DEEP 2.3.20

DEEP was so good tonight!🤓

Faith’s Expressions

The Holy Spirit is for EVERYONE!! Being filled with the Spirit mean BE BEING FILLED! Will you commit to pray in the Spirit more than ever?

Submission & Authority

When you dishonor you are:

  • forgetful
  • put off what you can do today
  • aren’t pulling your weight
  • don’t prioritize correctly

Which way have you dishonored? What can you do to change it?

Remember: “Today is my day! I’m turning this ship around!!”


  1. Deep was great tonight!!! Here are my highs:
    Holy Spirit// Mrs. Vonnie’s lesson was eye opening! Tonight that “one thing” was revealed to me! Living totally dependent on Him and before making any decisions the Church mentioned in Acts fasted and prayed to receive God’s plans and purposes were my highs from this class! The Holy Spirit showed me that He knows the big picture in every decision I make and every desire I have. So for example, if there is something I desire materially or something the kids want to participate in or even a decision in business He already knows how it is going to play out. So if I would just ask Him first it would save me from being miserable, unhappy, frustrated, exhausted, etc. He said count the cost ( Luke 14:28-33) or “ask Him first” (this is how He said it to me). If I don’t get a yes or a go ahead be grateful and thank Him for looking out for me!!!!

    Submission// WOW!!! My highs in this lesson was living in independence! So much of what Trisha taught on kept going back to living independent. When I am operating from the place of honor the changes will not be hard to make! I really liked when Trisha was talking about the pastors looking out for our souls and she said they look out for your 3 year old self 😮 it painted a picture for me that I will never forget!!!! She also taught on when you are having a hard time listening to someone in authority you might need to listen to them more that was huge for me! I just had a conversation last week with someone in my life and told them how difficult it was for me to listen to them (I was toughing it out and listening anyway) and how I asked the Holy Spirit what was going on with me and why it was so hard for me to listen to them and He said because they are sharpening you and helping you to drive out all forms of religion! So hearing Trisha talk about this helped me to keep going and to stretch myself and not let myself off the hook!!!

    This was a great night!!!! ❤️


  2. DEEP WAS SOOO SOOO GOOD TONIGHT! Here are some of my highs-

    Mrs Vonnie- everything we do is about Jesus! Jesus paid a huge price to give us gifts. BE MINDFUL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- positioned in a place of JESUS POWER! Expect to hear the direction of the HOLY SPIRIT! I was not designed to be lethargic! He’s with me everyday everywhere! There is fragrance about the Holy Spirit and a atmosphere… GOSHHHH so so good!

    Trisha Bishop-
    Wow wow Wow!!!!!! If my life isn’t good it’s not God fault! SERIOUSLY!! Be aware, prepared, READY… mimic your pastors… OUR PASTORS ARE A HUGE DEAL!!! Seriously sooo TRUE! I’m grateful!
    Get serious with YOURSELF PATRICIA!!!!!! The BALL IS IN MY COURT-always in my court! I’m His kid….IM AN ADULT CHILD- HIS ADULT CHILD & I need HIM!!!! Evaluate you everyday because you is your problem! THE ENEMY WANTS TO KEEP YOU SMALL!! He is pleased when I just simply obey! I will obey!!!! Humility stays soft but pride is harsh and hard and rigid.. GOSHHHH I WILL BE HUMLE! How bad do you want it???? Seriously I push myself… I will look into Jesus!!!! I will live a life of honor and love!!!


  3. Gosh tonight was literally a lifechanging night for me.
    My biggest take away was that I will not treat casually what he has called precious /
    The word
    My pastors voices
    My husband and
    My children

    Casual produces casualties . I will treat these as SO precious bc they ARE! Gosh it’s such a big deal that craig asked me to be his wife and loves me so unconditionally.
    And it’s such a big deal that the father gave me 4 amazing children . I will no longer be casual with them. In the message Of month Pc said that the father has trusted me to be his voice in their lives . Wow . That’s so so weighty. To have the responsibility of representing the father to them. Gosh I will not be casual with them. They are precious and I will treat them as PRECIOUS!


  4. Last night was great! So powerful, encouraging & some sharpening😝

    My takeaways:

    Faiths Expressions:
    -The Holy Spirit is our greatest gift❤️❤️ Gosh I’m continually so so grateful, to just know that My GoD, loved me so much that He not only gave His Son to snatch me out of the pits of hell, but to deposit His very presence, His Power, His Authority on the inside of me! In having Him – I HAVE IT ALL😊
    -I have to position myself to receive! Like Mary did, she positioned herself in the place of power – at His feet!❤️Wow!
    -I am to be expecting, EVERY DAY, on the direction of The Holy Spirit – I’m a kid, & I need His guidance for every step! Total dependence on Him
    -The more dependent I am on Him – the more manifestations💪🏼
    -Don’t be self-controlled, be spirit controlled! Wow I thought this was sooo good! Sometimes we miss those little subtle lies.

    Honor vs Dishonor
    -Honor keeps me in the right perspective
    -Honoring GoD with my POSITIVE confession & praise during circumstances – sets me up for the supernatural to take place in my life❤️ Agreement with His Word, All He is & stands for = the supernatural
    -I’m determined – IT’S NEXT LEVEL!
    -I refuse to be distracted in my mind – and miss what He has for me! I have to be aggressive💪🏼
    -I also really liked how Trisha talked about My Pastors being responsible to watch over my soul! Wow! What a beautiful & weighty assignment! GoD uses them to keep me from living hell on earth! My respect for them continues to grow, as I get more & more clarity of just how important they are in my life 😫 so so thankful for people that are helping me grow!!
    -How bad do i want it?! How bad do i want to be used!! I’m yours to command sir!
    -Marriage, such a powerful force when there is unity, agreement & The Voice of GoD is the lead in the relationship😍 agreement = world changers!!!

    I definitely left forever changed!! I know The Holy Spirit will continue to give me more clarity & continue to guide me to walk in all of what I’ve heard


  5. Deep was so good last night! Here are my highs: Faith’s Expressions/ We are to position ourselves by faith to know more by Praying in the Holy Spirit. More to know, more to do, more to expect!PD and Ms.Vonnie! I liked what Ms. Vonnie said about Mary positioning herself at the feet of Jesus! We are as the church to be a demonstration of the works of Jesus!The Holy Spirit will only put your eyes and ears in the Word of God!! For us to operate in the gifts as a believer we must walk in love, the greatest gift you can receive ! So good! Submission / Authority: What was the last thing God told you to do? Go back and ask the Holy Spirit He will tell you , then just repent and do it! he’s so faithful to help you! We have to pay attention! I can’t be casual with my life ,this will cause casualties!Your biggest threat as a believer is self- deception!PD and Trisha ! I will be more intentional , It’s not the time to be sluggish , be persistent , be determined! You can be setting in your seat and minimize your Pastors voices ! I’am so thankful for Pastor’s that pour truth in me. They are not like me, they are not just normal people! We are to come in line with our Pastor’s, they are on a mission! We are to highly esteem our Pastor’s , to listen to them , they are gifts to us from The Father to watch over our souls and we are to make it joyful for them. They have been sent to help me grow up in faith! If you can’t receive from your Pastors whose hearts are from His heart, your heart is misplaced! People that love you tell you the truth ! Pride always wants to buck back! When I’am in my purpose ; it’s as if I’m doing it for the Father and He is pleased!! It is dishonor when His things are not the most important to you!! ♥️


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