DEEP 3.9.20

DEEP was so good tonight! Both classes were amazing!


Faith requires: believing, speaking, doing!! Spend time on your plate really ask the Father what you are currently doing, what you need to do, and how you should be doing it!! The Word works when we are doers!

Divine Health

You are healed and the enemy is trying to do what he does and that is to steal, kill, and destroy your life; will you let him?! YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!!


  1. I’m so grateful for DEEP! Here are my highs:
    Pastor Greg… Prayer of Consecration
    – When you do it on your OWN, all you have is YOU, and at some point YOU will not be enough. YOU will not always be able to carry the load, YOU will not always have the vision. There is no grace in YOUR plan!
    The Holy Spirit has been talking to me about being selfish and this was so big. Self never prospers, nothing good ever comes out of selfish situations, we’ve seen it time and time again.
    – You have to do right, in the right – Pastor Dean
    – Am I willing to kill my dream? (Genesis 22:1-13)
    -Am I willing to give up my credentials? (Philippians 3: 4-10)
    – Am I willing to give up what I want for what He wants? (Luke 22:42)
    Pastor Charity… What to Say
    – You have to cultivate your own convictions.
    – Do not be loose with your words!!
    – Am I easily frustrated?
    This week I will work on being selfLESS and think about what the Father wants for me to do. I will not be loose with my words!!

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  2. I’m so so thankful for deep…it energizes me for the rest of the week and my life, in general! Here are my highs:
    GRACE –
    * Transformation doesn’t happen overnight! Life takes time!
    * His mercy every day is an opportunity to go even further!
    * Pride produces a “rug pulled from under you” effect!
    * You have to have will to do the will of God – consecration!
    * There’s a “want to” in you by His Spirit – don’t let your soul run this!
    * Carnality cuts corners! 😒
    * I’m not living to just get through the day –
    I want to make progress today, I want to be productive today, I want to be potent for Him today! 💪🏼
    * My instability affects others! Don’t bring that mess around! 🙅🏻‍♀️
    * I busted myself out about an area of carnality that I’m determined to change – no more wrong priorities!
    * Grace protects! 🕋
    * My daily confession will be: It is in Your grace that I stand, that I work, that I parent, that I wife, that I live today!!! ☝🏼
    * Faith requires changing my mind!
    * Faith requires changing how I live!
    * God, You are my stand-up!
    * “No matter how long we’ve been doing that, we aren’t doing that anymore”!
    Divine Health –
    * God’s plan is always for me to walk in TOTAL health!
    * TOTAL = whole, full, complete, not divided
    * Jeremiah 15:16
    * I was so ready to tape that lying symptom to the cross tonight! I see it as completely eradicated from my body and life in JESUS name! Glory!

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  3. Whooo! I can’t say it enough – this just gets better & better🙌🏼👆🏼

    Some of my takeaways 😃:

    – Allow The Holy Spirit to help you make a little progress each day. I really liked how PC encouraged us in this area, sometimes we get a little caught up in how much needs to be done, that we allow ourself to get discouraged – but like she said, we ain’t getting any further by meditating on the negative. If I just moved one step forward, I’m already further along than I was before 😏 Thank You Jesus!
    – Jesus’ teachings focus on motive/intent – He always looks at the heart!
    – Wow that video about the fall. So real! You really are so unaware, this is so ugly all around. This not only hurts you but those around you 🤢 thank GoD for Grace!!
    – I can choose to do what’s right, even if I don’t feel like it. He empowers us to do what needs to be done, when our flesh/emotions aren’t in agreement – which they never will be! My Spirit longs to please Him❤️
    – The picture I got when PC was talking about distraction was so good!! Distraction = lacking traction – we have no grip, there’s no stability & this is carnal 🤢 i pictured a car with no grip. I saw it sliding all over road🤭 On a vehicle. When the tread on the tires is worn down, they lose traction during braking and won’t grip the road well when driving in the rain, ice and snow. Can you see what that would look like🤭 without focus on the main thing, we too are all over the place. We have no grip, we’re unstable & easily moved! There’s such an overwhelming feeling in that. This represents our ability, how we try to do things ON OUR OWN. And like we heard, we bring this instability to those strong us! In Jesus Name, this will not be us!
    – It’s in Grace in which I stand – ONLY BY YOUR GRACE!! Because I can do nothing without You!😫
    – Humility = access to ability to overcome 🙌🏼
    – GRACE – all the focus & emphasis on Him
    – Grace is His part – Faith is mine 💪🏼
    – There’s a place IN HIM – where I can do all things ❤️

    – Hear & continue to hear & you’ll understand 😃
    – My Faith is rising to new levels – every time I hear The Word 💪🏼
    – Healing is for us as His kids – we have to get this firmly established in our hearts
    – the enemies goal is to try to get you to sin & to receive sickness. Anything other than faith = sin
    – sickness = a curse – and I have been REDEEMED FROM IT HALLELUJAH!!!🙌🏼👆🏼

    I’m going to allow The Holy Spirit to help me stay focused, to stand my ground & to be consistent with my mouth!! I’m not prideful! I choose to be humble & recognize that I can’t do this without Him!


  4. Gosh! Deep was so very good last night! Grace: I really enjoy the Grace test it always reveals where I’am in all honesty what I would do in any give situation! It’s fun! If we will just make a little bit of progress everyday in His Grace ,we will be focused on what really matters anyway! Jesus’ teachings focused on motive and intent ! If my heart is right , my life will be right!You have to will to do the Will of God! PK&PC!This is consecration! Grace is God’s part, Faith is my part! Humility accesses the ability to grace to stand , I give myself to You Lord show me in Your Grace what You want me to see! Grace is the only way I don’t fall. I stand in His Grace! Grace is an empowerment! Thank you PC great Word on Grace!
    Divine Health: God has always made a way for us to walk in Divine health and healing! We have our part to play —#1 To Believe !#2 Write down the healing scriptures #3Meditate on them, this makes your faith rise to a new level !#4 Confess the Word! #5 Continually speak the Words of life!#6 Control your thinking!#7 Act like you’re healed! #8Thank Him for your healing! This should be our goal, our mind set, stand on the Word of God, purpose to live a long life! Satan is defeated, he cannot put sickness on our body unless we allow it! I have promised rights to be whole! I HAVE IT ALL! Thank you! Pastor Kathy


  5. Gosh! I’m grateful
    For Deep & how much it pushes me to grow and become more! Here are my highs!

    PC- transformation doesn’t happen over night. It’s a little bit of progress every day. GOSHHH when PC said that it was that Ahhhhh moment for me because I want the More I know he provided for me to become and have but sometimes im that individual that can be how come I’m not further… GRATEFUL! Life takes time! Also when she said Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross but he did it.. THAT RIGHT THERE seriously continues to minister to the very core of my being.. I WILL BECOME A PERSON WHO IN EVERYTHING SAYS GOD NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT YOURS!!! He is my standup!!!!!! Everything pointing to Him not me not others- HIM!!!!

    PK- Gods design was for us to be healed & whole, nothing missing nothing broken!!! We are restored through the blood of Jesus with nothing missing nothing broken, TOTALLY COMPLETE-Firmly established in our mindset with that…


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