DEEP 2.24.20


We have to eliminate fear! If you don’t eliminate it, it brings friends! 2 Timothy 1:7- power, love, sound mind! Which of those will you work on showing more of in your life this week?

Authority of the Believer 

You know you are not submitted to God & His Word when you:

  1. Justify
  2. Trapped in works
  3. Struggle with correction

How will you submit to God & His Word more this week?


  1. Love
    Fear is a spirit- you yield to one and you’re letting in more. I have the ability in me to eliminate fear of any kind so I will choose to do that!! This week I’ll locate fears I’ve allowed in and use the power I have to eliminate them

    What have I made ok that’s not ok. It’s a subtle thing but once I start calling one thing ok that isn’t, that leads to another, another, and another and then I’m somewhere I don’t wanna be. I’m going to evaluate the things I’ve allowed to be “ok”

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  2. Tonight was amazing! So much Word, how can we not walk in more & more freedom! What I get out of it is – ON ME!

    -“If you forget about yourself & look to me – you’ll find both yourself & me”😃
    -Denying The Truth = buying the enemies lies! We have to be Aggressive💪🏼
    -We have to surrender our minds too – “mind you will think about what The Word says!!”
    -Getting rid of fear = getting rid of the life!
    -I am my meditations! Wow! I know we hear this all the time, in so many different ways.

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  3. DEEP was sooo good tonight!!!
    Love// Denying the truth is accepting a lie! Deception opens the door to fear! Fear will bring its friends! I got a visual of letting one friend in and then a whole party busting through!!! Man, I love how not only do you get the opportunity to detect where you are but there is also opportunity to find how to get rid of it!!!!

    Authority// Just live one day at a time submitted to Him! The enemy is the god of this world, but not the god of mine! I have designated jurisdiction! I am fighting a never ending battle doing life on my own!!! Wow!!!
    I will not allow this word to stay in my DEEP binder, I will live this out in my life!!! ❤️

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  4. Love vs fear /
    I am so thankful for the word of God and the power that is in it. I remember early in my walk with the Lord that I used to be alot like Pastor Dean says his mom was ( I was a huge worrier). If it stormed or rained I was so worried about and up fretting about what was going to happen because that was all I had known growing up. We were placed in the hallway with mattress and blankets all the time. Both my parents were this way! My dad would be up watching the weather at 2 o’clock in the morning. So granted I followed in those same steps 🙄. When I began to learn that I had power through Jesus over these things and that I had power over fear I began to speak over those situations. Now granted I still got up and dealt with a tad bit of fear but I was taking the steps to overcome! Now if woke up by a storm I am awake long enough to speak to the storm and declare it will not come near my house in the name of Jesus and then back to sleep I go! In 2 Tim 1:7 it says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind
    Sound mind in the Greek is // sophoneo// a mind that has been delivered, rescued, revived, salvaged and protected and is NOW SAFE AND SECURE!!! I like was PC said if we find ourselves in fear that we should work backwards…. Locate the fear and then you will find the lie!
    Authority /
    I really liked the word picture of authority being our designated jurisdiction! When PF said they we should not only present ourselves on the outside but address what is really on the inside. The Lord gave me a picture of someone who only cleans the outside of their car but yet leaves the inside a total mess thinking it is okay because they are the only ones who see it. But, if someone gets close enough they will actually uncover the mess that is really within. “We can’t just look good from an outward perspective and forsake the dirty ugly mess that is brewing on the inside because when people get close enough to you ( friend or accountability) they will begin to see the real issues at hand.”. It doesn’t matter how many people have seen your car (us) and helped you clean it up or maybe even cleaned it for you. If we do not want change we will continue in the same mess! You + Jesus is the only way to reach the win! I daily choose to be clean outside and within❤️

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  5. Goshhh Deep always always blesses me!
    PC Love-
    Be full of love for others.. and let heaven fill your thoughts when I heard those 2 in Ephesians 5 last night it literally spoke to me! Goshh! I will love & I will allow heaven to fill my thoughts.. I will Work with The HS & allow him to continue chiseling things out of me that DONT BELONG!! Christianity is about family this literally spoke volumes to me because the family here at chooselife is my family & im so grateful! If things are hard in your life you have a flesh issue.. so good to me! I also so like the 3 fears & how to locate if i am in fear – worry, fear of man, and judgment.. DANG THIS SO SO HELPED ME! I want love not fear & so it’s my decision my choice to lay things down and trust God!!! I DONT HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF I SIMPLY CHOOSE LOVE & know HES GOT ME! I have to be real raw and honest with myself because as for me as an individual I want what he paid for! I think my former life literally was crap & I want THE MORE he’s got for me! This whole message was life changing!

    PF- I have what it takes & I WANT IT!!!! I’m grateful to hear the word & be corrected last night.. PF brought it with so much love in it… I will live life day after day submitted to him!!!! I kept hearing the HS tell me PATRICIA HUMBLE.. stay HUMBLE baby!!! I’m his.. and I need Him!!! Anytime I hear it’s ok or tell myself it’s ok, ITS NOT!!! I wasn’t created for just ok and neither were my kids! Seriously a big deal!!! I want correction.. I need correction In my life! GRATEFUL! He loves me and I see his love hugely in the way he delivers the word through my pastors to me to help me grow!

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  6. Deep was so good last night: Here are some highs : Love/ I will work more on my love walk and check out where any fear may be lingering , asking the Father what is going on in here , in me! God hasn’t given me a Spirit of fear – but Power, Love and a Sound mind! I have a table laid out for me with everything on it I will ever need!! A Love Feast! 🙌 Authority/ The Word of God is my standard, not to justify wrong behavior things that were not ok, are now ok! I refuse to let myself be trapped in works! Not to struggle with correction, but to make changes from the inside out! My life is not my own, but His! I will live my life in such a way He is seen in it! I will be submitted to correction as I line myself up with the Word, to be quick to own my mistake and repent!!! ♥️

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  7. Love::/ Gosh. Deep was so amazing . I’m so grateful for all the truth we hear. I took this lesson and really went over it. I do not have a spirit of fear. I don’t need to prove myself if my root is in HIM!!! When I am trying to prove myself it’s fear I’m not enough. And I am enough. Because of HIM,, I’m so grateful. My job is to hear,accept, and do the word.
    Worry is a fruit of pride. WOW!! Ya know like what will they think. So silly how much emphasis I put on what people think,, no longer can I do that. I only want to please God. YOU ARE YOUR MEDITATIONS!!!! This is so big and soooooo true. Displaced confidence is how fear comes or the root and I choose him, he accepts me and he loves me. Gosh I’m so thankful for these truths that are Becoming so real to me ,, he loves me. So I sat down and ask him where have I accepted a lie and what’s going on there and he showed me all of it. I will now mediate on what the truth is. Praise God!!!! I’m so thankful ❤️❤️

    Authority::/ was so good. That video on that little girl drowning,, man!!! That is how I want to live my life full of the presence of God and know the authority I have been given. I really liked when PF said I am submitted to the word and I tithe so it has to work for me. That is the truth!!!!!!! So good. It will work for me. I want to walk in all Jesus paid for. And I’m thankful for the light I receive every time we get together and submit under the word and our pastors ❤️❤️

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