Night Life- Dr. Dennis Burke

Service was so good! So thankful for Dr. Burke! Was there a stronghold you eliminated? Will you determine to KILL THAT LIE as soon as a “limiter” shows up in your life?


  1. I really enjoyed Dr. Burke’s message tonight! When he talked about strongholds and them being a lens over our souls. He told the story about the red glasses and how they skewed his perspective of things.

    He said we become convinced that a lie is the truth. This is exactly what the enemy wants. He talked about killing strongholds dead and that it’s all about my focus. I must let my mind be shaped from within by renewing it to the Word of God.

    I’m so thankful the snow didn’t keep Dr. Burke from coming and our people from being here tonight! Church is my favorite!!!!


  2. Night Life was really great last night!!! I’m so grateful🤍
    Honestly, I saw strongholds in a completely different way after service! A couple of the definitions that really stood out to me where:
    -strongholds are attitudes that keep us from accepting Christ’s likeness
    – strongholds are specifically designed to keep me from my God given destiny
    – and strongholds are justified by my RAS
    I do not want to allow anything to keep me from being like Him and living the life He planned for me!!!!

    My favorite part of service was the example of his wife!!! Wow!!! She was limited because she believed something that was said over her many years ago! I think what really stood out was that she didn’t allow what her mother said to stop her when her friend encouraged her to paint! She killed that lie and pursued it not even knowing if she would be good at it! But she was determined to not allow any limiter to have a hold on her!!!! That encouraged me so much to not allow limiters or fears to hold me back but to just pursue more and more!! I 🤍’d when Dr. Burke said about the paintings it’s not the sale but the victory!!!!!!!! I will pursue the victory!!!


  3. So grateful Dr. Dennis Burk came despite the weather.This message was so good! I really liked what Dr. Burk said about where the Spirit and soul connect is the heart of man. People live in opposition of themselves and are living broken. He talked about how we limit ourselves allowing the devil to bring strongholds in our life using the analogy of glasses with red lens as we have on a pair of glasses with a red lens and everything looks the same which is a lie and the enemy comes to harass us with those strongholds !But the good news is the Holy Spirit comes to pluck out the thorn in our lives as we renew our minds or keep our focus on Jesus! It’s all about our focus! Whether it’s our attitude or deception we decide what is the truth and change! We shut down that data of lies in our heads getting back on course with what God’s Word says about us. We can reset our thinking in the Word ,become more Christ -like and we have the victory! The devil has to flee and takes his stronghold with him!!!! Praise God I’m free and staying free only because of the Blood of Jesus! ♥️


  4. My favorite part of the message was when Dr, Burke talked about choices at the beginning; we are all choosing life or death everyday. What happens around us and to us doesn’t have the final say in our life, but how we respond!


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