Coffee w/PK 1.28.20

Coffee with PK was sooo good today!!

Are you willing to stay in His presence?

How will you be a doer or what you heard? Maybe reading the Word more, coming to church more, listening to messages on the app, prayer? Remember, when you are a doer then you can expect!!


  1. Coffee with PK was so good today ! Here are my highs: My “Determined Purpose “is to allow the Spirit of God to minister to me everyday. To be more led by the Holy Spirit letting Him lead and guide me for what He wants me to do, where He wants me to go! To know the Father even more this year in 2020. I will spend time in His Presence more , listening to hear that small still voice , my Father’s voice. He wants intimacy and sweet fellowship with me, I will gladly separate myself in this way moving away from distractions making alone time with Him! The parable about the Ten Virgin’s is one of my favorite parables! It sets the stage so clearly what we’re to be watching for and to be on our game to be ready for Jesus to return for His Bride the church! Oh! That I would know Him, to be yielded, surrendered, and to be hungry for more of Him, to come to church , to listen, hearing the Word, to do what I hear from my Pastors, then to communicate , to pray without ceasing! He’s called us to be the salt , the light to a lost and dying world. Letting our light shine brighter from time in His presence flowing to others. I will come with Thanksgiving for what He has done, Praising Him for Who He is! He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and in His Presence there is joy forever more!!!! I’am going to KNOW HIM! waiting patiently in His Presence!! Thank you Pastor Kathy!💖


  2. Coffee with PK was soo amazing!! I love the story of Moses and the fact that he separated from the rest to have time with the Father, and then the love of the Father to let Him see as much as He could…the Father desires to be close to us! It was such an amazing reminder of the value of His presence and the sweet sweet nature of our Father God!! I am so grateful!!


  3. Coffee w/ PK was awesome! My highs were: * I am created for fellowship! *In the presence of God every need is met! * An awareness of sin will cause people to shrink in the presence of God! * His presence will lead me out of the wilderness! * Spending time in His presence keeps me hungry! This message corrected, instructed, and encouraged me to go to another level with the Father and develop being even more sensitive to Him! 🥰🙌🏾


  4. Coffee with PK is a HUGE HELP to my life & IM soooo Grateful! Here are my highs-
    I like when PK said “Start where your at & Trust God!”
    Goshhhh this is truly about knowing him & continuing no matter what! The enemies plan is to distract so I have to be ready, prepared, & alert! It’s imperative I stay the course…we as believers should be BRIGHT…. I as an individual have to determine to get in His presence! I WILL LIVE IN HIS PRESENCE… in the presence of God every need is met! DO NOT YIELD TO A LIE… Gosh this goes hand and hand with ME HAVING TO BE READY & ALERT! I WANT TO PLEASE GOD! He gives Rest! If God dont want me to do it I’m not going to-THIS WILL BE ME… Gods presence will enable me to do what Gods called me to do… I will live a yielded life to HIM!


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