A goal for me from the service is when PD said- talk about what’s possible NOT what we’re dealing with!!!!!

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  6. church is fun 🙂 lol

    jumpstart//this is a GREAT response to what Jesus did! i have been soaking up the personal responsibility lessons!

    emanuel ♥️ what a gift! not past tense or future tense, now tense! God is with us :,)

    1st// pastor dean had said if i just focus on myself then i will never be apart of the building process (building the church) that hit me in core ! i have found myself after such a huge season change from internship to not internship…lol being asked the same question “what now” and actually allowing that to take root… i have such an amazing opportunity by the grace of God to be apart of the amazing things going on at the church i never want to miss out because of becoming “what now” focused!

    john 16:33//this is perfect! over the weekend being around people who are questioning my future the Holy Spirit kept reminding me of this verse! he overcame the pressure to conform and be “what now” focused 🙂 how awesome is that He would have spoken that to me in service! He is faithful !

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    1. Well great!! I wrote down I don’t need to be salty and now I had an opportunity to be salty with the people that questioned you!! LOL!! but seriously…people walking in purpose always intimidates those aren’t…I believe their eyes are open!!


  7. Jumpstart-
    This was So so good to me!!! I’m grateful!!!

    I have a responsibility-my job is to be sensitive when things are presented to me by the HS! IT PRODUCES PROGRESS!!!!!!! We don’t give our children 1 2 or 3 times to be obedient-GOSH THAT SO MINISTERED TO ME….. HS has been speaking to me about that & I will be fierce and passionate about doing what he shows me-spanking and bringing consequences the first time with Them & totally depending on Him… I want them to grow to hear HIM & obey the 1st time!!!!
    I really liked CHILDLIKE AND DEPENDANT-I humble myself and stay FOCUSED ON HIM!!!!! I CHOOSE IN my MIND TO BE STILL…. in figuring God has no part in that.. GOD DONT NEED MY HELP!!! He needs my surrender! I have no reason to be upset-I HAVE THE VICTORY IN HIM!!!! Gosh nothing is bigger than HIM!!! In every season I’ll stay childlike & tender…. I’ll CONTINUE-that I might know Him!!! THERES MORE TO KNOW ABOUT HIM!!!!! I CONTINUE … nothing is hard with him!!!! I Will rest, pause….. Transformation takes place in Him… I’ll look up!!!!

    2nd Service-
    Offering-GOD IS FOR ME HE IS NOT AGAINST ME! He loves me!!!! What I expect from Him is determined by me!

    Service- love is LIFES foundation because God is love! RCVING JESUS IS A HUGE DEAL!!! He is THE ANSWER! I simply do my part by believing on Him!!! Eliminate a lot of talking simply Believe patricia!!!! I SERVE A GOD WITH SOLUTIONS! When he’s not Lord there will be more downs than ups! GOSHHH IM GRATEFUL! If I don’t know Him I can’t have a successful life! THAT I MIGHT KNOW HIM!!!! On purpose I have to ditch who I was and Expect to become who he called me to be.. HE DONT NEED MY HELP-seriously! I humble myself! EYES ON HIM! DO WHAT HIS WORD SAYS.. period.. end of story!!? My focus will be Him because I don’t want just the leftovers! I want ALL HE PAID FOR ME TO HAVE & that is totally dependent on me!!!

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  8. YAAAAAAY church!!!! LOL!!!

    Jumpstart//Wrath is wrong whether you show it or not!! LOL!!! I have been known to show my wrath…you know if I am salty with you…I don’t want to be salty with people…I don’t want wrath to stifle my worship! I will think on the right things (Which ties into PD’s message) and will refuse wrath…Wrath makes me useless like the branch not attached to the vine!! I really really really liked that in Ezekiel as well!!! God is so faithful…like he literally asked…what are you going to build with that branch…LOL!!!!! I just think about a flimsy branch that literally can hold nothing…I refuse to be detached from the vine!! I will abide!!!!

    3rd Service//With that look my life CAN change forever….I must embrace what that look is about if I expect to see change!
    All the solutions have been taken care of! His love didn’t wait for us to do something…WOW!! I am so grateful for the love of the Father!!! He made the first move!!!
    Freedom doesn’t negate obedience!!

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  9. Love is the foundation of life because God is Love, but we have to be willing to do our part before He will be able to bless us the way he wants to. It is basically up to me, how much of a blessing I want to receive depending on what I know to do. Honor the word, filter out the nonsense and watch the increase!
    The breakdown of Romans 8:38 was great… All things don’t always work together for good if you’re not setting yourself up to receive it. Do what you know to do!
    Talk is cheap: Don’t be a talker! (Wait… I’m a talker) OK you can be a talker, but ALSO be a doer and back up what you say.


  10. Jump start// God doesn’t need my help! He doesn’t need me to figure it out!!
    Until I see Him I’ll never truly be known by him.
    As I see Him I become…this is also my favorite thing from the message of the month. What am I becoming? That’s on me applying His a Word to my life.

    Service highs// my favorite is when Pastor Dean talks about God is not in control!!! He’s not the author of anything but the truth so when I don’t do what I know to do death follows. You don’t get away when you don’t obey!!!
    Freedom requires obedience.


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