1. OMGEEEE tonight was SO SO GOOD TO MY SOUL! IM GRATEFUL! Seriously just grateful for a church family like this.. WHO DIGS DEEP ON MONDAY NIGHTS.. my life is forever marked continually because of this Opportunity to grow and become!!
    PC -TOTAL MIND RENEWAL!!! I’m trash in and of myself.. HUMBLE.. without HIM IM NOTHING! I will acknowledge that because literally it’s truth to my life!!!! To think where I would I be or where I would go without Him??!! HUMBLING to me!!!!! I’m grateful! YOU HAVE TO WILL TO DO THE WILL OF GOD.. I (me) has to choose to do the right thing.. Persuasion is never ok privately it’s manipulation. JESUS! If you violate someone’s will it won’t last! GOSHH SERIOUSLY I will grow… I want people to want this because they simply love God & they choose Him, not because I manipulated or persuaded in any way… My feelings aren’t the leader in any situation.. SPIRIT LED! His word and His voice all day long… Yesss! It’s a weighty thing as a parent to think I’m the vehicle God chose for me to steward my kids.. I cant be my kids freedom or victory! THE WORD HAS TO BE THE LEADER! What does the word say.. what does the word say.. WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY WILL BE MY ANTHEM!!! Humble!!!DESIRE & DISCIPLINE.. I have to be willing to fortify my will and crucify everything to Him.. every idea, every desire, EVERYTHING! I empty me… I hear Him.. I get his perspective on things.. not anybody BUT HIS.. EMPTY.. seriously this so ministers to me in this season of my life.. EMPTY!!!! Daily choose to take up your cross!! I HAVE NO RIGHTS-HUMBLE… I will need and desire NOTHING OUTSIDE OF HIM… 🙌🏼 one step at a time..STEP BY STEP he’s Got me!! GOD LOVES PATRICIA VOIGHT & he orders her steps one day one step at a time as I empty myself and get His perspective!!! Truly knowing who I am positions me on my knees! IN HIM I HAVE IT ALL! I want to live a life that seriously pleases Him!!!! CONSUMED WITH HIM!!! This life is not about me and mine but ABOUT HIM!!! I humble myself!!!!!!! I empty myself & position myself daily at His feet on my knees.. hearing Him and obeying Him! HE LOVES ME!!!

    PG- when you worship there are benefits! EVERYTHING COMES BACK TO THE HEART.. I challenge myself to give HIM all my focus & to push out what’s trying to compete with my mind! HEART ENGAGED ❤️
    I train myself and my kids to worship to be grateful for the small things!!! GOD ESTABLISHED MY WORTH & I CAN COME BOLDLY TO HIM.. GOSHHH 😍 HE LOVES ME!!!! 😭❤️ you choose what’s most important-HIM!!!!! HIS THINGS…. be slow to speak & your spirit man will help you to say things you need to say or to say nothing! OUR WORDS SHOULD BE USED TO GLORIFY HIM! THERES MORE! I can never exhaust GOD & HIS GOODNESS-NO LIMIT!!! When he is your delight=MATT 6:33.. all tnings will be added to
    You! There should be a spring in your step Patricia.. seriously! GRATEFUL!!!!

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  2. Deep was so good!! I’m so thankful!!🤓
    Love- so much was good about this class but some of the things that stood out most to me where give all your desires to Him and if you get it back run with it! But what was so significant was when Pc said you don’t get it back by picking it back up and acting but actually casting every thought down after and really receiving it back from Him! Also, you can’t just keep putting on and putting on but you have to take off the wrong to put on the right perspective and you have to make it yours and believe!! I can’t just take on others perspectives but I have to really change how I see things if it’s not right!!

    Worship- so good!!! Two things stood out most to me! When PG said we all have different responsibilities but we all have the same 24 hours!!! So good!! To me I was just thinking how some days just by default I have more going on more responsibilities but I still have 24 hours! I have no excuses!! Wake up early, stay up late- do whatever I have to do but I have 24 hours to do everything I know to do!! No excuses!!!!
    Also the story of the leper who returned and how PG said we can all say what we “would do” if we are the leper but WE ARE ALL THERE!!! We’ve been delivered from sooo much, set free but will we go back and fall on our knees in thankfulness, honor, and surrender?! That so challenged me!! I have nothing to complain out but so much to be grateful for!!!! Worship brings whole!!

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  3. What really stood out to me tonight at Deep was the story of Zacchaeus. When we really want to see Jesus or have an encounter with the Father we do whatever it takes to be able to do so. Also, Zacchaeus already knew within himself what he needed to do and he spoke it and acted on it. When we come in sincerity and humility we always know the right thing to do….. Nobody should have to tell you what needs to be done. It’s like Mando always tells me “don’t lead the witness”. Yes we train our kids in the way they should go but at some point they will not live off of your guidance and covering over their life. They will have to hear the voice of the Father for themselves and begin to nurture and grow their personal relationship with Him.
    Worship- true worship comes from a heart that is in complete focus with the Father ( we should not let our mind wander on things that in the moment we can’t do anything about ….BUT focus on what our Father God can do in those precious moments because those times are priceless)
    Also, that we can NEVER exhaust (drain of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue or to use up or consume completely) the love of God!!!!

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  4. Deep was so amazing last night! Here’s my highs : Love: How He Lives/ #4.He doesn’t compromise, His voice and Word will be first in my life! His Word has to be the leader every time! I will have my own perspective , everything on my plate about the Word! #8. Love serves. When you truly know who you are, you serve! The desire of my heart is to look like a servant— to look like Jesus! 💖 Worship/ When we Worship we are connecting with who We really are , being transformed into that image so that it becomes a reality on the outside for others to see. I will daily seek God, He is my daily Bread and with Worship to Him. There is no condemnation or guilt for sin! We are either fading or getting brighter, what you hear matters! True Worship comes from my heart, giving Him all my focus! I know when I Worship God He is pleased as I give Him all of my attention , all of my heart! To be so grateful for everything He has done in my life! He is Worthy of all of my Praise and Worship. In Worship to Him and delighting myself in the Lord I will receive the desires of my heart that come from Him. I can never exhaust Him with my desires! I’m so thankful to freely be able to Worship and Praise God!!! Thanks so much! PG!!!!


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