DEEP 3.2.20


Maturity in the faith requires the disciplines of feeding and distribution. Your nourishment comes from HIM but your purpose is people focused!! How will you begin to see your purpose differently?


“I get my orders from you God, and I will not move until You tell me.” The Spirit of God can’t direct you outside of the Word! Will you choose to spend more time in the Word, getting your direction daily from the Father?


  1. Deep was So so Good last night! IM GRATEFUL!

    PC- keep applying the word to my life.. ITS PROGRESSIVE! I CAN WALK BY FAITH!!! Give attention to the Word -INTENTIONAL… heart overflowing with His word! KNOW= INTIMACY
    Have a sincere attitude.. advancing together! I will PLEASE HIM.. i will be obedient to HIM & I will serve…. I want to please Him!!! I’ll hear Him… I so like knowing Him is progressive, it requires letting go of my past, it requires letting go of my accomplishments, and it requires letting go of my works! I’m nothing without Him! I need Him so I’ll know HIM.. I’ll hear HIM & I’ll OBEY HIM & I’ll serve! Love is my goal!!!!!! Love is my victory! I’ll let go of it all!!!!!! I’ll forgive & love!!!

    PF- I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES & I want it; I want ALL OF HIM! I’ll be a Believer that is dedicated not desperate! DETERMINED.. NEVER QUIT!!!!!! I’ll submit and surrender to my GOD cause he is God & im not! Dedicated to seeking Him & knowing Him & hearing Him! ATTENDING TO HIS WORD will be what I do-my life! I’m his kid and I’ll stay at my post just being His kid, identified in Him! I can’t do anything without Him! Established in His word.. Emptied of Self…HIS WORD BEING THE BIGGEST DEAL in my life! I will BELIEVE!!!

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  2. Wow!!! Deep was so great! I can’t say it enough – WE HAVE THE BEST!!💪🏼 Some of my takeaways:

    – There’s NOTHING that rivals The Blood of Jesus! Not my past, not circumstances, NOTHING!
    – What matters to Him – matters more to me than what matters to me!
    – My Love for Him is revealed in how I serve them!
    – I can’t find my fulfillment in my purpose, I my fulfillment in My Creator❤️❤️ This was so good, it’s not what we do, it’s about Who we do it for!
    – Stresses = not operating in faith, we chose to take on stress instead of surrendering to The Word of GoD! Yuck!! Get that out of here!!
    – You can always track your maturity – in your life of love🤭
    – It’s in His Grace that I stand!!! Jesus! I am nothing, can do nothing & have nothing of any worth without You 😫
    – The will of GoD for my life – is NOT about me!

    – We are called to be dedicated not desperate!
    – GoD i want to take what you’ve given me to do, until I hear something else! We keep moving forward until our next mission!
    – devil, you might be the god of this world – BUT NOT THE god OF MY WORLD!!!💪🏼
    – It should be obvious- that we’re submitted to The Father! His life looks a certain way💁🏻‍♀️
    – When you’re not spending time in The Word, you are isolating yourself! I hadn’t quite seen it like this! Ofcourse the enemy has entry, if your guard is down, you’re left vulnerable because your focus is not right(selfish), everything begins to get twisted!😖
    – Prov 4:20 we heard this more than once😃 that’s my mission EVERY DAY! Attend to His Word! Not the feelings, circumstances etc. Reminds me of Matt 6:33, put Him first & everything else falls into place. That’s all we’re called to do, put Him first, hear, believe & do what He’s called us to do – everything else is covered🙌🏼 I like the definition of ATTEND in the Webster’s: attend/to fix the attention upon – as an object of pursuit; to be busy or engaged in; to wait on, in service or worship; to serve – “that I may attend upon The Lord without distraction” WOW YESSS!! Focus = no distraction! I pictured the women with the issue of blood, she was in pursuit, her focus was locked on Jesus – it seemed as it was only Jesus & her in the place, she was reaching out & she was gonna get what she needed! Hallelujah! I’m reaching forth, and getting what I need!!
    – If it’s not real inside – then everything on the outside is just FAKE! He looks at the heart, not all the hallelujahs we shout!
    Psalm 139:13 I’m His kid, why would I go anywhere else😊 He has The Words of life – He has my every answer❤️
    Alternatives/possible or remaining choices or course! No ma’am, there is no other way, no other alternatives, but what HE HAS SPOKEN!!

    I’m taking it all today!!!💪🏼 I’ve heard – I WILL SEE! I’m reaching out with such focus & determination, I know Who He is & what He has for me! Glory! ❤️


  3. Love // my take aways from this teaching where “shame does not show up because we make a mistake” granted it is no doubt the enemy will show up and try and shame you BUT if you have any knowledge in the word of God you know what it takes to get back up, ask for forgiveness (sincerely) and move on. “Shame shows up in how we handle the mistake”. As children of God we only need be concerned with what our Father God says about us and when that is were our focus is we WILL NOT be thinking or even concerned about What others around us are even thinking about when it comes to us…. He is all that truly matters!

    Authority // I really enjoyed the word picture of PF taking off the authintic Heat Jersey and putting on the fake Spurs jersey. Man and some point you have to determine what team jersey you are wearing and the true you. Which is your authentic you? Is it the you that lives in the world or you that loves God with all your heart. Being in the love of God is the only true authentic way to live. I choose to have that jersey on all day everyday 24-7!


  4. Deep was so good ! Here are my highs: Love: I find my fulfillment in my Creator, my purpose is to be people purposed. My maturity in the faith requires the discipline of feeding and distribution, while my nourishment is fulfilled in Him! Every time faith is present ,love is present! I will intentionally be humble and sincere in my life of love! It is in His Grace I stand!♥️ Authority/ We are the church , dedicated ,not desperate believers —this is Life!!!!! Father when you tell me to do something , in submission to You I will do what You have told me, I’m not coming off it!!! My identity must be found in Him. I will attend to His Word even more to be hungry for more of Him. He knows the end from the beginning , so my goal is to look more like Jesus! To the degree I submit to Him will be the degree I walk as a beacon of light to others! Thanks P. Faith ♥️


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