DEEP 2.10.20

DEEP was so great!!!🤓


Be honest! Be sincere! You are the choices you make not who He made you to be!! You aren’t “better than that” but you can choose to be!! Remember, humility brings grace!

Faith’s Expressions

There’s only one #1 spot. When you get things in the right order everything else will click!! Are there some things you need to shift to make Him #1?


  1. Deep YA was so good tonight! I was really encouraged in both messages!
    Pastor Greg taught tonight about “Being a Steward” my highs were:
    – If it’s your job, that’s what you do. Do it well and in the right attitude.
    – Matthew 25: 24-25 “Then the man with the $1,000 came and said, ‘Sir, I knew you were a hard man, and I was afraid you would rob me of what I earned,[a] so I hid your money in the earth and here it is! Pastor Greg said that this was pathetic and it was! Like that 1,000 dollars didn’t even belong to him!!
    – “By watering other, he waters himself.” Proverbs 11:25 This is sooo good!! Growth does not happen for selfish people!

    Pastor Charity taught about “Aliens: What to say” these were my highs:
    -Faith in God will sustain you.
    – You don’t what you see, you say what you want.
    – You can’t stay in the wrong thoughts… get to the root of why you felt that way and fix it.
    – Your words and thoughts pave the way for your day.
    I really really liked that last statement!! convicted!!
    *This week I will focus on getting rid of wrong feelings and wrong thoughts! I will also focus on stewarding the things that God has given me!*

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  2. Glory!!! Tonight was just one of those deep nights when you want to push the rewind button and do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! Here are some of my highs…I had to wean it down as not to take up too much space lol
    LOVE –
    I will come to church EXPECTING to receive fresh revelation, every single time! When I don’t love God first, it’s a recipe for chaos! Thank you PC for giving me ways to communicate with my kids on a deeper level with the questions regarding their personal beliefs; I am the CEO of their belief system! I am the choices I make! There is NOTHING good in me but God! Contradictions between who I am IN HIM and who I really am cause casualties! Sin hurts, it’s NOT ok! I can’t partner with the enemy and come out on top! In humility, there is grace! Meeting people in their funk does not help them grow! Filter every thought through redemption; what has been provided for me? I can be aware of my need to grow and when I’ve missed it without feeling like garbage! When I see Him, no more sad days, when I see Him, come what may, when I see Him, I’m unstoppable!!!! Yessss!!!
    PG, thank you for sharing your stories and presenting the Word in such a real, genuine way that it would be hard to not get it! And funny too! Our sincere adoration means something to God! Worship is NOT the first 15 minutes of service, worship is a lifestyle! To worship God is to be yielded and obedient! A life of worship leaves an impression! Practicing worship in private will help me be more prepared in public! For my marriage, we are in unity when He’s #1! When He’s #1, all the other things just click…reminds me of what PC says, “If you’ll give Him your attention and time, everything else will fall in line”! Having a consistent spirit of joy and peace ministers to people! In order to be an example of God’s goodness, our lives should be amazing! I want to set myself up for the win by locating what distracts me…turn off the tv, open the book, get quiet, sing in the car, pray in the Holy Spirit, whatever needs to be done to focus on Him, I commit to do!!!

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  3. DEEP was ahh-mazing as always! Here are my highs:
    *Believers=Doers *He has something to say about every single one of my days! When PC referenced Matthew 6:11 and getting fresh revelation everyday, the thought of getting a shower (fresh) every morning came up as a visual for me! * Relationship with love produces progress! *Eliminating “it’s okay” from my vocabulary and replacing it with “In humility there will be grace…”, and lastly love is not soft! I left tonight challenged to live in pure light, share unbroken fellowship with others, and be clean! I refuse to stay the same!!!

    Worship// * Making a joyful noise is from the heart! * When PG reference watching a game and cheering for your team he had mentioned how you are during the game and two words he used stuck with me, excited and invested, in my worship to the Father I desire to be excited and invested! Investing my time, attention, doing it on purpose, and being intentional! Being excited with the attitude “🎶 there’s no place I’d rather be🎶…” * Worship is a lifestyle! Obeying the Word is worship! A yieldedness to God is a life of worship! *When PG was speaking about the lyrics to songs and how they could turn to emotion…that is something that I am determine to look out for! The Holy Spirit brought up when PC said a while back that the enemy is ok with a version of the truth! This would include praise and worship songs too! I was challenged in this lesson to evaluate how I worship (attitude) and the energy I give to worshipping him. Is it with the kind of enthusiasm that I give the things that excite me most?!? Great lessons and a great time! ❤️

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    1. I really liked where you said is my worship with the same kind of enthusiasm that I give the things that excite me most!!! I’m going to be so aware of that in me!!!!


    Omg…this lesson was sooo great!!! What really stood out to me was that I’m not who the Father made me to be I’m the choices and decisions I make!! I’m not “better than that” (sorry bear lol!!! 🐾) just because I know better, or because someone told me I’m better, or because I “want” to be—it’s my decisions!!! Humility sets me up to receive grace when I mess up, but sin is sin and it’s ugly!!! Call it how it is!!!!! I also really liked when PC said if I’m going to be a successful ______ (full in the blank), God has to be number 1!!!!! I can’t partner with the enemy and end up on top!!!!

    I really liked when PG was talking about his priorities and how God is number 1 and His call and his purpose are right after that and because of those priorities everything else is right!!! When God is number 1- when I live my life in worship of Him- everything else clicks! You still put forth effort, but it’s easy!!! And then when he said it’s a win win when you live for Him!! Your life is a joy and light to others but at the same time you get to enjoy and live that fulfilled, peaceful happy life!!!

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  5. I was in deep kidz tonight and woah it was simple but soooo powerful to me.
    PF talked about how we OWE LOVE to everyone we encounter. Like a debt you have to pay – I OWE LOVE.
    Because of what Jesus did for me , I OWE love to everyone . The rude and ugly , I OWE THEM LOVE!
    This is a total shift in my mind and heart! I am sooooo thankful for the word !!! I OWE LOVE!!!!!

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  6. Man deep was really good last night wow how many times have I told my kids or coworkers or family hey you are better than this or shoot how many times I have I even told myself I am better than this the way that PC brought it last night brings a whole new light to being in the moment and either being in him or being in you and doing your own thing such an amazing word and PG and his talk about worship hit right at home I don’t know how many times I have wanted to sing in my truck and then I hear myself and say don’t do that ha ha Ha but it’s not about how we Sound it’s about what’s coming from our heart amazing word last night


  7. Deep was so amazing last night! I don’t know who would want to miss it! Lol!!!! Here are my highs: Love/ I liked what PC said about to cultivate being in His presence everyday of my life , loving Him first. This is commitment to Him, I have nothing! If you do not have a relationship with God you cannot love! There is nothing good in me , I am just trash without Him,He is the only ONE that is GOOD!!! When I say I’am better than someone else that it is pride. Pride can never know love! I won’t change if I don’t acknowledge the balls in my court, I can be better with Jesus each day to the degree I obey the Word and know love ! I refuse to have any other love but My Father , in loving Him I will hate the world! Love is consistent and predictable! When you see Him you don’t have a bad day!!! Thanks PC , this was so good!♥️ Worship / I’m so thankful for our Praise and Worship team.What PG said about our songs of Worship are and praise are only as valuable as their lyrics.When we Worship the Father from a place of expression of our love and gratitude and thankfulness for all He has done , this means so much to Him! To adore and to esteem Him is to be my lifestyle behind closed doors , in private , more than what my flesh wants to do. For my life to be yielded to a life of total Worship and praise ! He is so worthy of all my praise.To serve Him with absolute single heartedness! I liked it when PG said , a joy , a peace that is consistent will speak to the lives of others! So I have to evaluate my own life! We have to set ourselves up for the WIN! Spend time with Him!!!!


  8. DEEP WAS WOW TO MY LIFE & so needed!! I’m grateful for DEEP & to continually grow and allow the Spirit of God to help me yank thinks out of my life that don’t belong and to change me from the inside out!!!! FRESH EYES, FRESH PERSPECTIVE !!!!!
    PC- love is progressive it must be developed! This so ministered to me.. LIFE IS ONE DAY AT A TIME & I continue to grow and change!! YOU DONT HAVE THE LIFE HE PAID FOR YOU TO HAVE, YOU HAVE THE LIFE YOU CHOOSE! Gosh! This is truth!!!! If he really is IAM, than WHATS the problem???? OMGEE, seriously! He is the solution to everything in my life!!!! He loves Patricia Voight! LOVE IS CONSISTENT! I love this… it’s the same day after day after day even when things seem not to be changing.. I don’t go by that I simply allow myself to stay consistent because that’s what love is! If you don’t know where you stand with God you will live to earn it somewhere else… TO KNOW HIM, period!!!! In knowing Him & being consistent in my relationship with Him I will know where I stand day after day! MY PERSPECTIVE WILL BE JESUS CRUCIFIED AND RESURRECTED- and from that place I will see me!!!!! It is finished! I surrender!!!!! THERES MORE!!!

    PG- Worship so blessed me because I love to worship- it’s my fav!!!! 😍 WORSHIP IS ALL ABOUT THE FATHER.. about his goodness!!! A life of worship is a yielded life to Him!!! GOSHHH YESSS THIS IS MY GOAL IN LIFE …. in my everyday living that I heard Him & did what he told me to do, that I lived my life according to His word!!! I want to please my Daddy! Where would I be and were would I go without his love! HE LOVES ME & I want to please him!!!!! HIS THINGS MATTER MOST! THERE IS MORE PATRICIA


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