Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2

Grit isn’t talent or luck; it is passion and perseverance! How can you develop more grit in your life for the right things?

Remember, take the Grit Test at!


  1. I really enjoyed second service today! Here were my highs:
    – Grit isn’t talent, it’s about having an ultimate concern (desire) that gives meaning to everything that you do.
    – “A student of the Word is relentless and bold, knowing that free is more precious than gold.”
    – You can’t invest your life part-time in anything and expect it to produce.

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  2. I really like the binders and our new notes!!! Yay!!!

    I was in 2nd service!! Here are my favorites//
    When you live right, you will enjoy life. I have really been meditating on that alot lately…just doing the right thing…like the frozen 2 song…
    I can see Him I before I see Him…I really like this…I can see Him in life right now before I ever see Him in person!! That is so exciting!! Just to think that my savior loves me and wants to spend time with me and will work through me…I am so humbled.
    If you’ve got grit, you can’t quit! I took the grit test…I didn’t score as high as Pastor Dean; I got a 4.59 lol! But I know I can still get grittier! We can’t quit this…we have to keep stirring up a hunger and a desire for the only thing that matters!
    If you don’t show up to practice you won’t get to play! This is such a big deal because we have to be discipled behind closed doors…
    You can’t invest part-time!
    I REALLY like this statement: “God is all about team, but He just calls it family.”
    I also liked that I don’t need to be a hireling in my life…I do what I do because again, it is the right thing to do not for money or anything else…

    This week, I am going to be even more gritty…I know I can be even more disciplined in my flesh!!

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  3. our church is growing so much 🙌🏼

    growth tracks is AMAZING! today was my first day and just wow!! just the basics of how sundays are for everyone! they should be fun, God is fun!!! and it is fun!!!

    jumpstart//pastor charity has discussed how eve couldn’t follow the instructions about the tree because the instructions weren’t even clear to her and that wasn’t Gods fault!!! it is our responsibility to make sure things are clear! she also said “i don’t care what the enemy says! do you know WHO’S i am!?!?” SERIOUSLY THOUGH! it is written who i am!!!!!

    3rd//the binders are sooo cool!! pastor faith and i we’re discussing how it really helps you to pay attention!! what an amazing gift and tool from our pastors ♥️ pastor dean had said “you don’t have to pay for what God’s done but you have to go the extra mile” YES! i took my grit test and it really wasn’t not the best lol!!!! i’m excited to grow in this area 🙂

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  4. Super Bowl Sunday was so fun! And really like our binders and notes, such good idea! Here are my highs: Jumpstart/ I liked what Pastor Charity said, Everything is about Jesus! When the dominates your perspective you dominating your thinking!The ball is in your court!!!!!Looking unto Jesus is an active sport , both publicly and privately! When I handle the Word correctly it will determine the quality of my life! Thank you PC! Really good!!!! 1st Service / I liked what PD said about having Grit ! I will be determined to be more “Gritty” than ever before!!! Having a intense ,an ultimate goal about everything I do! If your not Word tough, life will be plenty tough!! 2nd/When I won’t quit , I will always WIN!!!!

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  5. The Sermon Notebooks are so cool – It’s getting really difficult to make excuses or be lazy around here…
    Jump Start was a great message, the Word is like the ball in a game – everything is centered on the ball, the game revolves around the ball, the ball can be used to score or the ball can be taken away by the defense. We have to live accordingly and make the adjustments like the team would make going into the 4th quarter fighting for the win. As long as we aren’t playing for the Cowboys, we are anointed and skilled to be Victorious! For the Cowboys… well… keep the faith, God loves all of his children.

    The Love of God, the Will of God is simply to keep his commandments. He has it laid out for us already – just pay attention, it’s not hard.
    Jesus already took care of the hard part. He completed the mission and made the big payment.

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    1. LOL!! Chad!! That’s hilarious…getting hard to be lazy around here…I’m literally laughing out loud…and then I’m gonna pray for the cowboys lol!

      He did the hard part! We have nothing to lose!


  6. Super Bowl Sunday was so fun!!! Here are my highs:
    JS – I really enjoyed how Pastor Charity paralleled the “big game” with the “game of life” so to speak. I learned that if I handle the ball aka the Word correctly and defend it from the opposition, I will surely win! And there’s no pressure to “perform” because I’m already on the winning team! 💪🏼 Our pastors are cheering us on but it’s up to us to follow the plays given by The Holy Spirit! And what Pastor Dean added at the end about how significant using the name of JESUS is encourages me to not shy away from the power given to us to use His name in any conversation or setting!
    Growth track – There will be opportunities to quit…DON’T! Our submission puts us in position to be successful! Get Sunday right and watch your week get better! To be connected to God is to be connected to life itself! As we grow, we change! Create an atmosphere of peace…in your home, your workplace, wherever you go! You have influence when you focus on the Word!
    3rd service – You and He are the majority! If you don’t do more, you can’t expect more! You want someone who is gritty on your team…and I’m so thankful I have people in my corner who don’t let me give up! After taking the grit test, I realized that I need to dig in my heels more and keep on, keeping on! The world will not make it easy to serve God, you have to persevere! JESUS won it all!

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  7. Haha! Chad, i agree! There’s no way you can not grow with everything that’s been made available to us. So much is just poured out into our laps, EVERY SINGLE TIME WE ARE HERE! Praise GoD!! Services were so good!!
    My takeaways:
    -We have to lay aside every weight – every excess – so we can RUN!!
    -When The Word dominates your perspective – it will become what you speak & think!
    -The Word must be properly handled – if you mishandle it – you lose!
    -It is my responsibility – to KNOW what The Word says! This has been so huge to me for awhile now, & have heard this in more ways than one. We have such an opportunity to take what is ours, but we have to position ourselves in a place where the truth of that promise can be so real to us, this is so much more than coming to every church service, & taking all the notes you can, it’s about recognizing that this is so much bigger than ourselves & having an attitude of humility!
    -The Word contains the victory – we have to put it where it supposed to go(keeping the enemy from getting The Word) DEVIL YOU’RE NOT TAKING THIS FROM ME!!!

    -Grit/ a goal you see so big – it becomes your focus!!
    -If you’re not Word tough – life will be plenty tough!! So true, we have to be aggressive!!
    -When i hold on to His Word, He makes Himself real to me<3
    -He delivers me – from ME!! Glory!!

    -The Word works, in every single season!:)
    – What we can get on our own – doesn't compare to what He can give us!
    -I can see Him – until I see Him! Hallelujah! Heaven on earth<3

    -Your grit will keep you going!!
    -Keep/ you ain't playing!

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  8. Jump start was so powerful yesterday!!! I really like the game analogy…these really help me make better application of the Word. The Word is the ball, the owner is God, my pastors are my coaches, practice is church, and the fans are the lost. The ball is always in my court…what am I doing with the word???? I have a game to win and that is to know Him and have relationship with His Word more!!!

    First service// I won’t lose if I play right!!!

    I was in growth track second service and it was awesome! Im excited for week 2!!!

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  9. YAAAAAY CHIEFS!!!! LOL!! Church was amazing and soo much fun!! KIDZ church had some amazing new things and I am so grateful for an amazing team that facilitates growth for the next generation!!!

    Jumpstart//it is my responsbiliity to understand my assignment…i can’t expect someone else to hear God for me! I have to hear God for myself!!! I will handle the Word correctly so that on the court, God is seen!

    3rd Service//Abide causes you to endure!! I LOVE THAT!!! If you are giving up it is because you aren’t abiding!! I didn’t score very high on the grit test!! LOL!!!! I am gritty about his things, but EVERYTHING else, I am a little bird dog…LOL! SQUIRREL!!!!!!!! I will be more gritty in Jesus name!!

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  10. Service was so great!!!! I really enjoy our new binders!!!!🤩🤩🤩
    My favorite thing from service is when Pastor Dean said you can’t get better if you keep lying to yourself!!!!
    Wow! I want to get better and better!!!! I will tell myself the truth and not justify or cover! I want more and more!!♥️


  11. Jumpstart was SO SO SOOO GOOD!! I am grateful… I so so liked when PC started off & said constantly be reminded this is not Individual thing, yes we all have an individual unique relationship with God but that relationship is designed to be shared and function with others. If I have a deficit in that I enforce it with the Word and I am a Doer up front.. SHOW ME WHAT TO DO GOD!!!??? Seriously so blessed me!!! I should be RUNNNING MY RACE, there should be an energy about my relationship with Him! Nothing should be bigger than that! RUN IN SUCH A WAY Patricia that you look unto Him!!!! EYES STRAIGHT ON!! Fixed on Him! You have no reason to deviate To the right or left PATRICIA!!!! WHAT HE HAS FOR ME HE WILL REVEAL TO Me! Surrendered to The Word.. I was not designed to live life in such a way that it was me and my four and no more… but as believers we were created to feed off one another, make each other better& provoking one another.. SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED ME!!!!

    2nd service- in the youth video when Jeanne mayo said Whatever comes at you keep swinging.. Danggg when she said that it went off in me!!! I was never created to give up but to CONTINUE FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH..
    PD said
    LOVING GOD=DOING HIS WORD.. COMMITTED TO WINNING = DRASTIC CHANGE! God don’t sponsor losers! You can’t neglect your life and expect it to be great! IT TAKES GRIT! You can’t invest your life into something part time and think it will be successful… PRACTICE OVER AND OVER.. continue! GOD IS ALL ABOUT TEAM-FAMILY=TOGETHER! You haven’t gotten next to Him if he’s not real to you! You just know that you know that you know Him! Stuff happens but you keep growing!


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