March Book of the Month

Peace: Living Free from Worry

Pastor Nancy Dufresne

God has authored days of heaven on earth for His children – not days of worry, fear, or doubt – but of peace.

Many think that life would be peaceful if the enemy would leave them alone, but he won’t. We must learn to live untroubled and undisturbed right in the presence of the enemy. The peace God gives makes that possible.

The greatest value of peace isn’t seen when everything is running smoothly and in place, rather, when circumstances are high and storms are raging.

In this book, Nancy Dufresne teaches how to close the door to worry, fear, and doubt, and live the life God authored for us – days of Peace: Living Free from Worry.


  1. I’m determined to finish this book the way I’m starting it, STRONG! 💪🏼 I’ve read a few pages today and this is what I got out of it:
    * Worry will cause me to step out of the flow of the Spirit!
    * Am I thinking about something? Worry is brewing!
    * Worry brings its friends; fear, doubt, condemnation, depression, oppression!
    * Medical science backs up the truth that worry negatively impacts the brain and body!
    * When JESUS said not to worry about food, drink, clothes, He also meant our bills, jobs, families, and so forth!
    * Going to bed in worry solves NOTHING!
    * Wow! Psalm 127:2 is so good! 😴
    * My faith is the permission God needs to work on my behalf!
    * I will sleep peacefully, in faith, knowing He’s got me!
    * I will refuse to worry just like I refuse to steal or cheat or kill!
    * I repent for worrying in Jesus name!

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  2. This is such an amazing book already!! 🙌🏻🥰

    Here are some things I am going to work on from chapter 1!
    I will take inventory of what I’m thinking about! If I’m consistently thinking about something,, that is worry!!
    I will be more intentional about releasing my faith WITH MY WORDS!!
    When I miss it, I will refuse worry and allow God to help me get back on track!!
    So thankful for this revelation!! 🙌🏻

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  3. I really really like this book 🙂

    Here are my highs so far from Chapter 1

    If a believer isn’t walking in his righteousness, and isn’t in peace and joy, then he is out of flow of the Spirit. THIS WAS SO POWERFUL! I choose to stay in sync and in flow with the Holy Spirit. By His grace I will not allow my mind to wander off of or outside of the protection of the helmet of Salvation! I know my rights! I know the Word I know my authority! And if it steals my joy and steals my peace, I don’t need it! I will not mediate on it!

    Worry opens the door to condemnation and condemnation opens the door to depression and oppression. When I put my eyes on circumstances, especially those that are negative then my response immediately will be “why isn’t this better” or whatever which the enemy will be right there to say because you aren’t this or that or whatever…WHAT AN UGLY CYCLE!! What a stupid lie! When worry comes, by His grace my first response will be: ALL HIS PROMISES ARE YES AND AMEN! HE HAS ALREADY BLESSED ME WITH EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING! HE HAS ALREADY GIVEN ME ALL THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO LIFE AND GODLINESS!! GLORY TO GOD!!

    “85% of all diseases begin from the shoulders up.” I choose to bathe I mean like literally total immersion in the Word of God.

    To yield to worry is to yield to fear and doubt. I REFUSE! I know He loves me; I know He is for me therefore I have nothing to fear…and my hope is in the authority of His Word; I have no reason to question it no matter what I feel or see GLORY TO GOD!!

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE PSALM 127:2!! OMG!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE VERSES! Worry is rooted in pride! I choose humility! I trust and believe in His care for me!

    Worry will not only open the door to the enemy, but it will destroy my faith! I refuse! Because the just live by faith! I will not have my livelihood as a believer compromised as the result of some negativity, symptom or problem! I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR IN HIM!

    Worry is a sin…I am not a sinner; I have been delivered from the power of the enemy; therefore when I am tempted I say, not only NO, but _______________ NO!

    If you lose your peace, you open the door to the enemy. I don’t care how many times a day he knocks on my door, through I don’t care how many circumstances…I REFUSE TO ANSWER THE DOOR. If it will take my peace, it will not have my attention! I resist it! because I know who is behind it! AND I AM NOT IGNORANT OF HIS DEVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM FREE FROM THE SIN OF WORRY!


  4. I’m a few more pages into the first chapter of this awesome book and I know this is for me right now! Here are some of my favorite points:
    * Worry hurts!
    * I’ve been called to operate in a mind that is sound, calm, well-balanced, disciplined, and self-controlled!
    * I refuse to settle for anything less!
    * Fear, doubt, and worry are faith stealers!
    * Worry takes us out of position to receive what we need from God!
    * When we don’t do what the Word says, the Word will become dark to us.
    * You have to be a DOER or the Word, if you want the Word to be light for you!
    * Great faith = Great peace
    Little faith = little peace
    * The vision that the minister saw of Jesus weeping over our worry was powerful!
    I don’t want to give My Lord and Savior any reason to weep but to be happy about the peace I operate from!
    Glory!! I’m taking this book as I do life, one day at a time and by faith!!

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  5. I really like this book already! Worry opens the door to condemnation and closes the door to God’s Power.When I worry the flow of God’s Power is interrupted in my life! Then I will not be able to receive the help I need.I liked the delivery man coming with a package analogy Nancy gave. If I don’t open the door I can’t receive the package. If the door remains closed I can’t receive it. Worry is the door closed that will keep that which God has for me from reaching me. God wants to help me. God has the ability to help us. But worry is the closed door that keeps His Power out of my situation! To receive the Power of God that will change my situation, I must leave the door open to Him by refusing to worry! God never abandons us! No wonder Jesus warned us not to worry . Gosh!after reading this I don’t think I want to ever worry again about anything! I need to have an unhindered flow of God’s Power in my life and worry hinders and interrupts that Power!! Our faith never worries , so I will position myself of receiving by faith —not worry.♥️

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  6. I really really really like this book!!

    Worry takes us out of position to receive what we need from God!
    When you don’t do the Word the Word will become dark to you!! I don’t want to be in that position…I know it is ugly and full of pride and strife. I am a doer!!

    I really really liked the story of Bro. Hagin’s. He knew that holding on to the headboard was an “action” of worry. How you live reveals if you are in peace or worry (fear). No matter what I feel I will not respond with “action” in Jesus’ name!!

    This is such a big statement; when someone is in faith, they’re in peace.
    I really liked that Pastor Nancy said, before you speak the Word and make confessions; establish your heart in peace.

    Faith must be in two places in your heart and in your mouth.
    This is huge; that which you worry about God can’t help you with!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 2//You can’t live days of heaven on earth if you are worried!! This is my church; what am I going to think about???

    The story of the necklace was so precious!! I will leave it in the Father’s hands! I commit it ALL to Him.

    I really liked the steps of casting your cares on the Lord:
    Pray means talk to God!!
    I really really liked the definition of supplication, pour out your heart to God!!! OMG!! That is almost my favorite part of this book so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As I give praise and thanks to God it holds my attention OUT of the mental arena!!!!!!! Hallelujah!! That reminds me of that series Pastor Dean did called Mental…I am not interested in living from there…I know what it looks like and its not for me!
    There is nothing I can’t praise my way out of or praise my way into
    #3//Yield to Peace
    peace is my inheritance from Him…it BELONGS TO ME!!
    I really liked this statement, “Even though my husband had missed God, he still didn’t worry.”
    Faith and peace are companions.
    Our peace levels reveal our faith level
    Its not the faith you have that produces peace but the faith you release.
    #4//Keep thoughts set

    Chapter 3//”Its not right for believers to go to church, lift their hands and praise God, then go home and live with troubled, disturbed, and harassed minds.”
    Peace is not the absence of a storm but resting right through it! That’s my goal!!
    Repetition is how we get the Word in us!! OMG!! I like that sooo much!! The enemy tries to do that same thing…but no matter how many times he repeats it it doesn’t make it true!
    Paul had to LEARN to be untroubled…He had to practice it!
    1 Corinthians 16:9…I really like this verse…I will not be ignorant…progress brings resistance.
    The Word is food for your faith.
    Power is God’s part…Faith is my part.
    The good fight of faith is a fight of WORDS!!! I will speak the WORD ONLY!!!!!!!!!


  7. I’m into the latter part of chapter one and into the beginning of chapter two (for reference) and this book is a blessing to me so much already!! So excited for Nancy to be here at conference!! Here are some highlights:
    * Our faith is released through our words! It will never get old to hear this because it’s the only way it works for us! My faith means nothing if there’s no words or action to back it up!
    * That which I worry about, God can’t help me with! Wow! That will put me in check so fast from now on! I want and need His help!
    * When I read about how we can be in faith in one area of our lives and in worry in a other, I thought about those (not me!) who work out a lot and only focus on a certain area of the body, like upper body, all huge and built but then they got the chicken legs 😳😆 it’s unbalanced and just not right!!
    * I must guard my mind from worry on a DAILY basis, some days, on an hourly basis no matter how long I’ve known this truth!
    * I really liked reading about the experience of Jesus pulling up a chair and really breaking down where this man had missed it…wow…to know that I have this same kind of relationship with Him, that He can make Himself at home with me and we can work things out! Glory!!!
    * The story about Nancy as a girl and the necklace was so good! “If you leave it with Me, I’ll finish the job, but if you’re going to take it back, I can’t fix it.” 😌☝🏼
    * I will be specific in my conversations with my Father…He cares about the details!!!
    * Instead of running to other people, the natural, I will run to the only One who can truly help, the Supernatural!
    * I believe I receive WHEN I pray, not when I see it! I will pray then LET IT GO 🎶 and thank Him for it!!
    * Praise holds my attention on God and His Word, and off my need! 🙌🏼😃
    * I am catching up on my praise, y’all!!! I’m moving OUT of thoughts, situations, and worry that had kept me bound and moving INTO the freedom, blessings, and victory that belong to me!! 💃🏻 💪🏼

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  8. Chapter 1 🤓 Pt 1
    This book is going to be soo good I’m excited to keep reading!!! So far I really liked
    – how do you know if you’re worrying? If you’re thinking about it!
    – Worry opens the door to condemnation and condemnation opens the door to oppression and depression
    – 85% of all diseases begin from the shoulders up
    – Worry breaks down your mind and body
    – No one went to bed worrying and woke up to find the situation resolved because they worried about it!!
    – Worry destroys your faith!!!
    To will not settle for a life not designed by God for me because of worry!! I won’t go to sleep thinking about the what He’s already provided!!! I will be more adamant about speaking the Word!!

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  9. FREE FROM WORRY!!!!!!! Literally every time I hear anything about worry or figuring I hear Miss Aibileen!! Ain’t you tired!!??! Worry wears you out!! SO excited about this book!! ALmost as excited about finishing Dr. Jerry’s about Joy!! As Nancy said “To walk in righteousness, peace and joy is to move in the flow of the Holy Ghost!! We learned Righteousness from paid in full, joy from If Satan Can’t steal your joy, and now we are learning peace!! IT IS ONLY MARCH!! So Grateful for tools to grow and flow…lol!! Ok sooo …

    Chapter 1//There was sooo much in this chapter…literally it was long!! LOL!! But seriously!! It was PACKED with revelation!!
    -My Body was not created to conduct fear and worry!
    -Go to bed trusting God!
    -Peace maintains what has been done for me by the Father!!! SOO HUGE!!!
    -When you don’t do what the Word says, the Word becomes dark to you!!!!! WOW!!! Being a doer is a big deal!!
    -It’s not enough to have faith-you must release it to benefit from it.
    -I really like the story of Brother Hagin and the Bed post…that was a sign of worry!!
    I am going to evaluate with the help of the Holy Spirit where there is any “habits” of worry in my own life, so that the power of God is able to flow unhindered!!!

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  10. Chapter2 / I really liked the 4 steps to Casting Your Care on the Lord! #1.”Pray”means to talk to God, my favorite thing to do! Lol! When you’re tempted to worry , refuse to!#2.”Be Thankful“ with Thanksgiving that since you put these cares in His hands you can know He is working on them.Phil. 4:6! 1John5:14-15! #3.” Yield to Peace”this means you’ve quit allowing circumstances to trouble or worry you. For now you have the “Peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”#4.”Keep Your Thoughts Set” to think on these things Phil. 4:8 Heavenly things! Refuse to go back in your mind to think on things troubling you or worry since you have cast them all on the Lord! We must think on right things! Praise God! I started doin more of these steps already! This is real freedom!🙌

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  11. Hey everyone!!! I just finished chapter 1! Here were my highs: First of all let me just say I didn’t realize how much of a hinderance worry was until reading this chapter! As soon as I read the part that said worry is sin I was like 😳😩 “Father forgive me”!!! I have to begin telling myself worrying about ANYTHING is a sin!!! Seeing worry as a closed door or even the thing that closes doors changes things for me!!! I really liked the part where she talked about establishing yourself in peace before making confessions of healing or prosperity! Being in this place means you are in faith! There have been times before that I would be making a confession, but on the inside shaking and hoping things would work out! So this part opened my eyes to the right way of operating in faith 💡! * “That which you worry about, God can’t help you with”! * Worry hurts your faith”! Man, worry takes so much away from you (leaves me exhausted) and it robs you in every area of your life! I refuse to worry!!! The right thing to do is to not worry! I have been commanded to not do it! So like the guy PF talked about in DEEP, I won’t come off of it, what I have been commanded to do!!!!

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  12. OMG!! This book!! <3<3
    Chapter 2 was soooo good! Here are some things i will put to practice on the DAILY with His help! 🙂
    When i miss it, I will REFUSE worry!! Worry is a sin and i will not do it!
    I will be more aware that God can take care of me better than I ever could!!
    When I am tempted to be troubled or worried about anything… I WILL TALK TO GOD ABOUT IT… NOT PEOPLE!!! God is my help!
    I will keep my attention FIXED on God alone… not on my problems or needs!
    I will quiet my mind on the regular by giving Him thanks and never trying to figure anything out!! He has my every answer, all I have to do is go to Him and thank Him for it!!
    After I answer a thought with the Word, I will turn my attention AWAY from whatever it was and put my focus and attention on praising God!!
    I will practice releasing faith in the little things so that I am ready and able to release it in the BIG things in life!!

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  13. Chapter 3/This is so good about fighting the good fight of faith! I will not be moved by opposition! Paul said”, I have fought a good fight of faith, I have finished my course,I have kept the faith”He didn’t let the devil have it.he didn’t let opposition and difficulties take his faith!!! Opposition comes to take my faith, but just like Paul I will keep it! But in order to keep my faith I have to be putting up a good fight of faith because it’s the winning faith! Praise God !Its the only fight we are to engage in.Every other fight is a losing fight— the fight of worry , the fight of fear, the fight of doubt , the fight of the mind or the emotions are all losing fights . We’re not to even fight the devil!Jesus already defeated him! I will stay In the fight of faith and not be swayed off Gods’s Word! To fight the good fight of faith with His Word in my mouth! When pressures , fear , life difficulties and opposition comes I will not quit, I will not give up!!! Faith is my part, the Power is God’s part! I have this same power!!🙌

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  14. Just finished Chapter 2! Man, this chapter connected a lot of dots for me! I will never look at Philippians 4:6-8 the same again! I really liked how she broke it down! I received a greater understanding of it💡! Praise God for light! I could see where in the past times of casting the care I missed it! Things are gonna be different for me moving forward in this!!! I really liked the part where she said, “He doesn’t hear us because we feel like he heard us, but because we asked in line with His Word, regardless of what we may feel or not feel”! Also, when she said, “There isn’t anything you can’t praise your way out of, and there’s nothing you can’t praise your way into”! The biggest part of this chapter for me that I received was reading about how to stay in peace! Not waiting for all the circumstances in my life to be peaceful and peace doesn’t mean the absence of difficulties. It’s a place I can live in regardless of the chaos going on around me! Another thing she said that moved me was “It’s not the faith you have that produces peace, it’s the faith you RELEASE that produces peace”💡! The 4th step she mentioned on casting your cares is the one I am determined to work on, that is where I stumble most. Refusing to let my mind go back and touch on those things that trouble me! This was such a great chapter 👍🏾👍🏾!!!!

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  15. Chapter 3// This was a good chapter!!! I don’t know why, but while reading it, I kept thinking about the movie The Karate Kid and the part where Mr. Miyagi was teaching Daniel the disciplines of karate (wax on, wax off…lol)!!! My biggest take away from this chapter is PRACTICE!!!! Living a life of peace and having an undisturbed mind takes practice (Phil 4:10-11). If this was something Paul had to learn why would I for a moment think I didn’t need to?!? This chapter helped me to look at opposition differently. Instead of taking them personal and playing victim, see them as opportunities to practice and do the Word! I really liked when she said difficulties and tests are learning and practicing places. I was just thinking about how the world and Christians too, wants to be masters of a lot of things (I immediately thought about the show Master Chef), but what about aspiring to be a master disciple! On Master Chef, these chefs are so skilled it’s no big deal for them to chop veggies with the sharpest knife with speed, throw lobsters into boiling water, sling hot food on a plate before time is up. On top of that when they do get burned or cut themselves, they do what needs to be done to care of it, but that doesn’t stop them from finishing. This is all done to receive the title of being master chef! To me the reward of being a master disciple is far greater (Phil 3:14)! I also thought of the statement PC has made so many times, while reading this chapter, the ball is always in my court! It is my responsibility to keep my mind in a peaceful state, it is up to me to fight the good fight of faith and to keep my mind from places it has no business being in (worry, anxiety, concern, and all other forms of fear). Great chapter 🥊🥊🥊!!!!

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  16. Chapter 4/ This is a great chapter for what we all are needing in our lives especially right now. I refuse to give the devil my attention, like Wigglesworth said , I will answer him with the Word of God and turn my back on him. That’s Faith!!!! That’s yielding to PEACE instead of the enemy! I will keep my mind renewed in the Word and my attention on walking in my authority and the power of God’s Word doing it and live the life of Faith and Peace! Just hearing the Word won’t renew my mind , it’s when I do the Word that my mind is renewed. This renewing my mind is something I must continue to do the rest of my life, if I’m to live days of heaven on the earth! No matter what the opposition may be ; I’m determined to keep my focus , my attention , holding it on God , and His Word.As I do, I will have victory and peace. NO FEAR HERE!! Praise Jesus!!! 🙌💖

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  17. Chapter 5/ I refuse to give or allow the devil to have what belongs to me through the Lord Jesus. When he comes to threaten us or suggest thoughts to our mind, we are to recognize that it’s the devil and answer him specifically! Just like Jesus answered him in the wilderness of temptation, with the Word. Telling the spirit that spoke to you to leave , and he has to leave. James 4:7 “Resist the devil, and he WILL flee from you.” You don’t let the devil have the last word, for the last word stands—answer him with the WORD of GOD! Praise GOD!!!!🙌

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  18. Yayyy! I finished this month’s book of the month! 🙌🏼💪🏼 I’m pretty sure it’s the first one I’ve completed in the same month and it was such a perfect book to start and finish…I’m determined to take what I’ve learned through this book and apply it to my life…no more fear, worry, or doubt but a life flowing in God’s flow of peace, righteousness, and joy! So many favorite parts but one of my most favorite parts was the story Nancy told about her continuously taking back the necklace from her mom, not allowing her to finish the work of fixing it…wow! How many times have I taken back a worry or doubt from God, not letting Him be Father to me? Also, the chapters on putting the devil in his place and how Smith Wigglesworth turned away from the devil, saying, “Oh it’s just you”…glory!!! That will be me!! Not moved by the defeated snake face 🙄 and the part about how important the local church is to us growing and renewing our mind just encouraged me to pray for our pastors even more, especially now! God bless each of them in their call for Hobbs America and the surrounding area! We love you!

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  19. Chapter 6/ I really liked the 5 things Pastor Nancy gave that we are to “Agree With God !” #1 To be acquainted with Him! # 2 Do the Word! #3 Be at Peace!# 4 You will Prosper!#5 Great good shall come to you!These all begin with my agreement with God and His Word! ♥️🙌

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  20. I really really enjoyed this book! I think of of my favorite things about Pastor Nancy is in all she teaches alot of it comes back to a disciplined mind! How important yet, how overlooked. I am challenging myself everyday to maintain a disciplined mind. Here are my review notes from the rest of the book…

    Chapter 4//Your faith goes where your attention goes. What you put your attention on is what is drawn up into your life and gets movement in your life. If you allow your attention to focus on fearful and worrisome thoughts, they will destroy your faith. My peace is dependent upon my attention. I can’t keep the enemy from being around my table…but he has no place at my table!

    Chapter 5//I really really liked the 4 steps to answering a difficulty!
    1//answer it specifically
    2//rebuke it
    3//turn your attention to God and His Word
    4//praise Him!!

    Chapter 6//When I agree with God in the face of circumstances, then peace, prosperity and great good will be the result.

    Chapter 7//Nothing else can take the place of the lack of peace and joy…if it costs me my peace or joy…it costs too much! I don’t have use for it!

    Great book!! 🙂


  21. Chapter 7/ I will walk in the righteousness of God and when any form of worry , fear or doubt comes from the devil I will begin to praise , rejoice , sing and of course laugh! Lol!! Peace and joy begins to draw up into my Spirit and can draw them out anytime I need them every day.When faced with difficulties they will be overcome and fall away! Righteousness, peace and joy belong to me, as I yield and operate in them I can live the life that God has authored me to live! I will walk in freedom!!!! 🙌This was a great book!!!!😃

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  22. This was my FAVORITE book of the month ever!! It’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I just finished it!! It was amazing my favorite take away from it was to just answer the enemy specifically!!! And the fact that the table is right before us full of every promise. And too it said the enemy isn’t anything. And he isn’t. I’m definitely going to keep this book out to reread and study in quiet times!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  23. Man, the chapters get better and better!!!
    Chapter 4// My faith goes where my attention goes 🤯! After reading this, I was like “oh, dang” on the inside! This also made me think of what the world calls ADD/ADHD!!! I don’t want to have attention deficit anything when it comes to the Father and His Word! Like Nancy said, this takes practice and discipline!!! Reading this chapter gave me a different outlook on practice and discipline like when situations or opposition comes up these are moments of practice, these are times I get exercise and do the Word! When I approach these things in that way the stronger I will be! Hallelujah! Lastly, when Nancy said, “Don’t struggle to get rid of wrong thoughts, just pick up the right ones”! I used to think that there had to be some kind of a struggle to get to the other side. I was totally deceived! Knowing this now has brought freedom into my life! I can push right on through and keep it movin and that doesn’t mean I am a faker or pretender, it means I am a believer and a woman of faith!!! 🙌🏾

    Chapter 5// Immediately when I read this, I thought of what PC said a while back, “You don’t fight thoughts with thoughts, you fight them with your words (it was something like that)! I really liked when Nancy said to answer those wrong thoughts specifically! I am a detail kind of girl so I was all over this!!! Lol!!! Lastly, “the LAST word stands”!!! I thought of my kids and how when I say something they know not to back talk me THE LAST WORD STANDS!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Chapter 6// Agree with God!!! Keep agreeing with Him no matter what comes at me!!! Only faith will keep agreeing with God!!!

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  24. Chapter 7// My highs from this chapter: * you’re not righteous because you’ve done everything right. You’re righteous because JESUS did everything right. * Because you are righteous, you are to no longer live CONSCIOUS of past sins, faults, or failures. * Guilt, condemnation, and shame will cause you to draw back from living as one who has been made righteous. * No one can live a life of joy if they’re not living in peace. * I can draw out peace and joy at anytime! I don’t have to wait! I can draw on them everyday!

    This was a great book!!! ❤️


  25. “Peace – loving free from worry”
    Wow it has become one of my favorites right now!! Like Fran said – it came at the most perfect timing! And really – what I been learning, is how HE IS THE GOD OF TIMING🤗 He knows exactly what’s needed & always provides the answer! Hallelujah!!! He is so good to us!!❤️ I learned sooo much from this book, but I’ll share some of my takeaways!

    •In worrying – I step out of the flow of the Holy Ghost
    •Peace leaves the door open to GoDs Power
    •Our minds were not meant for worry. Living in fear will begin to break you down – Mind & body! I can see how diseases come about! Jesus!! This will not be me!!!
    •Worrying = sin! I believe as we see it for what it is & recognize where we’re at, there’s Grace to remove that temptation
    •Tim 1:7 I have The Spirit of POWER, LOVE & a SOUND MIND – BEAUTIFUL WORDS ❤️
    •When the spirit of fear comes, we are to speak to that spirit & tell it to leave us & it will obey!!!👉🏼 we have to be aggressive!! Years ago, I remember Pastors saying, “there’s no such thing as a silent Christian” and I honestly lol’d – PD is hilarious & honestly I hadn’t received the revelation of how crucial it is to be loud, not just on the outside, but especially on the inside! I have to yield to the right spirit! To His Mind – sound, calm, well balanced, disciplined & self-controlled
    •Someone may have faith- but it won’t benefit them until they release it with Words of Faith – again be loud be intentional!
    •Even when we miss it, we must confess it, forgive ourselves & exercise faith so GoD can help us out of those difficulties = HUMILITY
    •An important part of faith is learning to quiet the mind – stop trying to figure anything out – as we do what we talked to The Father about – will continue to move toward our life & manifest 🙌🏼 LOL I just remembered a time PC talked about how sometimes we just think & think, our mind just wanders, we say, “I’m just a thinker” (I used to say that)- she said STOP SAYING THAT!! I took that!! While we were made to meditate on GoDs Word, we were never created to have our mind all over the place. We were called to have a sound mind & not trying to figure things out. The Word is The ONLY THING THAT KEEPS US IN A STATE OF REST!
    •What your attention is on is what will flow in your life! Wow! Reminds me of “what I greatly feared, has come upon me”
    •fear is faith in the wrong thing
    •Isaiah 26:3(one of my faves) because my mind, my thoughts stay on Him – He keeps me in perfect peace – in uninterrupted peace! Hallelujah! I remember when PC said in order to have this, I’m gonna have to say no to something else. Saying no to worry = saying yes to peace❤️
    •We must learn to live undisturbed, untroubled and in perfect peace, no matter what the opposition or circumstances may be surrounding or threatening us. That’s where our true victory is.
    •Through repetition we plant His Word in us – the enemy knows this, so he repeatedly suggests thoughts 😡 we are not ignorant of his devices!! We know His voice
    •the enemies wrong thoughts are an attempt to deceive us! Now that we know GoDs voice & His plan for our life & the more we practice hearing His voice though out our days, we are quick- to tell that devil where to go👉🏼👇🏼
    •Take advantage of every point of difficult to practice being a doer of The Word! I thought this was so good! Like a muscle – they won’t get built up unless you apply pressure, you have to work it out
    I definitely left stronger after reading this book. Hear, speak & do = freedom😌


  26. Finally finished up with this book -it was timely!!!! I’m grateful! My favorite chapter was 6 .. all of the book was WONDERFUL but chapter 6 I really liked the scripture in Job 22:21- Acquaint now yourself with Him (Agree with God and show yourself to be conformed to His will) and be at peace; by that (you shall prosper and great) good shall come to you. This scripture so ministered to me… 1) AGREE WITH GOD- the more acquainted i become with God the more I’ll agree with Him 2) DO THE WORD
    3) BE AT PEACE- when I agree with Gods word and do it the result will be peace
    4)YOU WILL PROSPER—agreeing with Gods word and doing it I’ll prosper
    5) GREAT GOOD SHALL COME TO YOU- I won’t have to chase it. It will just come. I will be a magnet that draws all good things into my life in every arena of my life.
    FAITH AGREES WITH GODS WORD & FEAR DONT! There is an order for my life to flow in and it’s up to be to stay focused on Him!!!! It’s all mine already because it’s finished! I will make it my goal to yield to my daddy and to stay Focused on Him!!!


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