Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy Donut and Birthday Sunday! Church was so fun! ❤️

A world focus causes frustration, disappointment and destruction and a self-focus causes isolation, strife, and incompatibility. Will you choose to have a Word focus? 

What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Omg church was amazing today

    Jumpstart //
    “ if they are wrong , I will be wrong with them” omg this one statement about submission totally blew up inside of me! This is what craig and I have been trying to get in the hearts of our children!
    Our protection is in being obedient and submissive ! Not in us being right !
    This totally blessed me!!!!!

    1st svc offering
    What stood out to me is that I do not need the advice or help of
    The world. This really challenged me bc I go to the worlds way a lot. Even in working out and eating right … gosh the world is consumed with it and I have the Holy Spirit to directly help me. He knows my body and exactly what I need to do with my body , my money , my marriage and my kids !
    I am so so grateful!!! Thank God for church !

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  2. Happy Birthday 🎈and Dounut 🍩Sunday fun! Church was too good today!Here are my highs: I liked what PC said , “How you treat your Abraham will determine your progress in the Blessing! Lot lost everything. Abraham went on to be more and more blessed! Working with the Blessing means I’am Spiritual! God is intentional , we should be the same way . God wants me to know how to conduct my life Spiritually , He will help me do this! I will whole heartedly throw myself into God’s way of doing things!! Thanks PC ! 1st Service / We do not need to depend on the world for anything. But I will totally be dependent on my Father , I will trust Him and Him only! Being selfless must be my confession as a Christian in His Shadow! When He calls me to do something He will equip me to do it! There is a place that keeps us from stumbling and falling to be seen as a true example of God’s child—it is the Word!!! 3rd/ We are to live a Supernatural life not moved by the world!! It is the only Life with Him!!Thanks PD! 🙌♥️

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  3. Church was so good today! Here are my highs:
    1st kidz church-
    -Today we learned about Samson, although he messed up a couple of times he walked by faith in the good AND the bad!
    – If you sin in detail you apologize in detail!
    2nd service pastor Dean
    -psalm 1:1-3… these are some of my favorite verses. It always pays off to seek Him!!!
    – Stay planted otherwise you will not be sustained.
    – God has a place of protection and provision for those who are dependent on Him.
    – taking it(the word) will be the most benefit but it comes with pressure… not pressure in your heart, but on your flesh!
    This week I will be aware of where I’m planting myself and apologize in detail!!

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  4. Church was great today 😃 when we are expectant, things happen!! Glory! Here are some of my takeaways:

    – I have to fight against the natural – in order to walk in The Blessing!
    – Because Lot put his eyes on other things over GoD, he lost everything. Unlike Abram, who sought GoD, things got better & better for him!

    – Even though Samson made some mistakes, he was humble, GoD strengthened him & he was able to fulfill the will of GoD.

    Psalms 1:1-3 I am blessed, as my satisfaction & pleasure is in His Word❤️
    – The Word of GoD – is something we possess!
    – We cannot count on temporary – worldly activity to sustain us! This is sooo good!! It’s kind of what Julie was saying with doing things the world’s way. The world’s ways are a temporary fix, it falls short to GoDs ways.
    – Be dependent on Him/do His Word & take time to KNOW HIM❤️ something I’ve been learning. We have give more time, I like how Billy Graham was stating, he would take more time in His presence, more time telling Him how much He loved Him❤️
    – The more I pursue this – The more it becomes real to me. I like how PD was talking about how Abraham didn’t just know “about” Him – He KNEW HIM – because He pursued Him.

    – Because Abraham knew GoD & not just “about“ Him – He had confidence to do what he was told to do! Knowing Who He is & What He’s about will give you boldness & confidence to do what it takes!
    – The way PD explained the success steps was so good, & really caught my attention. GoD is a GoD of order, & there’s a way to do everything He calls us to do! We first get instruction, we then have to do something with that, we have to focus our thoughts on that instruction, then He’ll give us revelation on it, we get clarity on it, & finally we expect great things to manifest ❤️

    I’m gonna look to The Holy Spirit to help me be more intentional in my quiet & study time, to take time to focus my thoughts on what He’s given me ❤️❤️

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  5. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL, seriously GOD MET ME AT CHURCH in EVERY WAY! I’m grateful!!!!

    Kids jumpstart – seriously these Kids bless my life HUGELY!!! We learned we should go out of our way to serve. The kids were challenged to do 3 things everyday for someone in their homes.. GOSHHH-serving is huge!

    Jumpstart- WOAH!!!! I decide what kind of leader I will be. I move my life with my perspective. WHEN HE IS MY EXPECTATION I BELIEVE “IN HIM” is ALL THAT I NEED. Goshhh! In HIM IS ALL I NEED! I will operate from a spiritual place & not natural! I’m spiritual…. I challenge myself to really examine the ways I’m looking doing things and looking at things in a natural way & I determine to obliterate it from my life! ONE DAY AT A TIME! I fight against all the natural ways that would pull on me.. ITS NOT WORTH IT!

    3rd Service- trust in God in everything I do.. constantly growing, constantly flourishing! I purpose to Imitate Jesus! I will see me as he sees me- fearfully & wonderfully made! GOD LOVES ME!! He’s got me! He is the ONLY ONE who can direct me correctly! The closer I get to Him the better person I become! MORE FOCUSED ON HIM!! I give myself over to Him!! CHRIST IN ME!!!

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    There are certain people in your life that should not be positioned in your life like everyone else.

    Simple yet so important!

    Thank God for Pastor Charles!

    1st Service
    I don’t need to figure it out I need to shut up and listen!

    Pastor Dean has such a way with words! LOL

    Faith is Beyond Reason!

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  7. I think we really fought back the spring forward situation with a great time at church lol!! 🙂 Pastor Dean went a totally diff direction 2nd service and it was so sobering and soo good. I am glad I have my notes and 1st will probably be on the app so I get the best of both worlds.
    In 2nd Pastor Dean talked about 1 Timothy 6…the overall takeaway was:


    Some other statements that I really liked, “Prosperity blinds a fool.”
    How seriously do you take your Father God…???
    Taking it more seriously will cause the most pressure…pressure against your flesh!!
    It doesn’t matter what you have but your relationship with Him.
    My feelings do not direct or define me! The Word alone does!

    Bottomline!! How much am I going to love Him.

    Great service!!!!!!!!!!! Great day!!


  8. Jumpstart

    Allow God to use you. Be bold! I keep going back to what Nancy Alcorn said at the anniversary conference, “Who is on the other side of your obedience?”. Like PC said where would WE ALL be if Charles Neiman had chose not to be used or bold for God?!

    Lot’s spirituality was not mature, it depended on Abraham. Don’t be weak! Seek it for yourself! How bad do you want this?! Always strive for more! Know that good enough is not ok! God didn’t stop with our salvation it wasn’t “good enough” He wanted us restored to wholeness. We have to fight for it all daily!


  9. The donuts were awesome…I ate a cake donut and it was delicious…🍩 Trish G almost made me put it back🤣 I’m so grateful for pastors who make church so much fun. ♥️♥️♥️
    Jump start//when Pastor Charity shared the 4 natural vs. the spiritual things: strife, familiarity, pride, and doing things my way.
    Also when she said that how you treat your Abraham will determine your progress in the spirit. I appreciate her vulnerability always in the stories she shares because they help me so much.

    2nd service was so powerful today. I was challenged to pursue the Father harder than ever before. Pastor said the Word isn’t just to be desired but possessed. I possess it by my pursuit. What He did for me I can take it or leave it it’s all on me. When I choose Him it will always put pressure on my flesh. How serious am I about my relationship with Him? I’m the one who determines how far I’m going to go and I want to go all the way.

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  10. yaaay today was so awesome!!! so grateful for a church that brings the truth and the fun🙌🏼

    jumpstart// wow i think i’m going to have to listen to this message a couple of times 😂 it was sooo good but definitely needs some more meditation! i want to put my abraham’s where they are supposed to be 🙂 it was so weird to imagine pastor dean and kathy not pastor dean and kathy lol!! seriously though i shutter to think what my life would be right now… ahh lol

    1st//“in order to to know what most don’t, you must do what most wont” these statements get to me ! i just want what He has for me… whatever it is.. whatever i have to let go of.. i’m here and this girl ain’t going nowhere!!

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  11. My order in obedience is to lean not on my own understanding, but to trust him in every way. I can not provide for myself what he can provide for me. Remove myself from the flesh and bulk up stronger in the spiritual side. My outlook has to be spiritually minded because that’s what will matter in the end. I’m grateful for the pastors who heard the call and were obedient to follow it because our lives would be so much different otherwise. In order to know what most don’t, you must do what most won’t – We are called to live on a different level, a higher level.

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  12. CHurch was so much fun!! I love how the kids kept asking what was going on yesterday!! LOL!! Like they had no clue the time changed!! They are awesome!!!
    Donuts and coffee was a great treat!!!
    Jumpstart// Looking at things naturally will prevent progress in and wiht the unseen force called the BLESSING!! I refuse to be natural, whether in strife (Biggest one), pride, day to day, or familiarity!!! I will treat my Abrahams with the honor that they deserve!!! I choose them…I will change!!! 🙂
    3rd Service//My life was intended to live supernaturally…when I meditate on the Word and allow His love to be the biggest deal in my life, I don’t show up to work…HE DOES!!!!

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