Sunday, February 23

Happy Sweet Sunday! Which of the 5 “Do This” will you work most on this week?

  1. Acknowledge your desire to please Him daily.
  2. Read the Word daily, that’s where He is!
  3. Be humble and transparent in His presence, because you are.
  4. Be accountable to someone you know is pursuing Him.
  5. Begin to pull away from influences you know are detrimental to your new life, people, and activities.



  1. So so good in 1st service. I was reminded to be led and not to try to do things the world does and not to compare. I am valuable!!! I just want to please God but walking in faith,, I’m going to commit to reading more of the word daily and pull away from things that don’t build my faith.

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  2. Also,,, Pastor Faith had a great message In kids 2nd service… it was such a good word. Faith is… see it (in the word) believe it and act it. And just because we don’t see it right away…. means our faith IS WORKING!!! God is faithful. And that there are things he will tell us to use In the natural that brings the supernatural. Just like when the wall fell down In Jericho. We just have to have faith. 🙌🏻❤️

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  3. Church was SO GOOD ! I’m grateful for our church & the Word that’s taught there! Here are my highs-

    Jumpstart- SO GOOD TO ME… I so enjoyed all the scripture references & the entirety of this message so Spoke to my life! MY GOAL IS TO MAKE PROGRESS…expectation is looking forward-anticipate, to hope for, bank on.. the opposite of that is doubt.. I as an individual should be EXPECTANT ON HIM ONLY! My TRUST ONLY IN HIM… looking to Him!!! I shouldn’t have my eyes on others, self, money, etc but only ON HIM! How am I looking at my life? Is where my trust is! DANG! If I’m looking at Him them my trust is in Him but if I’m looking at them, circumstances, situations etc my perspective will be wrong and I will have my expectations in the wrong place.. NO BUENO!!!! IN HIM IS ALL THAT I NEED! He loves me!!! He’s got me!!! Eyes on Him!! My expectation has to be on the BLESSING.. IN HIM!!! Faith must be sincere… I live from my meditations and influences so I must be aggressive more so than ever in guarding my heart! AGRESSIVE… VIOLENT PASSION!!!!! Dang I liked that so much! I liked when PC said the devil is present but most of your effort is from your own flesh! HE PREPARES A TABLE FOR ME BUT I HAVE TO STICK WITH THIS, CONTINUE, COMPLETE, FINISH… I have a teacher the HS & I will hear him & be sincere and lay down self so that he can show me, me and help me become!!!!

    Growth tracks was soooo good! BUILDING… I so loved hearing PK host it and all the different testimonies! GOSHHH GOD IS GOOD! I’m grateful to be among great people who love God!

    3rd service-
    Our call is to be conformed to His image!!! This so ministered to me in a HUGE WAY! It’s so simple but yet such a HUGE DEAL!! I want to please HIM & HIM ONLY!! I purpose to trust Him with the results one day at a time with my life, my marriage, my children, etc.. I PUT MY DEPENDENCE ON HIM!!! I do not DO NOT DO NOT WANT MY OWN PLAN.. I need Him directing my every step!!

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  4. Service was sooo helpful to me today!!
    I will be working on #1 this week! My desire is to please Him! I will yield to His voice more and not do anything until i hear Him! its when I do things on my own, even if it seems like its not that big of a deal, that gets my flesh in the habit of making decisions. I will be more SPIRIT led in all I do and say!

    The 3-4 message about Joshua so helped me as well…
    when something happens and pressure arises, where do you run? Joshua went to the Father and acknowledged the wall and asked Him what he needed to do!
    When a “wall” presents itself in my life, I WILL GO TO HIM FIRST! The Holy Spirit told the kids this way.. “When you don’t go to Him first, you are just running into the wall over and over and seeing nothing change” I literally ran into the wall in the class when I was telling them and it was such a powerful word picture.. like that’s what we do in our life when we try to figure things out on our own without Him!

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  5. This was the Sweetest Sunday! Here are my highs: JumpStart/ Expectation: Our perspective is influenced by expectation; our circumstances are influenced by action! What are you expecting , what are you looking forward to? I’m expecting only what The Father has for my life.But I have to believe He is all I need. I’m looking forward to His blessing , a future event believing for some reason it will happen! I really liked this from PC ! I Never thought about expectation quite this way before! If I’m looking to myself , or to people, I miss out on what’s been made available in Him! Why wouldn’t I believe in all the things that come from Him would make my life better! My belief system is not what I know, but where I’am in my meditation! Faith has to be sincere!!!!! I’am not fighting against the devil , but mostly my flesh! I have to do something at the table , basically with what He has given me.Just laying aside the promises telling The Father what’s in my heart! This is what’s really important , what really matters! My expectation being sincere!!!! ♥️ 1st / Love: We have to determine how bad we want what He gave for us. I don’t have to think about it I just have to believe the WORD! When I come into this House I will come expecting and embrace all that I hear by faith! Knowing His Love has been shed abroad in my heart to see people the way He sees them , this has been made available by the never changing Blood of Jesus! Thanks PD!

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  6. Sweet Sunday is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 🙂

    2nd service//
    We don’t do anything as a work, but as a worship.
    I am not the center of my Christian walk!!
    The more word I hear the better chance i have!!
    One of the biggest distractions we will face is our own natural comfort!!

    Of the 5 “Do This” I will focus more on #1 this week…He is my everything so I am living to please Him!!

    This entire service was amazing!!!!!! I’m so grateful for the truth!!!!!!!!

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  7. Jump start// I really enjoyed the word picture of making your own sandwich (I went home and made a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I got home😂) and the difference of it already being made and having it fed to you. I am responsible for me and knowing where I am in every moment and every situation and how it lines up with the word of God. I refuse to be non-expectant. I have to make sure and put the word to work and not just rely on the revelation of others. The Father wants to give my own personal revelation, I just have to come expecting!
    1st and 2nd service//. I believe there is always room to grow In each area of 1-5 that was given in service today. Everyday we have a choice just as Adam and Eve did in the garden. They were told not to eat of the tree….. We have been given the word of God to help lead and guide us in every area. From how to love how to forgive, how to give, how to be at peace ect. But just like Adam and Eve had a choice with what was placed before them, we also have a choice to obey the things that have been placed before us in the word.
    I loved the analagy of our heart being the umpire and it calling our game of life. I will continue to grow in spirit and in the truth and knowledge of God so that my heart is overfilled with my spirit and the love of God.


  8. Jump start// where am I? Where I am determines how God can deal with me! I should take inventory of my life.

    My belief system is what I meditate on not what I know.

    Faith must be sincere.

    3rd service// if it seems like someone else is doing better, maybe they are doing more.

    You can’t keep doing you and have His life.

    God doesn’t want to share my affection with anyone and He should never be put in that position. My ♥️ should be primarily on Him.

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  9. What my heart is filled with the most will project in my life! I have to determine how bad I want what He wants for me…He wanted me to have it so bad He gave His Son for me!

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  10. Everything is provided for me, it’s up to me to decide how much of it I want and how far to take it. My heart has to be centered and I have to maintain focus on him.
    I am in His image, and that is for a reason – So that I reflect Him
    A lie will always be revealed and the truth will always win… Chew on that.

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  11. I Really like the energy of sweet sunday, but DID NOT like the smell of Menudo!! LOL!!!! So grateful for people that can make that and stomach it!! LOL!!!
    Jumpstart//Faith Must be sincere!!! SUCH A BIG DEAL!!! I have all I need for every season!! I refuse to put on a bib and think that someone else has to do something for me!! I have the tools…the table has been set! I am about to work out and work in everything that God has provided for me!!!
    3rd Service//I can’t have a casual relationship with the Father!!! Call me weird every day, nothing compares to having clarity!!! You can’t have your life and his at the same time!!! It doesn’t work that way!!!

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  12. You can’t keeping doing you and having His life! I want His life so I’ll continue removing the “self”.
    I will work on #1. Focus= pleasing Him not living for others

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