1. There’s a place in my walk with the Father where there is no falling.

    The blood of Jesus will remove sin consciousness from your conscience. There’s so much power in the blood of Jesus!

    The Word will put supernatural boundaries around my life.

    What you really know will be reflected in how I live.


  2. Nightlife!!!!🙌🏼👆🏼 so good! Here are some of my takeaways:

    – Subtle deception= rejecting repetition – gosh we have to be aggressive on the daily. I was just thinking this morning how subtle the enemy is, how he doesn’t just come out & whisper try some of those drug, or jump in that bed etc, somewhere, somehow, we didn’t fight as hard, we weren’t as aggressive, so the next times it got a little easier to just chill or let it slide. We have to be aggressive EVERY DAY, & if we miss it, recognize you did, repent & go HARDER! I really like how PD says, there can’t be change without change! lol so simple, But takes work, you gonna have to make some changes, remove some peoples 💁🏻‍♀️

    – Who you listen to – will determine your quality of life! What voices are we listening to?!

    – The Mind is GoD will keep me from falling 😊 my every answer is in The Word!! It’ll keep me from making a fool of myself! lol hallelujah!!

    – What you really know will be reflected in how you live your life! KNOW = what you have received, embraced, took a hold of! Like we’ve learned your fruit will show, it’ll show what you have “received, embraced, took a hold of!”

    – The victory happens on the inside! It’s not because this or that worked out, because this or that manifested, it begins on the inside, & the moment you see it like that, is when you’ll see it on the outside!🙌🏼

    – Prov 4:26 Look straight ahead – EXPECTING VICTORY ALL THE TIME!! I go back to how Pastors talked about one service, as a woman expecting a baby, The moment you get news you’re prego, you don’t have the baby in your arms, there’s a season, of expectation – every day you live your day KNOWING that one day soon you’ll get to hold that baby in your arms. ❤️ you’re EXCITED, JOYFUL & so THANKFUL! As with every promise & blessing is yes & amen – we should live our days KNOWING THAT WE WILL HOLD, WILL HAVE everything we were believing for, truly believing that we are VICTORIOUS, no matter how it looks or how it feels 💪🏼


  3. GOSHHH!! SERVICE WAS SOOO GOOD.. just listened to it and it so refreshed me!!! im grateful!!!

    #1 focus-HIM.. COMMITED TO HIM!!! Him being my #1 priority!! HE IS MY LIFE!!! my relationship with HIM will not be distant or casual.. MY NUMBER 1 GOAL IS TO KNOW HIM!!! i like when PD saId “we are in this TOGETHER.. so we can grow!” IM GODS FAVORITE- HE LOVES PATRICIA VOIGHT!! I WILL BE HAPPY WITH ME.. seriously! IM GRATEFUL!!! i will LIVE A LET GO LIFE OF WHAT DOESNT MATTER.. HE MATTERS AND I WILL HOLD ONTO HIM!!! looking straight ahead and expecting Victory no matter what i may face or see… ALL I SEE IS VICTORY!!! i refuse to look back!!! I WILL BE FOCUSED!! When i think of focused i think of a horse with blinders on.. I will be just like that guarding what i see and where i look or what i hear… LOOKING UNTO JESUS!!!!


  4. You can’t be a “dabbler” as it pertains to the Word of God!!!! That is soo great to me! I will continue to guard my heart so what is reflected in my life is from Him


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