3.3.20 Coffee w/PK

I am so thankful for the Blood of Jesus!!!!! Which of the “6 Purposes His shed blood enables you to have” stood out most to you? How will you apply His blood to your life?

  1. A free mind
  2. Ability to live clean
  3. No poverty
  4. Total health
  5. Ability to live right and walk right
  6. Be a part of the greatest thing that is happening in the earth today…the church


  1. Omg!!! I really liked all 6 so well! I really really enjoyed the illustration that Pastor Kathy used with the whiteboard, red cloth and red rag!! That was so powerful!!
    I also really really liked under, Faith in the blood of Jesus provides, #4 Purges your conscience from dead works; when Pastor Kathy said the core of that habit or sin is removed then I don’t have to yield to it again and I can let the devil know He no longer has anything in me!!!!!!!!
    I also really really liked that the hyssop is my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!! I apply or plead the blood with my words!!!!!

    So powerful today! You could sense the presence of God in the room as Pastor Kathy taught!!

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    1. Yesss! I caught that part of the message from Pastor Kathy and it was so powerful to see her wipe clean the slate from all that junk!!! Glory!!! I’ll definitely watch the rest ❤️ I love Pastor Kathy!

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  2. Coffee with PK was sooo amazing!! I will be more adament about pleading the blood!! I am so grateful that Jesus didn’t just cover, but eliminated!! The blood gets rid of the desire to sin… I am so grateful for Jesus and the blood that was shed for me!!! I will draw the blood line and the enemy cannot cross over!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!!! Love you Pastor Mom!!!


  3. Coffee with PK was amazing today ! I agree PC you could sense the presence of God all over the room as Pastor Kathy taught on the Power of the Blood ! My favorite was when Pastor Kathy talked about the 7 things Faith in the Blood of Jesus provides. What we are to say pertaining to applying the Blood to our lives and to talk about the Blood , to have faith in the Blood and plead the Blood, the more it will work for me! The hissop is our mouths when we speak about the Blood of Jesus! I really like what she said , the Blood of Jesus is liquid LOVE! That’s so good! Thank you, Pastor Kathy for today!♥️


  4. I really enjoyed when Pastor Kathy broke down the 7 places that Jesus shed blood. Because I have always looked at it as just two times (in the garden and then the process to the cross). Not really taking the time to really process them an individual encounters. So powerful when thought of In This way!
    So thankful that through the blood of Jesus we are know the righteousness of God. I will attend to His words and apply all the benefits of the blood that belong to me as a child of the most high God!


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