DEEP 1.20.20

Classes were so great tonight!

The Church

Which key to being accountable and available will you focus on this week?

Submission and Authority

Casualty cause casualties. When you KNOW what he said there is NO PLAN B! Are there any plan B’s you need to eliminate in your life?


  1. Wow!!! How good do we have it to be apart of this amazing church? so good!!!!!!!!
    Here are some of my highs from class tonight:
    * You make power available to yourself when you pray in the Holy Spirit! 💪🏼
    * Praying in the Spirit changes the atmosphere you carry with you! 🌊
    * You can’t effectively minister to people when you look like a ragamuffin! 😆
    * LOVE becomes the mark of true prosperity! ❤️
    * If you’re looking for an offense, you’ll find one! 🙅🏻‍♀️
    * Unity = Growth 🌳
    * Disconnection opens you up to devastation! 🚪
    * If you listen to the voices of your pastors, your life will never be the same! 😌
    * Honor is HEAVY! 📦
    * This is not church as usual! 🤩
    * God made our pastors different! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️
    * I really like when Trisha talked about if my boss is having a rough day, to be the one to look for a way to make it better! So good and I will put that into practice! I will be the light!
    * Trisha also said something that went off on the inside of me, about POSITIVE PRESSURE, that comes from our pastors speaking into our lives…I looked up POSITIVE PRESSURE and this is what I found: “Positive pressure is a pressure within a system that is greater than the environment that surrounds that system. Consequently, if there is any leak from the positively pressured system it will pour into the surrounding environment.”
    GLORY!!!!! That is exactly what our pastors are for us at chooselife…POSITIVE PRESSURE overflowing into our lives and as we take hold of the truth, we can do the same for others!!!!

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  2. Tonight was SO VERY GOOD TO MY SOUL!!!! I’m grateful for Deep! Here are a couple things that stood out to me.

    Mrs Vonnie- Praying in the Holy Ghost builds my faith-it changes atmospheres everywhere I go! I WILL TUNE INTO WHO HE IS IN ME…

    Trisha Bishop- DO NOT minimize the voice of God! I dont want to be casual!!!! GET CASUAL OUT THE DOOR!! Remain humble because I need accountability !!! Positive pressure is pushing me to get the FUNKY out of my life! Don’t ever allow my pastors to become familiar! Darn seriously I’m grateful & think a lot WHERE WOULD I BE??? And WHERE WOULD I GO!!! Know what Gods called you to do??? What did God say???? This will be on repeat in my mind with everything… when God tells me something it trumps everything else… my destiny & purpose is always tied to someone else’s.. BE CONNECTED TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE…
    I will endeavor to keep my heart right toward everyone and I will be a SURRENDER and SUMBIT WOMAN OF GOD!!!

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  3. DEEP classes were amazing last night! Here are my highs:
    The Church// The keys that I am going to focus on are stewarding my temple and then living a life of prayer… Mrs. Vonnie had mentioned something last night in the living a life a prayer point that stuck out to me. She asked if we had ever had the urge to pray for someone or hear about a situation and felt the need to pray… she had mentioned something along the lines of groaning in the spirit or something like that. Well there have been moments where I have wanted to pray and didn’t have the words… when Mrs. Vonnie said that and said to pray in the spirit in those times the light bulb 💡 went off on the inside that that was what I needed to do!

    Submission and Authority// I always enjoy this class! It’s one of my good massage classes… when the masseuse is massaging an area and it hurts a little bit but at the same time it feels good and when you leave you are like “omg! That was a good massage she got the muscles I didn’t know I had”…lol! That was Trisha for me last night! My highs from this class were: *If He said it, you don’t move! This statement rocked me to stop second guessing and no matter what stick with what He said. Also, * To be excellent you must be around excellence! I am so grateful for my pastors! I couldn’t have come out of or knew what to do in the most challenging parts of my life without them!


  4. Deep was so good! Here are my highs: Church/ Praying in the Holy Spirit is not weird, when praying in the Spirit we are building ourselves up in faith. We are praying the perfect Will of the Father! I’m keeping myself charged up supernaturally! I liked what Ms Vonnie said about we should love others even in their criticism, just love and pray for them , people aren’t our problem! Be merciful and forgive them. This is true maturity-PC said this! Ms. Vonnie also said we are either building up or tearing down. I choose to be people minded ; serving them! Submission: I choose to never minimize the voices of my Pastors in my life! They are given to us from the heart of The Father as gifts to us, His gifts and calling can never be withdrawn! When we are walking in humility you will honor the gift of Jesus and His presence in you! I will position myself under my Pastors to learn from them there is no plan B only plan A. , God’s Word! His plan and purpose for my life, not mine! I will stand beside my leaders ,my Pastors to protect them to hold the arms of my Pastor up in support for what He has been called to do in this body of Christ! Without our Pastors where would we be? When Trisha said this it so marked me forever! Where would I be?? I hate to even think about that! The enemy so wants us to get out of our place with offense, it’s not worth it. Our Pastors are of excellence and so purposeful! Your purpose is tied to someone! Honor cost you something!!!!♥️


    1. Darla I agree!!! I don’t like to even think about where I would be without their leadership in my life!! Thank you Jesus for them ♥️♥️♥️


  5. Mrs. Vonnie:
    – When you don’t know how to pray do it in the spirit.
    – your mind is not always good but your spirit is made in the image of God. So I need need to pray more on the spirit.
    – You have to read the word daily so that you are prepared.
    – I don’t belong to myself
    – tolerate the weaknesses of others.
    – Stay planted
    – check my attitude as to how I respond to things and situations.
    – I’m either building people or tearing them down.
    – unity is essential
    – avoid strife

    -God will honor those who honor him.
    -We’ve been given pastors after his own heart.
    -God doesn’t change his mind…. what did God say?
    -Don’t become complacent
    -Honor is a choice
    -I need accountability.
    -Anytime I say to myself it’s not a big deal, I need to check myself
    -There are levels to relationships… check myself and don’t cross lines.
    -When you know what God said it changes everything.
    -If my life is turmoil at need to check myself… what am I doing wrong?
    -If my children are rebellious…. what am I doing? Where are they getting it from?
    -Who am I obedient to?
    -David understood his position under Saul.
    -We are placed “under” our shepherd for a reason. I shouldn’t take that lightly. I shouldn’t let it become casual or familiar. Don’t minimize their voices in my life.


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