1. Great service, great message, great night! A couple things that really stood out to me:
    You have to will to obey! The Holy Spirit will instruct you, but he’s not going to make you do it. Some times it’s not easy, some (most) times you have to fight your flesh and wake up, so to speak.

    If you don’t have peace, look within – where have you disobeyed? Ouch, that one burned a little bit. Don’t play the blame game, don’t make excuses, just do what you know you’ve been told to do and the peace that it brings will follow. God is for you, not against you, so don’t be against yourself!

    Here’s the best statement of the night right here – simple but amazing: TRUTH AND MERCY ALWAYS WIN! You will never lose, telling the truth!

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  2. Some things I really liked about last night’s service was: if you don’t have peace don’t blame your circumstances…where have I disobeyed!! Then he said don’t be against yourself and it’s so true!!! Be for yourself!!

    John 12:43 which says they loved the praise of man more than the praise of God…What matters? What people think or truth? I want truth!

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  3. Mark 12:44/Mark 12:30 She gave ALL she had!! She loved with ALL OF HER! I’ve been really learning how to Love Him, not only with my finances & my serving but with my every thought. To honor Him by being kingdom minded, & not allowing anything else to take His place

    Immerse yourself in The Word of GoD!! Immersion is to be completely covered, to go deeper🙌🏼

    There is NO HIGHER TRUTH than His Word😊 everything is a lie!!

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  4. I liked that too Chad! You have to will to do the word of God! This is not like floating down a river!!! This is a constant decision to live on purpose for 1 purpose! Like the salmon(I think) swimming upstream)!! Nothing else matters!!! We are people of truth s we believe the word by faith!!!
    God can’t put a blessing on my formula or plan…it will fail!! Great night life!!! ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  5. I really enjoyed listening to this message I so love PD & im so grateful for the way he delivers the truth to my life.. here are my highs…

    all Sin is against God.. he paid for us to be free and gave us the authority to stay free .. We have to get to a point where we live for Him .. this so ministered to me.. ITS ABOUT HIM & ONLY HIM!!! There are no losers in the Kingdom of God! If i don’t have peace look within-don’t look at your circumstances.. where have you disobeyed? Face head on what you have to face. GOSHHH this is RESPONSIBILITY… FACE WHAT NEEDS TO BE FACED! He paid for me to be WHOLE! My focus needs to be on my relationship with Him!!! Immersed in the Word of God! Serious determination! Believing believer- brings glory to God
    What matters truth or what people think? I REFUSE to be a people pleaser.. FREE!!!Do u want the things if God more than the acceptance of man?
    God wants us to have supernatural results
    I WANT ALL GOD PAID FOR & that will require me to take responsibility and do what matters most in life- HIS WORD!!!!

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  6. This message was sooo good to me!! I really really really like Proverbs!!
    My favorite statement was, “Truth is whatever God’s Word says!!” This is so powerful! I like how Pastor Dean said the casual believer won’t get to this place…I will live from that place by His grace!!
    I also always like how he exposes alternatives..like symptoms of medication lol! We have a sure thing, and Jesus paid for it with His blood…it is covenant victory!!


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