Coffee w/PK 3.10.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy is AMAZING! We are identified with HIM! What was your favorite part? Which confession will you really make real to you this week?

  • I am above the adverse circumstances of life
  • I love with His love in me
  • I have no fear
  • I have a legal right to use the Word, the name of Jesus, and the blood
  • The Greater One is in me and nothing is too difficult for Him
  • I have the ability of God and I reign over satan and demons
  • I am God created, God indwelt, God empowered, and God guided
  • I am a conqueror, an overcomer!!!


  1. Omg soooooo good !!!!!

    I see myself victorious!!! I am ABOVE EVERY ADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCE!!!!

    I am so so grateful for our church ! I got exactly what I needed today !!



  2. I will love with his love In me In all that I say and do. When I know His love for me and all that was paid for me to live a victorious life right here and now, I believe that all of the other Confessions and doings will just line up because of my focus on the Father and and his love for me and in return my love for him and those around me♥️


  3. Coffee with PK was sooo much fun!!! I would call her message to me a “snap out of it” message!!! My favorite thing today was when PK said you must respond immediately or Satan will steal it!!! I knew that Satan comes immediately to steal the Word sown in our hearts but now I know what to do with it so he can’t get it…RESPOND (immediately put what I receive into practice)!!!! I remember a long time ago PC said something similar along these lines. It was something like giving herself 24 hours to do something with the Word she received! This was a really good word to me!! I really connected with when PK said when Jesus kicked the devil’s butt so did we!!! She followed up with seeing yourself with Him in the battle!!! Powerful!!! Lastly, I connected with PK talking about being about the Father’s business!!! This here is the answer to the why’s for me…because I must be about my Father’s business!!! Hallelujah!!!!

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  4. Coffee w/PK was amazing today and always fun! We have to hear the Word of God with our inside ear and then be a doer of that Word I just heard! I have a legal right to speak the Word in the Name of Jesus to apply the Blood over circumstances in my life . I see myself as He sees me , more than a conqueror the overcomer He’s called me to be. I loved this when PK said we were nailed to the cross with Him , suffered with Him, buried with Him, raised up with Him. He sees me now seated with Him in heavenly places !Because that’s where I’am! It just doesn’t get any better than that! He loves me, I know He loves me! We have to change our perspective! You have to know who you are in Christ and recognize you are Identified with Jesus! I Know that I’m victorious over every area of my life!This was so good! I love you Pastor Kathy!


  5. Colossians 2:15…he made a public spectacle of the enemy triumphing over him on my behalf. As pastor Kathy said, He was my victory. He didn’t fight the battle for Himself but for me. He was my substitution and now I can identify with who He is because that’s now who I am.


  6. Yall I’m so grateful for the word PK has been Sharing,, the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus,, has totally prepared us for what is happening in the world today. I’m so thankful. I will stand and trust God and reject a spirit of fear. Love you all


  7. SEE VICTORY!!!! SURRENDERED…… I have POWER & AUTHORITY as the GREATER ONE & the CONQUEROR IS IN ME! DANGG I HAVE THE VICTORY!!!! I will esteem Him!!! He bled out for me, he suffered for me, he was nailed to the cross for me- ITS A HUGE DEAL! 😭😭
    I am ABOVE EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE-seated with Him in Heavenly places! The devil has been defeated! WE ARE FREE PEOPLE REIGNING WITH HIM! As he is so am I!!!!! 👊🏽


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