1. The name of Jesus, the Word & the blood are weapons for me to use !! I will use them. The blood=liquid love flowing from the very heart of God! The blood overcomes!!! We have the victory! We win!!! I so enjoyed PK explaining to us about Abel and Cains sacrifice & how Abels sacrifice was perfect because it was his first, his best, it was because he loved God! GOSHHH! LOVE IS EVERYTHING & THE BLOOD was SHED BECAUSE OF LOVE FOR ME! He loves me and I was on His mind.. GOD GAVE ME HIS BEST, a PERFECT SACRIFICE-JESUS!!! To think he loves me is huge and I’m grateful!!! God is detailed and he has every detail of my life taken care of because of the blood! I’m grateful! I have THE VICTORY through the Blood! JESUSSSS JESUSSS! I am grateful for the Blood, for Jesus! I believe in the Blood & I believe in the name of Jesus! I’m humbled that me (patricia) is able to be a part of something this huge here at Chooselife.. seriously sooo so grateful for the word taught and for the church family I’ve been blessed with! It’s huge to me!! It’s all because of the Blood!!!

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  2. Coffee W/ PK was so good today! Here’s my highs:The Word of God and the Blood of Jesus has been given to me as weapons of warfare. The Bible calls the Blood of Jesus Precious! Made pure to enable us to have a fresh start everyday. Our life is in the Blood of Jesus!!! Gosh!! Without the Blood there is no life only death! Jesus paid for my sins to be covered by the Blood , totally wiped out! Never again to be remembered ! The Blood of Jesus is liquid love flowing from the Fathers heart! I have permanent forgiveness!!There is Power in the Blood! Thank you Pastor Kathy , I love you!♥️

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  3. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE BLOOD OF JESUS! When PK talked about Jesus’ blood being pure, it was so good to me!! Like when I plead HIS blood, I plead the best blood! Protection, freedom, forgiveness, empowerment!! I will be more intentional about pleading the blood of Jesus over my life!!! THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!!! The price for my life, was in the value of HIs blood!!! HOW PRECIOUS was the price HE paid!!

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  4. OMG!! This was such an amazing Coffee w/Pastor Kathy…
    First of all I really like how she explained that details are basically the foundation; so much of our lives are so shallow now days because people don’t slow down long enough to get all the details…THAT WILL NOT BE ME! I HEART DETAILS!!
    I really like that Pastor Kathy said that the blood overcomes death and brings life back…when I plead the blood I am calling into being purity, life and wholeness!!
    When Pastor Kathy was talking about the destroyer passing over the homes of those with blood on the doorposts I immediately thought of Psalm 91!! NO plague will come nigh my dwelling!! I plead the blood!! I don’t get in without the blood–He is my in!

    Such a great message!! Can’t wait for next week!!


  5. I have always really enjoyed when Pastor Kathy teaches on the blood and the time that is taken to really explain where it all started and how it plays in to everyday life right now. When you know these details it just makes the Blood so much more powerful because you truly have an understanding of everything it does and means in the life of a believer!
    In the old testament they were only covered from sins for the yearly sacrafice that was made but through Jesus he has cleansed us from a sin. The word obliterate just came up in my heart when talking about this // to obliterate is to remove or destroy ALL traces of; to do away with; to destroy completely; to blot out! So thankful for the forgiving, redeeming, cleansing and overcoming power that is in the blood of Jesus!

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  6. The precious blood of Jesus ❤️ I’m so grateful for the way Pastor Kathy explains this and in so much detail It helps me so much. The blood is pure and Gods love perfectly flows to us through the blood of Jesus. So powerful.

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