February Book of the Month

If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy He Can’t Keep Your Goods

Jerry Savelle

Are you tired of being discouraged in your walk with the Lord? Has your joy been left along the wayside somewhere? Be of good cheer! The powerful truths in this series will help you find your joy and get back on the track of being a victor instead of a victim! Satan wants your joy, and he wants it badly.

Stop him in his tracks by learning:
How God’s Word produces joy
Why Satan wants your joy
How Satan steals your joy
How to make Satan return what he has stolen (sevenfold!)
How to laugh more and cry less

Stop being an open target for the enemy’s attacks. It’s time to turn the tables and put the enemy on the defense!


  1. He can’t keep your goods.

    Wow! The example of the enemy going into my kitchen and stealing my refrigerator was a great visual of how I already have God-given blessings, and the enemy is trying to hinder my relationship with God through affliction and persecution. I will remember this the next time I am sick. I will tell satan that I’m keeping my health and he needs to leave my kitchen.


  2. A public spectacle

    When I got set on fire with the Holy Spirit about 10 years ago, I received a lot of negative feedback. I was called a hypocrite, people accused me of thinking I was better than others, and friends and relatives shunned me. My religious discoveries upset the course of things. I felt pressure to not attend church and not talk about God.
    It was like my life was part of an unhealthy mobile. I had pulled myself off of it and now it was lop-sided. The other people on the mobile were angry that I had unknowingly disrupted their lives.
    It was a difficult start, but eventually the mobile balanced itself out and life went on without me on it.
    I am on a healthier mobile now; one that God controls, and I am happy.

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    1. Yes!! When we surrender to Him, life is better, no matter who doesn’t like it!! I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit!! 🙂


  3. The Word produces joy.

    I disagreed with the sentence — “Faith is not tested in a church; it’s tested in a crunch.” I mean, from my experience, there’s more to it. Yes, when life is stressful, without thinking I try to fix it myself. I worry myself into a tizzy (if that’s such a word), until I come to my senses and ask for God’s help and understanding.
    However, my faith is also tested when life is going good. I often get busy with daily life and forget to focus on God. Yes, I have scheduled God- times… church, daily bible reading, fellowshipping, praying while driving… but those don’t take up much of my day.
    The enemy uses both good times and bad to lure me away from God. As I grow in my walk with God, I have become aware of the enemy’s scheming quicker, so I can hop back on the path God created for me.
    P.s… I recently added a timer every 2 hours to praise or thank God. This suggestion came from Coffee With Pastor Kathy. It has helped me focus on God more throughout the day.

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    1. This is so true Mary!! The enemy comes to steal the Word and get us out of Faith or total trust in God anywhere, including church!! That is so great that you have set the timer!!!! 🙂

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  4. This book has started out amazing! I came out of chapter one swinging…LOL💪🏽! Anyway here are my highs from chapter one: *When Jerry explained that God’s promises already belong to us and satan wants to steal it. To me, I started thinking about a toddler and how when another toddler goes to get the toy they have and they say “No, it’s mine”! This response of the toddler is automatic! So for me, I am putting satan on notice that God’s promises are mine and he can’t have it! * You are no threat until you get God’s Word in your heart! I really liked the latter part of this chapter! I didn’t realize how big of a part my joy plays in me getting back what Satan stole! * Many Christians get sidetracked because at the first symptom of lack, they lose their joy. * You can’t praise God and be discouraged at the same time. * instead of giving up when satan tries to spoil your goods and steal from you, you need to give voice to joy. * God wants us in the flood stage. He wants blessings coming to us both ways (on our giving and what satan has stolen). With all of this, just the thought of me getting back everything that was stolen is a cause for joy! I am a winner all the way around! Even if he does steal, I can get it back with interest! Glory to God!

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    1. YESSSSSS!!!!!! OMG!! That is so true about the toddlers!! How many “incident” reports are signed because a kid at kcd tries to take another kids toys…and they don’t tolerate it!! How silly for us to tolerate the enemy taking what is ours!!! That is a great example!! 🙂


  5. Chapter 1/ In this chapter Jerry tells us that satan is a thief by nature. He comes of course every time to steal the Word right out of my heart. He wants to steal my finances , my health, to discourage me , sidetrack me how ever he can, to defeat me. But the good news is if he can’t steal my JOY, he can’t win! He can’t beat a joyful believer ! The Word says “The JOY of the Lord is my strength!”If satan can’t get my JOY, even if he tries to steal all my possessions, all my blessings , he can’t keep what he’s stolen. He has to pay it all back. He has to pay back sevenfold. Well that’s good news! LOL!Even though the devil is trying his best to steal my goods , I’am still able to fight the fight of faith as long as I have JOY! Many people get sidetracked because at the first sign of lack , they lose their JOY! Praise Jesus! I saw in this chapter the key is for me no matter what I go through , no matter the circumstances I can be a winner every time because you can’t beat a believer who is joyful!

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  6. Chapter 1//WOW!! As I was reading chapter 1, I was like this is a long chapter!! LOL!! PC said, there are only 3 chapters!! LOL!!!
    These are the statements that have stood out to me so far:
    pg 4//Those symptoms were an intimidation of the adversary. The enemy is such a punk…I will not be intimidated by him…it reminds me of the movie blind side when the one guy is like moving his feet and talking mess to Michael Oher before the play and as soon as the play starts he literally picks him up and takes him off the field!! LOL!!!! And then tells the coach, it was time for him to go home…the enemy is just like that, and when he tries to intimidate me I will rise up in the power of God almighty on the inside of me and get him off my field…it is time for you to go home! I don’t have to get depressed cause of his intimidation or his lies…i just need to stay in joy and put him in his place!!!
    pg 9//When you receive the Word, you are illuminated or enlightened//the enemy wants to steal the Word, so I don’t have light and I have to guess in my life!! I will focus on the Word, and allow it to guide me!!! If I don’t know….I will not GO!! I will get in the Word until I have light on the subject!!
    pg 51//THE TREE STORY!!! OMG!!!! You have to choose joy no matter what others do or don’t do!!!! This story made me laugh…especially when he said, “i thought, hwere’s my whip? I was ready to beat this guy!!” LOL!!! But he didn’t go based on how he felt…The Word brings light and will empower you to operate from the light and not the dark!!!
    CHapter 2//Just what I have so far!
    pg 62//The devil knows that the most advantageous time to try to steal the Word from you is right after you’ve received it. This reminded me of the story I shared with the kids of when we went to california when we were little and a seagull came right up to Charity’s plate and took her bread. When i come to church and my plate is full, i have to determine that I am going to eat it all…(I took you word and did eat it as Jeremiah said)! I am not going to leave anythng on the plate that the enemy can steal…The Word that you refuse to do, is usually the WOrd that you need the most…if you leave it on the plate, the enemy will snatch it up like that seagull, and you will not grow!! I am gonna eat up the Word that I receive and leave NOTHING for the enemy to steal!! As my grandpa used to say I will be a part of the clean your plate club!! ( No wonder I was a chubby kid!! LOL!! I wanted to be in the club that he made!!!!!)
    pg 65//Be of good cheer!! This is what I will be!! GOOD CHEER!!!!! He has overcome!!! I am so grateful!!!

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  7. I remember seeing this book of my mom’s and it was so worn like, worn!! They haven’t changed the cover so just looking at it brings back sooo many memories…I AM SOO HAPPY WE ARE READING IT because it’s truths are timeless and soo simple!

    Here are my highs so far!!

    Chapter 1//He can’t keep your goods!
    I ALREADY have it; I am not trying to get healing, prosperity or any other promise of God; they are mine and the enemy is trying to take what is mine; I won’t tolerate it any more than I would tolerate someone trying to steal my natural possessions

    Satan steals the Word
    Every time the enemy tries to intimidate me; I am going to intimidate Him instead…putting the Word to work and letting it fight its own fight!

    For the Word’s sake
    Once I receive revelation from the Word is when the fight begins!
    My God is a deliverer not a destroyer!! Hallelujah!!

    The Word produces Joy
    I like the reference to John 15:7…if you are abiding in the Word…that is continuing in the Word…the more I know the more I want to know and when I see I can’t take my eyes off of Him.

    Satan wants to steal your joy
    As long as you have the Word in your heart, you will still have joy and that joy will cause everything you have lost to be restored to you in full!!

    Give voice to joy!!

    Sevenfold return
    Yes!! The enemy must pay back what he has stolen–Proverbs 6:30, 31
    When satan steals from me, he just makes more trouble for himself!!

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  8. CHAPTER 2//
    As long as you have the Word in your heart, you will have joy in your heart. If I lack joy I have been looking at the wrong thing! EVERY PROMISE IN THE WORD IS YES! I HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR; ALL THE ENEMY HAS IS DECEPTION AND HE WILL NOT STEAL THE WORD FROM ME!!

    Satan is after my joy and He can’t have it!
    I can cheer myself on!

    This is soo good. Problems and circumstances aren’t my problem; not holding fast to the Word is the problem; letting the enemy have the Word instead of rebuking his lying self is the problem!!
    Stay in the game until you win!! IT ISN’T OVER UNTIL I WIN!

    It is so hard on the enemy when he is literally hitting us with his best shot and we are basically ignoring him, choosing joy and victory and peace instead, no matter what he throws at us!

    You can’t defeat praisers!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

    Joy has a voice!!!!!!!!!! I choose to laugh and laugh often!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have no reason ever to worry, doubt or fear!!
    Christianity should be the happiest life!! I will choose it!!
    You can’t be burdened down with problems and have joy and laughter at the same time!
    Job 5:22…LAUGH AT FAMINE!!
    Joy puts the enemy in such turmoil he doesn’t know what to do!
    I don’t see myself defeated but delivered !!

    God laughs!!
    Psalm 2:1-4; If God knows the enemy is a joke and has been stripped of all power I won’t be afraid because the power of God is in me!!

    Laughing at satan
    This section of the chapter reminds me of a Gospel Bill called Laugh at the Devil…I can still hear Ms. Lana, “ha, ha, ha, ha devil, ha ha ha, you give me back my merchandise NOW!”

    Psalm 16:11–God will meet me when I rejoice!!
    The devil can’t defeat a joyful believer!!


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    1. I haven’t read that part, but literally said that today, Lion of the tribe of Judah because Kayden had a lion on his shirt!! That is soooooo awesome that it means PRAISER!!!!


  9. LOL clean plate club!!! PF your examples were awesome!!!! I really liked the one you used pushing the enemy off your field and sending him home 👊🏽!!! PC I didn’t know that the Lion Tribe of Judah meant praise!! I have heard it in songs but never knew that!!! WOW!!

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  10. I’m only on page 8 so far but dang !!! I got
    Major revelation of the fact that the enemy is trying to take my health when he puts symptoms on me !! It’s MY HEALTH!! He can’t have it !!! I wouldn’t let someone come and take one of my kids !!! That’s MY KID!!! Get the …. out of here !!!!!! Dang so so sooo good !!!! He’s NOT taking my health or my money or anything else !!!!! ITS MINE!!!!!!!

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  11. Chapter 1 🤓
    This chapter took me a little while to read so I had to go read all my highlights again before I posted lol!!
    Overall my high from this chapter was if you don’t let your joy get stolen, you are still winning!! That was really eye opening for me because it doesn’t matter the circumstances or situations surrounding me if I keep my joy things have to change!!! You can’t rejoice and be sad at the same time!! On page 43 when he said instead of giving voice to discouragement give voice to joy- that really challenged me in a good way!!! I will start that in my everyday- not look at the problem or what seems “too much” and instead rejoice!!! Choose joy!

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  12. Chapter 2// FINALLY!!! I finished it!!! Lol!!! Well no matter how long it took me to finish it, it was really good!!! This chapter put some things in perspective and showed me some things about myself!!! I have to learn how to laugh in the midst of situations and circumstances!!! Jerry mentioned wanting to be around joyful people or people who laugh and the people for me is Elijah, my sister and my brother!!! Being around them is like ab muscles hurting, crying, can’t catch my breath kind of laughing!!!! I loved it when Jerry said knowing the word and who you are in Him is what bring this laughter (rejoicing)! He said *When you get full of the Word, Satan and his dirty little tricks become a laughing matter. *The devil can’t defeat a joyful believer! * Joy can put your enemy in such turmoil that he doesn’t know how to handle you. I definitely want to put him in the place of not knowing how to handle anything!!!

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  13. Chapter 2/ When I will just simply rejoice in the Lord no matter the situation He comes on the scene and there is fullness of JOY! The avenger is stopped and stilled! I really liked that!!!!!😃 Remember the devil can’t defeat a JOYFUL believer ! I have the victory as I hold fast to my JOY , if Satan can’t steal my JOY , he can’t defeat me! The enemy doesn’t know how to handle us when we laugh at his attacks against us.So we can laugh him off every time and be the overcomer God’s called us to be! Laughter is a powerful force against the devil! Learn to rejoice, learn to give voice to JOY, learn to laugh! It doeth good as a medicine. WOW! This was good when Jerry said, There is no greater possession on earth than a JOYFUL heart! I believe I’ll start laughing at the devil more, starting now! LOL!!!

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  14. Chapter 3/ I really liked this chapter. The devil isn’t the roaring lion, he can only roar like one, he doesn’t even have any teeth! He just wants us to surrender to him so he can deceive us and steal the Word out of your heart. The Word says in Prov. 28:1- “The righteous are bold as a lion!” When the devil roars at us we should just roar right back at him and laugh! He’ll run off like a whipped kitten because I’am the one with the authority over him. I’am the a joint -heir with the Lion of Judah, Praise God! Satan is nothing more than a coward and a deceiver . He is not a lion— we are! As long as I have joy in my heart I am a threat to him. Why? Because when Gods Word and the JOY that is produced by the Word is lodged in my heart, he can’t deceive me, he can’t get the WORD!!!! I will stand with my feet firmly planted, my body covered by the whole armor of God, with the sword of the Spirit- God’s Word coming out of my mouth and be victorious over every circumstance of life!!! This was a great book!!!🙌🙌

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  15. Chapter 3//
    I think this was my favorite chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The Word of God in your heart makes you dangerous to the adversary.” –OMG!! Soo great!!
    I really like Colossians 2:15…the enemy’s power has been stripped and spoiled!!!! He has been brought to NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    The main weapon he has is deception…
    I don’t pray for power I have the power it is in the Word!!!!!!!!!

    This was powerful to me, “If Satan has been defeating you it is because you have allowed it to happen.”

    When I receive the Word of God I will have total joy!!!!!!!!!!! The Gospel is Good News…it brings JOY!!

    The devil is not a creator; he is not a perverter.

    The problems we have with our bodies can be directly linked to what we’re saying with our mouths.

    You need to realize that the only way Satan can defeat you is by deceiving you into letting go of the Word! WOW!!

    This was such a great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I literally just started the book tonight & instantly took off with it. It helped me realize that when I lost my daughter I let Satan take my joy not even realizing it, I never blamed God for her passing or anything, I always felt like I was ok with it, but reading the first chapter helped me realize that I let him take so much from me, I got this book @ the perfect time, because Monday night as we were driving back from my appointment in Lubbock, the spirit told me it’s time for healing. I sure did say that prayer as loud as I could. Satan will never still my joy again. Can’t wait to read the next 2 chapters.

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    1. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!! I believe that healing is yours and you are stepping into your greatest days EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. The book talks about praising God for deliverance from a problem. I love this part. Thanking Him in advance for answering my prayers. I believe Him and I believe in Him. The answers to my prayers may not occur as quickly as I want them to or in the way I want them to be resolved, but I have faith that He loves me and He will take care of me. His will be done.

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  18. Omg! Chapter 2 was sooo good!! There was so much I liked but I’ll share 2!!
    The battle where God told King Jehoshaphat to send the praisers and put them in front of the army men and have them lead into battle!! What really stood out to me is that the praisers willingly went front line even without fighting skills, they’re facing a skilled army head on but they didn’t waiver at their praise!!!! Wow! I just hAd to ask myself when problems face me head on do I run forward praising or do I use my skills to try and fight?! I will begin to use praise!!! It’s the victory!

    I really liked the example he used of standing in front of the mirror and reminding himself of the truth!!!! No pity parties!!!!

    When you are down and things aren’t going good- don’t run from God run to Him!! I heard Pastor Charles say this in a service and it really marked me! This reminded me of how vital it is to run to God!!!! Don’t put on or act but truly run to Him!! Don’t use what you can naturally to put a bandaid on it but run to Him and get direction for making it whole!


  19. Chapter 3- This was my favorite chapter!!! Especially the end where Jerry talks about the 3 forms of deception!!! I learned in this chapter just how powerless the enemy is!!! He can’t even come up with his own stuff!!! He has to take what God created and pervert it!!! He absolutely has nothing original and is nothing!!! The ONLY way I can be deceived is if I give him permission 😳!!! I just had this thought, this is like letting someone win in a game. You deceive them into thinking they can beat you! The truth is always best and I want no parts of deception or even pretending! Deception by influence is the part of this chapter that spoke to me most because that is where I stumble. Reading this and seeing that it is a tactic from the enemy alerted me to watch out for this kind of deception and not allow it to steal my joy!!! This was an awesome book and a great refresher for me!!! Satan will not steal my joy!!!! 👊🏽


  20. I finally finished this book lol!! A few days late but I was determined to finish lol!!
    I really liked chapter 3. A couple things that stood out to me is how because of words people are killing themselves in less than 70 years. This was really like big to me because we weren’t designed for that!!! I will be aware of what I’m saying, what I’m allowing in me because I want everything he has for me! I won’t be deceived!
    Also, the story about Peter! That is probably one of my most favorite stories in the Bible because Peter stepped out and was willing to do more, to believe more, but when He took his eyes off Jesus he fell!! He is what sustains me! He is my strength!!! I will keep my eyes on Him and overcome!!!


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