1. I was in 2nd service today and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are my favs:

    It is very very easy to become deceived.
    Don’t worry about stuff–when you are wrapped up in His things you will have the right perspective.
    I don’t have to run after life, He will bring it to me
    Where you spend your time, money, and focus is what you love.
    ****************THIS STATEMENT IS FIRE: Failure is self-induced: ignorance, rebellion, and pride!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!

    If you don’t honor your heart, you will dishonor your life.
    I have to defend what God says is honorable.
    There is nothing weird about His presence.
    God wants to be personal with me.
    Fruit shows up; it don’t pretend
    You can’t trust someone you don’t have anything to do with!
    John 15:5 in TPT, “but when you live separated from me you are powerless.”

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was such an amazing message every parent and teenager should have on repeat!!!!!!!! 🙂 SERIOUSLY

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  2. I sat in both 1st and 2nd service. And something that really stood out to me in 2nd service was the statement “in the kingdom of God the quality of the fruit is dependant on the state of the branch” like Pastor Dean said the root (God) is good any every way! The branches (us) have to wise and very aware of what is allowed to attach to the branch (us) because it will either cause destruction of the branch or growth of the branch. If you think of a tree in a natural sense and the damage that can be caused to a branch it not only can affect that branch but the branches around it as well if it is not getting proper nourishment from the root. We have to remember that our choices not only affect us but have the potential to affect the other around us.
    I will be my BEST DEFENDER!
    I choose to l Iook at my fruit so that in doing that I am able to help those around me

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  3. Today’s service was really good! I was in 1st service. I enjoyed a lot of the scriptures that were used today such as 1 John 2:15 (TPT) “Don’t set the affections of your heart on this world or in loving the things of the world. The love of the Father and the love of the world are incompatible.” Then Pastor Dean made a statement that, “You do what you love.” which is so true and there really is no beating around the bush about it! You will spend time on what you enjoy doing! I also liked in Romans 12:2 (AMPC) “Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].” which was followed by the statement that only the Father knows what is best for you. You have to trust Him and His plan for your life. I think that it’s important that we really look at what we’re putting into our hearts because as Pastor Dean says that the quality of the fruit is based on the branch. The roots will never fail because they are always in perfect condition, it depends on what the branch is doing to be productive. This relates the to the way we put things into our hearts. What comes in will always be the fruit or the product that shows up in your life at the end of the day.

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  4. I was in 1st service today and it was sooo good!!!
    During offering PD said “once you’re a child of God, the only way failure can happen is if it is self induced!”
    I also wrote down that I must intentionally, continually TAKE what has been GIVEN to me!!

    From the message:
    Don’t rush into life… let the Father bring Life to you!! His life is LIFE!!
    Past victories don’t get you where you need to be today!!… as long as we are in this flesh suit, there will always be things we must get rid of!
    When he was talking about there being people who don’t care about what I care about… I can’t care about that!!! That helped me so much!! I just have to keep my eyes FIXED on Him!!

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  5. Today was so good !!
    In jumpstart I really got challenged to do a family creed – we’ve never really done one. And then in kidz church today the kids got posters to write down what they stand for in different areas ! I am going to be faithful over that !

    In 1st svc :
    God and the world are not compatible.
    I have to guard my heart and affections from loving the world .
    This is a CONSTANT readjustment of my focus . To go to daddy and not the world !!! I love HIM and I conform to HIM!
    As a believer I ought to have an idea Of how valuable I am!
    When I do things I know I shouldn’t , it’s an honor issue. I don’t know my value !
    I purpose to honor my heart ! To continue knowing I am GOOD STUFF and teaching that to my children.

    You have to realize that you are the most important person other than God. PROTECT YOU!!

    I will not be casual ! I will honor my heart bc it’s precious and so so valuable!!
    My children are watching ! I will teach them to honor their hearts by honoring mine first! I will love them enough to guard their hearts before they have sense to guard theirs !

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  6. I was in 1st I liked todays service because what I got out of it was that of course God doesn’t inflict pain on his children but in detail I do it to myself if/when it happens and that God doesn’t test me or put me in a place to suffer I know God is a good God but this simple truth of failure as a child of God really put into perspective how much God loves me and fulfills that he will never leave or forsake me.

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  7. So I was so blessed today at church ..
    jumpstart-There is a supply for you everyday but you must position yourself there. WOW!! So so good to me! This so set me off though & so made sense to me when PC said when you tell people to look up beware because things could get ugly.. so aware more so than ever that there is an enemy and he is relentless…. and so I have to be on it! If your heart is hard your perspective will be wrong! People are watching me(my kids are watching me) goshhhh I will be better and not be pressured in a ugly way or be in a hurry .. THEY ARE WATCHING ME!!! I’ll Stay at my post!!! CONSISTENT… BEING IN THE RIGHT YOU WILL FACE PERSECUTION.. WE ARE IN A WAR AND WHEN WE TELL PEOPLE TO LOOK UP YOU JUST OPENED UP HELL.. WOAH! So grateful for raw truth!
    1st service as I taught kids about Moses and how he chose to live his live so so spoke to me… Moses made a decision to separate himself by faith and he trusted God not man…. and because he did he got clarity.. in my life as I do what I know to do according to the word he will show me what to do one step at a time! I was so blessed by the kids in pre k, they seriously are never to young for the Word! I just KNOW they get it!!!! GRATEFUL !!
    2nd service-I so liked when PD said HIS blood is bigger than our families blood-GOSHHH! Truth!!! Our families can’t set us free… GODS LIFE FOR ME IS ONE OF EASE.. not Dis-Ease… EASY & LIGHT!!! Be wrapped up in His things and everyday is a blessed day! Don’t be in a hurry to get into your next season- LIFE TAKES TIME.. this statement alone has brought major freedom in my life over the years from PD… the things of this world are out to distract you.. I HAVE TO GUARD MY HEART.. he has to be my focus! I have to guard what I pay attention to and who I pay attention to.. it’s a big deal! GOD DONT MAKE FAILURES!! IM GOOD STUFF & GOD LOVES PATRICIA VOIGHT! I have to be more important to me than anybody else but God! Knowing Him.. getting alone.. PURSUE THE TALENT GIVER! A great life = serving God! CONFIDENT IN HIS LOVE!! Peculiar- not ashamed of the truth of Gods word. I’m believing for a boldness unlike any to go all out in sharing the good news with EVERYONE!
    I am so very grateful for Our pastors!!!

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  8. Church was so good today!! IT is sooo crazy that it is already time for election and I am so grateful that like PC said, we can do the right thing!!!
    Jumpstart//Hosea 4:6 soo went off on me…the preaching of the truth is only half of it…you have to accept the truth!! How people respond to the truth reveals what spirit they are yielded to! This is sooo true! I will be yielded to the spirit of Truth, so that when truth comes into my life, it is embraced and not rejected!!
    3rd Service//I liked how Pastor Dean broke down the soul, heart and my spirit…I have to have a heart dominated by the Spirit, just like he said, more of the word won’t make you goofy! it will make you free!!! I also really liked that he said, fools rush in…I refuse to be in a rush about anything, it is foolish!! I must refuse anything that tries to jack my peace!! dis ease produces disease!!!

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  9. if you haven’t signed up for growth tracks you need to!!!!! it amazing!! today was my favorite class!!! something that stood out to me was a simple statement pastor dean made “if you don’t choose your mood it will choose you!” i’ve found myself the past 2 weeks in a funky mood i just have to simply choose a better mood lol!!! also pastor dean said “this is HIS life in MY life which makes this THE life!” my life is so valuable bc of Him!!!! ❤
    jumpstart//as a leader it’s my job to tell people to look up and pastor charity said in doing that beware it can get ugly!! if there is any blindness which is obscure and obscure is not clearly understood and faint if any of that is in my life then my perspective is just wrong!!!!
    3rd// Jesus’ blood is life, doesn’t change, and will be with me ALWAYS!🙌🏼 fruit happens! there are no issues with the root and vine (God and Jesus) if there are any inconsistency’s it’s the branch!! (me) John 14:27//this is not some second hand peace… and then the ending pastor dean just charged us with not being in a hurry!!! i’m so young and it’s precious that i am in this the way i am at this age!!!!! i will not rush anything but enjoy the tenderness of being 20 and young!!!!! i believe that there is grip of believers my age at chooselife rising up and embracing this truth!!!! 🙂

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  10. Church was so good!!!!♥️♥️♥️
    How people respond to truth reveals the spirit they are yielded to!! I want to respond to truth correctly!!! Truth brings freedom so I won’t shut down truth being spoken into my life!

    I really liked in 3rd service when PD said don’t rag on others for behavior and then be soft on yourself because of good intentions (or something similar)! I don’t want to justify for myself because I know the “reason behind it” but then be frustrated at others!!! It reminded me of when PD says be hard on me and easy on others!!! Love wouldn’t behave that way and so I will change how I see/react to things!!

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  11. Jump start// when you tell people to look up, you awaken hell and things could get ugly.

    If your heart is hard, your perspective will be off. Keep your heart right before the Father.

    How people respond to truth reveals the spirit they are yielding too.

    As a leader of light I must stay on my post and follow through with consistency.

    1st service Pastor Dean said God wants my heart which will build the boundaries for my life. I build the boundaries though, that’s my part. In humility he shows me where to go but I must choose to do it.

    3rd service he said what is biggest in my heart will run me. I only want him and his word running me not myself.

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  12. My heart can only rule my life to the degree I give it authority over my senses.
    Don’t rush life, let it come as the Father brings the blessings.
    You do what you love – If you’re not spending time with the Father, do you really love him??

    The love of the Father and the love of the world are incompatible – 1John 2:15
    Yikes. Dang. Bro.

    To keep one’s heart is to honor one’s heart. Be intentional in what you do and be sure it’s the right thing. Show honor and dignity and know your value in every area!
    Don’t do something because you feel like it, do something because it brings honor to him.

    Stay connected to the good root and just be a branch that produces good fruit!
    I personally want to produce a lot of fruit. I want to be an orchard. Bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, ever had a mango? How bout those cotton candy grapes they have at Albertsons? That’s some good fruit.

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  13. Services were so good Sunday! Here are my highs: JumpStart/ If He doesn’t have my days , He doesn’t have my life! Gosh ! I will give Him all of my days because He gave all of His life for mine! It is my consistency in His things that makes the difference in my quitting or following Him, going in the right way!!! He has placed me at my post , I’m to stay there and keep doing what I know to do! If I’am the light I will face persecution , but Paul is telling us yet always filled with deep JOY!2Cor. 6:1-13!!♥️ Love/ Offering: You can manage and begin to flourish right where you are as a tither! 1st/ Our feelings are our biggest enemy . As I keep the Word of God in my heart it will keep my life from being an entire mess all of my days! What do I love? What I spend time with is what I love the most. I will defend my heart from those things it is exposed to. What will I hear every time I’m in a service that will make my life better? First I have to hear right,then do right! To be led by the Spirit is a big deal, not just to say the Holy Spirit told me , but to seriously know I’am led by the Holy Spirit in my hearing and doing! He is always helping me! what brings Honor to Him will honor me! 2nd/ He is Love and has given us a life from dis-ease! Don’t rush into your next season , but let the Father bring to you the life He wants for you, let it be A PRESENT from Him!!!!


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