1. We come to church to fuel ourselves to fight!

    The best time to jump right in is when there are no issues…stay on top of the Word and keep myself built up!

    You but into the enemy’s lies when you are speaking contrary to the Word with your mouth.


  2. Church was so good last night! Standing strong for the Truth of God’s Word is the goal, not playing ,but honest and forth right moving away from a life of bondage! What Jesus paid for is the TRUTH! The best time to jump into the Truth of God’s Word is when there is no issues! Start seeing yourself better than you’ve ever been, seeing yourself take the Victory and move forward!!🙌


  3. You can’t just find yo church because it’s the right thing to do; but because you want to learn to fight.

    I like when Pastor Dean said He doesn’t see your clothes, your ride, or your casa; He is looking at your heart!!

    Don’t tell me, show me!!!


  4. OMGEEEE!! SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS WORD!!!! seriously GRATEFUL!!! I am so grateful for PD & the way he delivered this message just so perfect for me… GOD LOVES ME!!!! here are some of my favs.. goshhh it was all my fav LOL LOL!!

    SIMPLY BELIEVE GOD.. period!! JUST BELIEVE PATRICIA!! SO SIMPLE… I LOVE SIMPLE!!! GODS BUSINESS IS SERIOUS!! NOBODY IS BIGGER than what Jesus did and because He did weve been re-positioned to be able to see VICTORY and be CONQUERORS in this life.. THE WORD IS THE BIGGEST DEAL I HAVE GOING IN MY LIFE… im grateful so grateful for the word!! When you understand how good he is you’ll do what he told you to do.. SERIOUSLY this soooo SOOOO speaks to me. It ministers to me because im not here to do what I want, what i think, feel or desire but to empty self and to hear him by his word and obey.. period… GOD KNEW ME BEFORE I WAS ME!! DANG!! SERIOUSLY!! HE LOVES ME!!! ME WALKING IN TRUTH IS THE GOAL… not playing, not pretending, not lying.. but moving away from all that dont belong in my life.. laying hold of the truth-BULL DOG STATUS… Im learing to win the fight-not to be seen, not because its the right thing to do, not because thats waht someone else wants me to do but SIMPLY BECAUSE I WANT TO AND BECAUSE I LOVE GOD!!! gosshhh!!! The church and my marriage – I HAVE TO FIGHT FOR BOTH OF THESE!!! GOD SEES MY HEART!!! TAKE THE VICTORY THATS HAPPENING AND MOVE FORWARD PATRICIA.. IM MOVING FORWARD.. dont allow the enemy to lie to you anymore telling you patricia that you are not making headway-I AM.. IM HIS!! HE LOVES PATRICIA VOIGHT… HE HEARS ME, HE SEES ME, HES GOT ME AND HE LOVES ME… IM HIS!!! HE IS MY LIFE!!!!!


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