Sunday, March 1

The royal law of love reminds us of His authority over us and our need to be in submission to Him!!! When you submit to His Word you can expect it to NEVER fail! Will you make a decision to submit more to the Father and His Word?


  1. I really really liked 2nd service today! Why does PD make me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

    Ok, for real here are my highs:

    I can do what is written and I can do the particulars for my life!
    Philippians 4:13 only applies to those things He as called me to do!

    Our eyes have to be enlightened to the deception of sin…if we really saw it for what it was we would never be involved and we have to separate ourselves from it!!

    If you want to do better God will hook you up with better people! He orders the footsteps of those who want it!
    Ok, this was soo great: “When you are sinking, you know why you are sunk because you got punked into thinking ‘you’v got this’.

    My love can’t affect people; that can never be my motive…if His love can’t affect them what is my love going to do lol!!

    I will talk when its valuable and I will focus on me…I am my project!! 🙂

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  2. Church was so good today! Here’s my highs:JumpStart/When He is your expectation you believe that in Him is all you need! Relationship with God releases a force and enablement! I will continue to die to myself , to be dependent on Him , anything less is doomed to failure! ♥️ 1st/ God wants to make a supernatural occurrence in peoples lives!His Love in me is so powerful , nothing can overcome me, not emotions or drama of others. Even when we’re not faithful, He will be! He will order my foot steps aright because I want to do right,I will
    Continue to build my house on the ROCK and stand strong staying focused on Him! We could say less and be MORE! Just zip it! Really good Word! ♥️

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  3. Services were so good yesterday, beginning to end<3 Here are some of my takeaways:

    -Jumpstart Kidz was so good, I'm always blessed by the innocence and faith of our little people. We learned about Jonah. He was given a special mission, but chose to do his own thing instead. As I'm sure we've all learned, when we do things our way, things really do go as expected, even "the best" is still cheating ourself and others of GoDs best(selfish). But then in GoDs great mercy, and never changing plan for our life, Jonah got another chance:) because he repented, forgiven and chose to say yes to the mission, he was able to help lead people to freedom Glory!!! I choose to surrender to His plan for my day today, I know it's much bigger than anything I could ever plan up for myself and others, I refuse to be selfish today!!

    -To be free from sin, you have to seperate yourself!
    -If you don't know enough, you won't be able to enough! In order to walk in more, or do more, we have to hear and know the truth!
    -If you want to be better – GoD will hook you up with better people! Yesss! We're a living testimony of this. He hooked us up with Chooselife families and Pastors who have helped us grow:)

    -A confused believer = a deceived believer! In Jesus Name! GoD is not the author of confusion, we have to watch what we meditate on, what we allow in!
    -I haven't been called to fix anyone! So good! He is The only one who can change, deliver and save!

    I'm taking with me today, to surrender to His plan, to seperate myself from anything or anyone who distracts or is keeping me from that, and to watch what I allow in.

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  4. Church was so good and Sonia I am soo grateful for leaders that want to lead!! Thank you for being a part of Jumpstart KIDZ!!!! 🙂
    Jumpstart//Where is my expectation?! My perspective will be right or skewed if I am not placing my expectation on Him and Him alone!!!The Blessing is a force that will be released in my life. I am going to be more aware of how I am releasing that FORCE in my life… I know that the blessing will not be released when my expectation is not of HIM!!! I am so grateful for Jesus!!! He will be my focus…He will be where I place expectation!!!
    Preservice Prayer was sooo good!! It is so exciting to see these kids step into a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus…but for real, when they began to exalt God in their own words…the atmosphere CHANGED!!! Watch out adults…these kids mean business!!! HIS BUSINESS!!!!!!
    3rd Service//Practicing LOVE!! LOL! Do I need to say anymore!!?! It was literally love from the Father telling me that this has to be a priority!!! My Faith works by love…not by my works!! Jesus forgave and showed love…I CAN’T BE MOVED BY WHAT OTHERS DO OR DON’T DO!!! This is such a big deal and ties in with PC Jumpstart…I will place my expectation on Him, so that I can love others the way that He does!!
    Everyone needs what the Father has to offer, and my life of love will empower my faith and people will see that there is a God in heaven and He loves them very much!!!

    Great Church!!! I am so grateful!!! 🙂

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  5. Jump start//. What really stood out to me was the statement ” we loose in between our ears before we ever have the manifestation of a problem or situation in the natural”. This is so powerful because this is literally our battleground!!!! Soo vital that we take every thought captive!!! Honestly if I had been led my my emotions over the years there is no telling where I would be at this moment in time. So important to hear the voice of the Father in all that you do, think and say.

    1st service// such a good message. The love of God is so amazing!!!! It is a very good indicator (at least for me personally) to know where I am at with my love towards others and myself, when I become particularly aware of people intentionally or unintentionally hurting me or causing hurt around me. I believe that when we are loving correctly we will not even recognize all the time that people try and do us wrong. Because, that is not even where our focus even at to start with! It will be like not even noticing that a vulture just flew over your head hoping that it could devour you…. When your eyes are not looking for that, it will just pass right by unnoticed, thank you Jesus!!!
    When my love is correct my faith has no choice but to line up!! I’m pretty quite as it is but I only want to speak what will bring godly wisdom, benefit and value to myself and others around me.♥️♥️


  6. Chapter 2/ In this chapter I really liked the 4 Steps Nancy gave for not worrying and casting our care on the Lord.# 1. Pray: means to talk to God! He will answer you! #2.Thanksgiving:We are to “Thank Him” that all of our cares are in His hands , He is working on them, begin to praise Him!#3.Yield to Peace:means you have quit allowing circumstances to trouble or worry you! #4.Keep your thoughts Set: Since you have cast your cares on the Lord leave them there! That’s how we will keep our peace! These steps are all in Philippians 4:6-8. I will be more intense about this than ever before! When I will do my part God will do His part and I’am sure to have uninterrupted peace that flows in my life!! In this chapter I received revelation for my own life . This was so amazingly good just too wonderful to express. I mean it’s not like I didn’t know this scripture or hear our Pastors preach and teach us this same Word! But God knows we need to hear it again and again over and over to finally get it. Then the moment comes He knows when, we have freedom!! Praise Jesus! There’s nothing more fulfilling than this!!!🙌😃♥️


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