Coffee w/PK 2.18.20

There is POWER in the name of Jesus!!!

When you use the name of Jesus for salvation, deliverance, sickness, protection, and prayer you can be assured that you will walk in the same authority and power as Jesus!

Will you use the name of Jesus? Do you have testimonies about using the name of Jesus? Share with us! We want to hear 🙂



  1. Today was POWERFUL!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I am so very GRATEFUL! THE GOOD PART… Every individual has to choose that for themselves.. OUR BADGE OF AUTHORITY = THE NAME OF JESUS!
    DONT TOUCH MY STUFF DEVIL!! Seriously so good!! We have a choice-to be above or under. John 10:10 right now is one of my favorite verses.. mirror bible says I have come with the sole purpose for you to have life in its most complete form. NOTHING MISSING NOTHING BROKEN! He bled out for me there is NOTHING bigger than that!! Stand firm.. YOU CANT BE A WIMP PATRICIA!!! AGRESSIVE IS WHAT I KEPT HEARING THE HS TELL ME AS I LEFT TODAY.. you have to be aggressive Patricia with the power and authority you’ve been given as a believe and this is for no light weight! A BELIEVING BELIEVER-no doubt!!!! It’s my responsibility to do something.. Do the Word, Speak the Word.. BELIEVE!!! Enforce the enemies defeat because he is a defeated foe! ⚔️
    Be confident that when you speak the word it will come to pass! I am the power of attorney-I have written authorization to use the NAME THATS ABOVE EVERY NAME.. theres power in that name-JESUS! Expectant attitude-I will have this kind of attitude!! My life is to bring glory and honor to Him not myself not them not anything BUT HIM!!! I am a joint heir with Jesus!!! I have a duel citizenship…. I will CONTINUE planting seeds (The Word) in my children and I expect those seeds to produce a harvest in the name of Jesus! I will not give my self any place to analyze.. I simply continue full of zeal and excitement for all he’s done and given me! IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!!

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  2. Yesterday my dryer started making this really loud scratching noise like it had a rock or something in it … well after coffee with pk I spoke to my dryer IN THE NAME OF JESUS and commanded it to work right with no noise !
    I came home and started it and it works perfect – noise totally gone !!!
    Glory To God!!!!! The enemy can’t take my stuff !!

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  3. Today’s word was soooo good!!!! I really liked Acts 19:11-15 when the evil spirit said “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?”
    Believe me, the enemy will know the name of Brandi Ramos and the power of Jesus that resides on the inside of me!!!!
    I have all power in the name of Jesus!! Not only can the enemy not steal from me or my desendants….. He is not even allowed to TOUCH MY STUFF!

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  4. Coffee with PK was good today ! I really liked what Pastor Kathy said about in order to speak the Word you have to know what the Word says! So many people don’t know what the Word says and just put up with the enemy stealing their stuff! I enjoyed the story about the daughter that had those bumps, moles on her body . I can relate because I had a skin tag on my neck and it not only was so ugly, but would rub on whatever I wore. I decided Satan enough already. I began to curse that skin tag to the root, told it too dry up in the Name of Jesus ! I told it to be removed believing those things I say shall come to pass. In three days it fell off! Praise God!!! There is Power in the Name of Jesus! The same Power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us! We have Power of Attorney ! Saying devil get your hands off my body, off my stuff! When we ask anything in that Name , the Name of Jesus , He will do it! We are to do greater works as born-again believers .Thank you Pastor Kathy , what I heard today helped me so much! I love you!♥️

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  5. JESUS JESUS JESUS!! The WORD was sooo good!!! Like the tangible presence of God as the Word goes forth is literally priceless!!!! I know we don’t go by feelings, but you could feel it!! All of heaven stands at attention and all of hell flees in stark terror!! It isn’t just about speaking the name but believing and seeing what that name will produce!! You can’t speak the Name if you aren’t already doing the WORD!! So grateful for my Pastor Mom and the truth that we hear here!!!

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    1. Oh I agree!!! Yes!! you could totally sense the presence of God…we all received an impartation not just revelation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I can so relate to what Pastor Faith said, about feeling it. I almost could not sit in my chair. Like I wanted to jump up and down. It was SO powerful. THE NAME OF JESUS. the name above every name. I am SO SO thankful. I’m thankful for the power and authority and power of attorney that we have inherited. And to be joint heirs with Jesus. It’s such a big deal. We are so blessed. He did it ALL for us!!!! One time I had a knot or a ball of some sort on my hangy down thing in my throat. And I cursed it and said it had to go in the name of Jesus. And the next day it was GONE!!!!!!! I believe. I believe. He is so faithful. I really like the scripture that says if you ask ANYTHING in my name you will have it. I want to ask in HIS NAME AND GLORIFY THE FATHER in all I do!!!!!! It was amazing. Thanks to Pastor Kathy. I’m so grateful ❤️


  7. Yes Coffee with PK was soo good!!!
    DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!!! I really liked when PK said that when I speak the Name of Jesus it is as if He is saying it!!! I went expecting and left with what I needed!!! JESUS!!!

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  8. Seriously!! The little boy with the badge…that is how we are supposed to come to the Father…with childlike faith…I just got an entirely different perspective…like you can’t TOUCH ME DEVIL OR ANYTHING THAT IS MINE!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    I HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE UNDER OR ABOVE THE CIRCUMSTANCES…I CHOOSE ABOVE!! HALLELUJAH!!! The spoken Word is the weapon…spoken with boldness and power!!!
    John 14:13 no more analyzing…no more stopping and reasoning…I AM A BELIEVER!!

    I WILL NOT BE IMPATIENT!! I will continue to water the seed of the Word I have sown into situations because I know that my faith (which is His faith) is working!! Glory to God…just like with Norvel Hayes daughter!! 🙂

    Such a great day!!!!!!!!!! Such a great message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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