1. What Job feared the most came upon him. I am asking the Holy Spirit to reveal places in my heart where there is fear so I can get rid of it! What’s in your heart will come out of your mouth eventually. I won’t let my words be words of fear and doubt.

    Where fear is, faith can’t be.

    I don’t fall for anything that contradicts the Word.


  2. WOW!!! Last night was sooo good!! the devil is such a liar & such a punk, he’s trying everything to deceive people, trying to get them to open the door through fear, through intimidation etc but WE AS GODS KIDS HAVE THE VICTORY!! So thankful for The Holy Spirit Who gives us clarity, who reveals truth, shines The Light so we can see the darkness. Here are some of my takeaways:

    – We are in preparation for the end – it just got real!! I’ve been seeing more more clearer on how things are, are how they should be, on everything I need to change & remove from my life.

    – Fear = a magnet for destruction 🤢

    – 2 Tim 1:7 I AM FEARLESS!!!

    – GoD gave me a mind – that can be stable! Glory!! Rest is mine💪🏼

    – fear is a magnet – capable of replacing your faith! he is such a pervert! I refuse to allow him to taint everything that’s good in my life, My GoD is for me – His Love is sooo big, that He made a way, brought a solution for every issue – so I refuse to allow fear in. LOVE REIGNS HERE☝🏼

    – While things & people may change – My GoD NEVER will – so my eyes will stay ON HIM – my confidence is on THE ONE THAT NEVER CHANGES!!❤️

    – “Anytime you find yourself apprehensive, skeptical or the least bit fearful about anything – know it’s an attempt of the enemy to take you out – not just frighten you!” Holy Spirit help us to see things for what they really are!!!

    – Entertaining fear = entertaining the devil!🤭 NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

    – When The Word rules your mouth – Faith rule’s your life! Yessss!! Let’s get loud!!

    Father, I SUBMIT myself to The Word of Your Love & RESIST any & everything that promotes fear or worry & it WILL NOT MOVE ME!! In Jesus Name!💪🏼

    Submit + Resist = the enemy runs 🏃🏻‍♀️


  3. You can’t be in fear and in faith at the same time. Choose a side. Why would you choose fear over faith if you’re a child of God? Why would you let the enemy have influence over your thoughts and actions when you know he is defeated? Don’t be afraid and let anything hold you back, especially the Corona virus, the Bud Light virus, whatever the virus of the month is… who cares?
    We are overcomers. If you run out of toilet paper just come grab some pine cones out of my front yard, you’ll be alright.

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  4. Last night’s message was so good! I need to listen to again just to be able to sit down and really listen.
    I caught the last part of it…… And it was amazing! What stood out to me most was that the enemy does not come to just try and frighten us, his whole attempt is to try and take us out!
    I know just personally for myself and past situations that fear is like Pastor Dean said a 🧲 for destruction!!!! I will take every thought captive and put the word to it immediately like Pastor Kathy talked about in coffee with PK!!! Don’t let those fears or concerns linger!!!!
    I was personally unaware of all that was going on with the NBA and NAACP until last night😂. So after a powerful message on not having fear….. How quickly the enemy tried to move in and try and cause fear.
    After service we got a message from the school track coach that all track meets and practices had been canceled until further notice. I just thought to myself…. Satan you are such a lier and the Father of all lies! My home, my family are protected by the BLOOD of JESUS!!!!! Get your lying deceitful fear driven face out of my face!!!!
    Thank you Jesus for all that you paid for and one of those being I do not have to live a life of fear but of love, power and a sound mind♥️♥️

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  5. OH MY GOSH!!!! I just got this visual😂😂😂😂 And had to share.
    When Pastor Dean talked about letting the enemy sit right beside you on the couch when we are in fear. I was reminded of the Forest Gump movie when Forest gets on the bus and even though there are places for him to sit the kids would scoot over and tell him “you can’t sit here”. I thought to myself there are places that the enemy could very well sit down and take space BUT I’m going to look right at him and let him know “YOU CANT SIT HERE”!!!!

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