Sunday, February 9

The enemy comes immediately to steal the Word after you heard it; and to steal it is for you to NOT DO IT!

What is one way you will stop the enemy from stealing it from you?


  1. I’m so thankful for Sunday’s at chooselife! Here are my highs 😊
    JS –
    * It doesn’t matter how long things have been this way! Do not get comfortable with the status quo! Look up, up to your answer, up to JESUS! The most valuable thing I have as a leader is my submission to the Holy Spirit! I choose to be Spirit inspired, not flesh dominated (Romans 8:4-8 Mirror)! I’ve been called to be like Jesus, not popular or common! I will depend on the clarity that comes from hearing His voice, every day! If I want answers I have to first empty myself of preconceived ideas and trust God to BE GOD in my life!
    Growth Track –
    * When you’re fulfilled, you will have passion and passion = success! We were created to complement others, not complete or compete! Aspire to be the BEST you! There are NO insignificant parts in God’s body! Anything of any value in me is because of God! My personality was designed by God; it’s how people interact with me. God graces me with what I need at the time! The DISC test was fun and enlightening! I’m a I/S and Holy Spirit had already been dealing with me regarding areas of detail and focus so wow! Always on time!!
    3rd service –
    * We can be vulnerable with others when we love God more than we love others!
    “Don’t focus on your weakness and My strength will put you over” 2 Cor 12:9! If I really believed God is God, why would I try to do anything on my own?! Love tells the truth! The word of God is NOT a mystery for those who are hungry, but it takes work! Doers of the Word don’t lack!
    I’m so ready to go into this week, loving God, serving people, sharing JESUS, and overcoming with the help of the Holy Spirit! Who’s with me?! 💪🏼❤️

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  2. JS// Statement that stood out to me was “It doesn’t matter how long things have been this way” It only takes one moment one desire one faith one decision to make a change. Basically don’t let what has always been keep you from what can be.

    PD// God wants us in the life cycle….By faith we just do it…Only the doers will be blessed. Stop trying to control what you cannot control. Stay out of the ditch of death and get up on the high center of life. It’s time to no just hear the word but be a doer w/o question. “Don’t get tense get serious” such a good statement. There is freedom in obedience. Don’t neglect your assignment you will have to give account with what you did with it!!!!!!

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  3. The Word was so good today and all the February babies birthdays! Here are my highs: Jumpstart/ I like this PC said “Who is directly or indirectly under your influence!” We have been set in the world to be the light and salt! And this statement spoke so much to my on life. 1. It doesn’t matter how long things have been this way! 2.As Leaders it’s our job to tell people where to look! Your submission as a leader is important! No one ever got their answer by looking at the problem , but must look up unto Jesus! 3. As Leaders our job is to tell people how to look up! I will come before Him completely empty, aliminating all desires of mine; only desiring His! No preconceived answers or ideas , but empty ! Looking only at Him! ♥️ Love1st/ A believers best protection is their Pastor, but only if they are right! If what you hear is wrong, the ditch is in your future! We should know what we’re to do after hearing from God! 3rd/ Do you love Me? Why would I ever want to do anything without Him? ♥️

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  4. JS// it’s my job to sharpen my children. My primary place of influence is at home.
    The most important thing I have in my leadership is my submission to the person of the Holy Spirit.

    Looking down is an emphasis on self. I will look up and not be focused on the problem.

    As a leader , I have to be able to tell my children where to look

    What I do and say and how I live and respond to his direction, IT MATTERS!

    I won’t let people tell me who I am!!
    A church full of people who want to be popular will never be free !

    2nd svc// if you hear and never do – you’re deceived and not delivered religious and not righteous

    Religion has NO LOVE!!

    The way the enemy steals the word is when I don’t do it !

    I loved when PD said “ as a pastor my call is not to call you out but to help
    You out!”


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  5. Services were so good today!! Here are my highs!!
    Jump Start//
    – The most important thing that I have in leadership is submission to the Holy Spirit because without Him I am nothing!
    – Popular: accepted among the people, COMMON. I really really liked this definition and how Pastor Charity explained it. The desire to be popular is “A complete violation of who we were made to be!” God did not make us to be “common”, or to be like the people!
    – I have an eternal purpose so I have to ask myself everyday, in every opportunity, “Where’s the eternity in this?”
    – You have to go before the Father completely empty, having eliminated every ambition, every preconceived idea, and all the available options.
    *Everyday I have to ask myself where the eternity is in this option and check myself when I have the desire to be accepted by the people*
    1st service-Kidz church//
    – The enemy’s endeavour is to steal the Word, to twist it.
    -When you’re a doer of the Word the enemy can’t steal it.
    Pastor Faith talked about how when she was very little they went to Seaworld or Disney Land, and Pastor Charity had a plate of food, all of a sudden a seagull came and stole her lunch! This is exactly what the devil wants to do with the Word in my life and the only way to ensure that the Word, or my lunch, doesn’t get stolen, is to eat it, or do it!!
    2nd service- Pastor Dean//
    In this service Pastor Dean also talked about the devil coming to steal the Word and it reminded me again of Pastor Charity’s lunch being stolen. I have to be a doer!
    – If you don’t honor & obey the gifts you’ve been given, then don’t think you’ve been honoring the gift giver.
    This statement stood out the most to me, because I can’t compartmentalize my life! Honor starts with the Father and trickles down to the authority that’s in my life, so if the authority in my life isn’t being honored, God definitely isn’t either!
    *This week I will not allow the enemy to steal the Word by being quick to do it with the help of the Holy Spirit and I will honor every branch of authority in my life!*

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    1. That’s soo great Jazlynn…we can’t compartmentalize our lives…that is soo awesome to me every time I think about it!!


  6. I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!!!!!
    JUMPSTART//You have to be intentional in people’s lives!!! It is a big deal the opportunity that we have to grow and sharpen each other!!
    Desire spiritual gifts!!
    My mind will be ADDICTED to the Spirit!! I’m not ever coming off of HIM!!!!!
    Pre Service KIDZ prayer was sooo special!! We literally have some prayer warriors in our church. As we walked around the room and prayed in the Holy Spirit, and the kidz prayed in their understanding what the Holy Spirit put on their heart, I was just literally so grateful for the spirit of God, that isn’t looking for an age of a person to flow through, but a willing heart to flow through!! Come to me as a child…that is no joke!!! SO tender towards God!!
    3rd Service//This was so good! If I don’t know the Word of God, I can’t do it…knowing the purpose of a pastor in my life is so big! I like that PD said, you have to allow me to be pastor…SOOOO TRUE…just going to a church doesn’t mean that he is your pastor…just like when you go to a gym you don’t automatically get a trainer…you can watch a trainer work with someone else and get some ideas on how to do things, but something really changes when you get a personal trainer!!! Like, hey guy this is the trouble spots…what do I do?! The same is true with a pastor…As brother keith says, a pastor is your net…there is a confidence about your life when you position the pastor as your pastor, just like when you have a trainer, you may still see some trouble spots, but you are confident to move forward because someone is in your corner helping you out!! Studying what you should do, changes in what you eat, etc. SOOOOOOO grateful for a pastor that looks after my soul!!!!!!
    The Word of God is not a mystery to those who are willing to seek! This reminded me of the Hallmark Mystery movies, that are like super cheesy and usually easy to figure out…like we have the HOLY SPIRIT!!! THIS IS EASY!!!!!!
    OHHH, and just like Darla said the February birthdays!! It is so special to pray over them!! When we prayed 3rd, like the birthday girl was crying after the prayer, that may seem like a small thing, but you never know who the last person was that prayed for them or even acknowledged them!! IT WAS SOOO TENDER!! SO grateful again that we are a spiritual house!!!

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    The examples Pastor Charity used about people having issues for years and years was so powerful! It doesn’t matter how long it has been that way! We must allow The Word to give us a fresh vision for how things should be in our life. Jesus PAID IN FULL and we must not allow “how it’s always been” to be okay with us. NO I want everything Jesus paid for me to have! I want it all (High School Musical 3 LOL)

    PD said: “God doesn’t like shifty shepherds…. You don’t wanna say that too fast…” He’s just so funny but it really reminded me how grateful I am to have a Super SOLID Pastor watching over my life. This is not just a natural literal watching as much as it is him doing his part and feeding us the Word and rightly dividing the Word, walking out his own salvation, leading by example. I don’t see babysitting me as a one of his responsibilities. He is to lead and feed and he does a fantastic job of that!

    PD also made the statement He is not fit to lead who can’t lead himself and those kind of statements always arrest my attention because it just makes you realize if you truly want to lead and help people you have to stay on top of leading yourself. It’s like Pastor Dean always says “easy on others tough on self” I’ve cut myself slack for a lot of years and that is nothing but detrimental.

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  8. Church was soo great today!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Here are my highs from 2nd service!
    PS I was in growth tracks first and I love that class and I am so thankful for all the people who were in it; I am believing that they seem themselves not only as good stuff this week but study their unique personalities and gifts!!

    Also, believing with all the February birthdays for the best year EVER!!

    –You can’t be afraid of what caused you shame if you want to be free.
    –When I give my life to Him I get perspective!
    –Freedom is for those who are obedient!

    God does everything in order to help us not to hurt us; everything about this message encouraged me and I was really excited for the opportunity for anyone who wanted to put away some shifty things at the end of 2nd…freedom is always present when the truth is preached…we just have to take it…we are all in this together and we need each other… I love church!!

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  9. Jumpstart was so SOO GOOD TO ME!!!!! Here are my highs-
    The question PC started off with Who is indirectly and directly under your influence? Seriously.. I am my kids primary influence… ITS A BIG DEAL TO ME!!! look at people in the eye – I SOOOO LIKED THIS.. intentional! It Doesn’t matter how long things have been this way.. IT DONT MATTER…. look up-To HIM!! Being a leader -how you lead you patricia, how you live your life, how you hear the word, how you respond to the word and how you speak the word.. looking down is seriously selfish! Always looking within, ALL U CAN SEE IS YOU! WOWZERS! So so good to me and so refreshing and on point! We get the answer looking to Him, being submitted to the HS! SPIRIT INSPIRATION NOT FLESH DOMINATION! Tell people where to look!!! Popular dont matter-seriously I praise the Father on this because this seriously has been life changing…. ONLY ETERNAL THINGS MATTER! EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY SELF…. completely Emptying self will be my goal!!!! HE IS MY ANSWER & I look UP!

    2nd Service- He paid a way for us to enjoy supernatural intervention when you honor Him! ALL ABOUT HIM! Our inadequacy & weakness mean nothing in light of his strength. IM GRATEFUL! If your the center of your universe that’s a tiny place. Each of us is responsible for ourselves. EXPECT RESULTS! Believing = Freedom showing up at your house! If you don’t do what you know to do don’t expect a successful life! The enemy wants to steal from you..he wants to get in your head! The enemy uses people to endeavor to steal from you! Obey/Submit/and be humble toward your pastors! Follow how they do things! My pastors are a gift to my life and a BIG DEAL! He’s bigger than my past! GOSHHH seriously sooo true I’m grateful for my pastors and the life I’ve been delivered from… the church family he’s given me is a huge deal to me! I BELONG! YESS! Grateful!

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    1. I also didn’t mention something else that sooo seriously spoke to me…THE ONLY WAY WE CAN LOVE OTHERS, GO OUT OF OUR WAY FOR OTHERS, SERVE, & GIVE IS BY LOVING HIM!! My goal is to LOVE HIM AND HIM BEING NUMBER ONE IN MY LIFE…

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  10. -growth tracks is such a special gift and tool to take advantage of!!!! i’m so grateful for pastors after Gods own heart ♥️ my personality profile biblical example is peter and he’s my favorite in the bible!!!! other than Jesus of course (: i never realized how much of leadership skills i guess you can say are drilled in me until this class…

    jumpstart//doesn’t matter how long something has been a certain way!!!!! wowww!!!!!! as a leader i have to point people up and show people where to look and how to look once they’ve looked up!!! soo good i’m going to definitely work on this!!! i am a leader!!!!!!

    3rd//on the recap video from last sunday pastor dean said “don’t be ashamed to admit what was putting me to shame” let it ouuutttt!!!!
    -james 1:22 in the street version is so good!!! “if all you do is hear the word and never do it you are deceived and not delivered, religious and not righteous”
    -ask God about the small things yas, He is not bothered or inconvenienced! that was huge to me as a reminder :))

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  11. Jumpstart
    It doesn’t matter how long things have been this way. That really helped me so much- it doesn’t matter. I liked the comparison to the woman with the issue of blood- she spent all her money, she had it for 12 years but she didn’t let that stop her from having faith that Jesus would heal her!

    3rd service
    I really liked the statement he/she is not fit to lead who can’t lead themselves. There was a couple areas I was immediately challenged to lead myself better in- my determination is to lead myself better and to be lead by Him more and more! I liked when PD said never make a decision until you get an ok from the Father.

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  12. Church was awesome!!!!
    One way that I will stop the enemy from stealing the Word from me is to refuse to leave my times with Him the same! Immediately putting the things He shows me into practice!
    Here are my highs:
    IT DOESNT MATTER HOW LONG THINGS HAVE BEEN THIS WAY!!!! I really liked this!!! I was challenged in my own life to look at my job as a leader His way and not any other way! Also point others to Him not to anything else!!!
    Kidz 1st:
    We don’t pick and choose with His things! *if I don’t give others Him I give them nothing to look forward to! *Joseph loved God to His bones! *Unforgiveness keeps you shallow! *God is not in the business of okay!
    2nd Service
    *If you don’t do what you know to do don’t expect results! * God doesn’t go by some times, no times, ONLY His time! *Jeremiah 23:4- this is God’s plan! Pastors are His plan! Having a pastor is a big deal! It’s like having parents who care is a big deal! My pastors do more for me than just give messages, PTL!! They challenge me, correct me, sharpen me, instruct me, and love me to be all the Father has called me to be and they ring the alarm on shifty!!!

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  13. I have to be aware that everything I do influences all the people who are under me, especially my children.
    Hear the word, respond to what you hear and act accordingly – it works every time when you’re directed by the spirit. The most important thing in leadership is submission to the Holy Spirit.
    No one ever got the answer by looking at the problem – Don’t look down, look up.
    Carnality is chaos and leads to death.

    Pastors are a big deal! They watch out for our souls and lead by example. I’m so grateful for truth speaking, serious pastors who aren’t shifty. Iron sharpens iron and we are all in this together for the victory. I want to be held accountable; I want to be told the truth even when it’s not what I think I want; I want to be intentional in everything I do, in every area because it all matters down to the finest detail. I want to shine a light so bright I get an endorsement deal from Ray-Ban.

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  14. Jump start// my job as a leader is to tell people where to look

    My submission to the person of the Holy Spirit is my key to success to my leadership

    Spirit life attracts spirit thoughts…a mind that is addicted to the Spirit.

    Look at life correctly… look up

    First service// if deception wasn’t deceptive, no one would ever be deceived

    If we really believe she is God why would we want to do anything without him.

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