1. Nightlife was so good to my soul last night! I’m grateful for PDs voice & the way he delivers the truth to me… here are my highs-
    TRUST GOD & REST… seriously the Holy Spirit has totally continued to speak this to me so tonight it was just like that AHHHH MOMENT & YESSSSSS thank you Father!!! Seriously!!!! I will trust God & Rest! I’m His & he loves Patricia Voight! I WILL CONTINUE TO ONE DAY AT A TIME DO HIS WORD & allow it to change me…. I Will take no thought for my life & simply SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM!! I so liked all the 4 ways of honoring Yourself & the Father but this went off in me- TRUSTING HIS WORD EXPLICITLY.. see it, know it & do it-DONT DEVIATE PATRICIA!!! The word is true and it Works!!! I’m grateful for truth and grateful for my church family!


  2. Omg tonight sooo blessed me !!!!!
    I loved how PD handled Michaels passing. He was family and I’m so grateful for a pastor that treats us like a daddy. I’m grateful for this family!!!!! And I know Michael is in our future ! Gosh !! That’s so amazing to me!!!!

    What stood out to me soooooo huge last night was : I am not called to worry plan and figure . I do today ! I obey him today and he takes care of every grocery trip , every vacation , every single thing my family could ever need or desire !!!! He said they WOULD be handled when I simply obey and put him first !!!!
    I completely re shift and get in line with his way and I ABANDON ALLL the figuring !!! I do today !!! Tomorrow will have all the provision I need
    We don’t do budgets we do provision !


  3. My favorite things about last night’s message were quit trying to do life between your ears. Don’t let what you can’t control control you. I have to continuously cast my cares on Him and keep my eyes fixed on His Word and the things I can control whic is mainly myself lol.

    When he read Matthew 6 and quit thinking about tomorrow and do something today.


  4. You can’t OD on the Word of God!
    Trust God, and Rest. Focus on His plan, not yours. Your entire being will be healthy and strong.
    If you just trust God and then back off and not worry about it, you’ll be surprised what you see take place. The birds don’t worry about where their seeds will come from, they just know they will be there.
    Don’t worry about when your next power shopping trip will be, I just know it will come 🙂

    Don’t wait til you see it to believe it – believe it, and you’ll see it!


  5. Nite Life was so good last night! I really liked it when Pastor Dean said the Word is like Godtox on the inside! So good!!!! The Word is Life to those that find it , health, healing , medicine to all your flesh.Your entire being will be strong. I’am going Trust God and rest , not to be lazy, but to be more focused on His plan and not mine! Knowing Him intimately ;doing what the Word says without hesitation. I will quit trying to control what I can’t control , just do me! Take no thought for tomorrow, my Father already knows what I need before I ask. I will seek Him first and His right way of doing things . Matthew 6:33! To remain pure as I Honor Him!!


  6. Nightlife was awesome last night! Here were my highs from last night:
    Proverbs 3:5-8 SV, the part that says “…you will not want to try and figure things out for yourself…that stuck out to me! Seeing that this is based on me have total confidence in the Lord…this the direction I am going in. I thought about what it would look like not even wanting to figure “it” out and being that confident in the Father, man, that is really something! The greatest part of this is that there is a such place and it is attainable! Glory to God! When PD said rest is trusting in God! This went off on the inside of me and I finally got it 💡! Also when PD said they didn’t go by budget but by provision! Whatever vision comes from the Father there is provision for it! Like PC has said many times if it is from Him it isn’t for Him (I think that’s right…lol)! I have been challenged to go to the Father FIRST before making any decisions big or small because He knows what’s up and what’s best!!!


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