DEEP 1.27.20

Classes were so good tonight!🤓

Disciplines of Honor

What is one way you can better cultivate excellence?

  • right priorities
  • consecration
  • leadership & correction

Faith’s Expressions

What is something new/different you learned tonight about water baptism and/or communion?

If you have never been water baptized you can get registered for our next water baptism by clicking here!


  1. DEEP was SOOO EPIC TONIGHT!! I’m grateful So so sooo grateful to have an opportunity to GROW IN HIS THINGS.. here are some of my highs-
    THE BALL IS ALWAYS IN MY COURT. The Word carries MORE weight than anything else!!
    An excellent spirit comes when I yield to who is in me… it takes a attitude of humility! I will stay humble… OBEDIENCE IS MY REFLECTION OF LOVING HIM! I really liked the Gone With The Wind video and WOW to Melanie & how she loved!!! I WILL BE BETTER.. I will grow… IM NOT IN CHARGE! I’ll know my place and do what I’m supposed to do! Respect is in your mouth & in your conduct… SO GOOD TO ME! Having a leader didn’t mean your being led – it’s acknowledging they are my leader & following them! GOSH SERIOUSLY THIS MESSAGE WAS EPIC!

    Mrs Vonnie- my determined purpose should be to follow Jesus! LET THE WORD DEFINE ME!!! What Jesus did is BIG DEAL & I don’t ever want to take that lightly!!! I ask him to help me & show me things so that I can continue to grow!!!!! I need HIM!


  2. Deep is always my favorite for Monday nights ! My highs were: Disciplines of Honor/ people of honor operate with integrity. We’re not to push ourselves to the front but to be first one of obedience and humility. To have a spirit yieldiness which produces Excellence! Having a Leader doesn’t mean you’re being led. I will not do anything less other than to Honor my Leaders! This is my opportunity to grow!The Spirit of excellence always does the RIGHT thing! Great teaching! PC! Water Baptism/when we are saved we should want to do everything Jesus did. Water Baptism is part of following Him. The way is narrow and I will be determined to follow after Him and never forget all that He paid for me to have in this walk with Him! If Jesus was Baptized we should be Baptized! Communion / taking the elements of communion will change your life. Taking the Lords Supper is a time of examining ourself and repentance , a time of Thanksgiving ,refreshing, recommitment, receiving all Jesus did for me! Thank you,Ms. Vonnie♥️


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