1. Service last night was life changing. When people talk about being marked. I was so MARKED!!! I am so forever grateful. I was in awe of how good God is. I will cut the ties of performance and self and I just want my relationship to be tighter tied to him. I’m so grateful for Pastor Faith and her willingness. ❤️🙌🏻 I will cut the ties and TRUST HIM ✂️❤️


  2. Wow!!! WOW!!! WOW! God IS SO BIG & HIS LOVE IS UNFAILING! I’m grateful for HIS LOVE & im grateful I have the honor of being amongst EXCELLENT PASTORS who WAVER NOT & bring the WORD UNLIKE ANYONE!!!! This message literally brought major freedom to my life! I humble myself & set my face like flint ON HIM!!! TIED TO HIM!!!! Here are some of my highs-

    Offering-TITHE.. it’s a commandment-JUST DO IT BY FAITH!!!!!

    God loves me and he is for me!!!!! I believe in the name of Jesus!!! I believe in the power of the blood & I believe in HIS LOVE!! I believe In his love!!!! HE LOVES PATRICIA VOIGHT!

    Service-Many things can tie us from manifesting God! There’s a call on my life as believer-to manifest the presence Of God! I PURPOSE TO TIE MYSELF TO HIM.. to be a living manifestation of his presence! I will not back up shut up – I will go harder than ever!!! HE IS BIGGER!! I CHOOSE TO BE TIED TO HIM- not my past, not performance & not myself! GOSHHHHH I WILL BE TIED TO HIM!! Excitement can’t get me anywhere but only A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, being tied to HIM!!! He has called me to have an EASY LIFE.. a life full of Him is easy.. AND I CHOOSE TO BE TIED TO HIM-NOTHING WILL RIVAL THAT!!!! I CHOOSE HIM!!!!!! I have nothing and am nothing without HIM!!!! HIS TOUCH IS BIGGER THAN ANYONE ELSES!!!!!!!!


  3. I listened to this message last night! OMG! The Father is so good to show us the Ties that keep us bound from going to the next level with Him! Before the message was over I was asking Him to reveal those ties in my own life ; I want to only be TIED to you Jesus! When we ask Him, invite Him into these areas to change, He is faithful to do it!! Praise Jesus ! I will not be tied to any man ,but the Man Jesus! Not stuff ,not my own way of doing things ,but to do His Life in me His way! Without Him there is no life! Who wants to have ties in their life that will only bring death in one way or another! What are you thinking????? Right now I’m thinking I’m so very grateful for Pastor Faith and the anointing destroys every yoke of bondage! Our Daddy is so good! ♥️


  4. I always like it when Pastor Faith preaches ♥️.
    Some of my highs were…the desire of my heart should be that when the see me they should see him not what they think of me or anything else because that’s performance.
    Jesus doesn’t pull on me. He’s just waiting for me. The gym analogy made me laugh like you think this is legalistic but you go to the gym everyday but you never tell the guy at the counter that’s legalistic…so true!! Then when she said when I’m tied to Him there’s a steadiness about my life. There’s rest in His presence.


  5. Glory!! We LOVE Pastor Faith and her unique and special way of bringing the Word!! I went to church EXPECTING and God did NOT hold back…I RECEIVED!!!!
    My highs started with the offering when PF talked about if the oil dried up tomorrow, those of US who TRUST in The Lord, will not be moved! I never get tired of hearing this! Then in the message here are some of my highs:
    * Your willpower is not enough – how many times have I deceived myself into thinking that “I got this”?! No more! He is where my help comes from!
    * I really liked how PF compared newlyweds to our relationship with Him, like, once you’re TIED together, really COMMITTED, you’re ALL IN…IN LOVE poured out! 🩸❤️
    * I will wake up EVERY MORNING, reminding myself that God is well pleased with me…just because I’m His kid!!!!!
    * “God can’t partner with your carnality” Wow! Is what I want to do worth losing the BEST partnership I could ever have?! NO!!
    * Tired? Worn out? Broken down? Come to Me, says JESUS, sit right here, let me give you real rest…❤️
    I thank God EVERY DAY for my pastors and church home where I can get all tied up in HIS things and CUT out that which HAD me bound!!!


  6. Omg service was soooooo good!!! I’m so thankful!!!
    The tie I could most relate with was the tie of self!!! I will cut that tie and continue to tighten my tie with Jesus!
    I really liked when PF said “ain’t you tired??” that just really spoke to me! It’s tiring being tied to things that aren’t Him!! I will be more intentional in times in His presence so when something tries to tie itself to me I will stop it before it gets ahold.


  7. Soooo good! This service was eye opening and definitely had me checking myself and let go of ties to self and performance. When PF asked “Aren’t you tired??? YES!!! I’m cutting those ties, I want to get closer and closer and closer to God, to know him more intimately and personally and have a relationship every second of every day. No more being casual with my father


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