Sunday, March 15

Grace is the presence of the love of God to empower and equip us to refuse sin and choose truth! Will you refuse sin and choose truth? What was your favorite part of service today?


  1. Today was GREAT!!! GoD is sooo good to His kids☺️ despite all the chaos, all the fear, all the drama going on around us – my family has never before had so much peace like we have in this season. All Glory to GoD, & thanks to our Pastors & family for laying their life in so many ways so we can have opportunities to hear The Truth! FOREVER GRATEFUL 😫 here are some of my takeaways from today!

    Jumpstart Kidz:
    Jonah & The Whale
    – GoD always has a way out to lead us to victory & back to where we need to be! I really like the picture of the giant whale swallowing Jonah. GoD rescued Jonah!! I believe He saw his heart. Once he was in the whale, Jonah prayed, repented & we later learn that he was given that second chance & was able to complete what he was called to do. GoD loves me!! And He always has a way out of my mistakes, but life will be so much better & peaceful when I obey the first time 😉

    – Perfected Faith gets results EVERY TIME!! Untainted Faith never fails!! No doubt, no fear, no alternatives!
    – John 11:25 without Him – I have no life!
    – the enemy is not looking for a fight – he’s looking for someone to step on – someone who gives no resistance! James 4:7 SUBMIT + RESIST = the enemy flees. WE HAVE TO BE AGGRESSIVE💪🏼

    – “If He called me to it & He told me i can have it & He told me He was gonna equip me to have it – what He told me I can have – I’m gonna have & I’m gonna worship Him like I’ve got it RIGHT NOW!!” Glory!!! I LOVE THAT STATEMENT!! If He’s said it, then that settles it 🙌🏼 I’m taking it ALL!! I’m not going back!!
    – 2 Cor 5:17 the dead life was removed & The Life of GoD was put back in me! Thank You Jesus❤️❤️
    – In order to crucify the flesh, you have to stay away from what’s getting you in trouble! (Don’t buy the ice cream) 😝
    – Dominated by anything other than His Love = sin

    I believe in His Love & plan for my life, & I know that comes at a price – saying no to every other voice – including my own! I refuse to fear – like the song today “I know that He will never lead me astray – so I’ll never run away“🤗

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  2. Church was so good today, here are my highs: JumpStart/ We’ve been redeemed from something and qualified to the Blessing. We can’t earn the Blessing, but we are to observe and do all His commandments! When in fear faith is contaminated! I will position myself to the Blessing! I will believe with my heart confess with my mouth Jesus. My faith will not work in an unforgiving heart. Abraham’s blessing can’t be received with Thomas’s faith. Faith calls those things that be not as though they were. Faith demands corresponding action! I position myself in Faith, Love, to be led by the Spirit! I’am in position! Thank you PC so good!💖 3rd/He expects me to walk in what He paid for. To make Him your Savior is one thing but when He becomes your Lord you become a disciple , a student, a taught one. This is radical!! His Life is light and open , so should mine be! Jesus with skin on! Jesus is the very presence of Love , Grace and Truth!! ♥️

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  3. Church was so refreshing today!! I’m grateful-it jump started my week, seriously though!

    Jumpstart- What are you going to have to stop talking about? Sooo grateful!!! ATTEND TO THE WORD PATRICIA!!!!! Ignore everything else!!! Anything contrary to the Word- GET IT OUT!! I do DO NOT NEED anything that competes with the Word. I will eradicate the saying “I’m just Human”-IM SUPERNATURAL! I’m seated with Him in heavenly places! I will train myself to be ignorant to my senses.. GOSHH GRATEFUL!!

    1st service- we learned that like David we should have a relationship with God! This is something we do by faith and we stay consistent with it day in and day out no matter what we see or face and when we do that we will find ourselves right smack in the middle of Gods plan for our lives with all the right influences!

    2nd Service- GOD IS A GOOD FATHER! I am empowered to keep myself in check. We don’t live like other people live- We live life by the Word! THE WORD SHOULD BE OUR GO TO FOR EVERYTHING! I will Defer to my daddy! When Pd said crucify you’re jacked up affections, DANGGGGGG ! SERIOUSLY!! BE DETERMINED PATRICIA! Put heat and pressure on self-I will do this!!!!! RESIST YOU & YOUR FLESH & YOUR DEMONIC MEMORY!! I WILL GET CLEANER-I want too!!!!!! he loves me & he gave himself for me! It’s a big deal!!

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  4. Today was amazing !!! I am sooooo grateful for a SPIRITUAL HOUSE that does the WORD ONLY!!

    Worship was amazing … the not afraid song is 🔥🔥🔥

    Jumpstart /
    What does it mean for me to not let the word depart out of my mouth ? What do I need to stop talking about.
    If I’m going to give my attention to the word , I have to ignore something else!!
    I will attend to the word and ignore the world and it’s craziness!

    Faith won’t work in an unforgiving heart. Passing judgement is unforgiveness. I can’t judge the world for how they act. It’s not my business!! I do the word only!!

    Start your day with the blessing
    Have lunch with the blessing
    Have dinner with the blessing
    Go to bed with the blessing

    1st: I sin bc I want to ! Not Bc I have to!! His grace empowers me to say no and OVERCOME!!!!

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  5. Church was soo awesome today!!!

    I was in 2nd service//I will not live in my feelings. The only way the enemy gets in is through fear and rebellion. I really liked how Pastor Dean encouraged us to live clean because it pleases the Father and because His grace empowers us to. If I will resist, He can assist!! “That’s not me anymore.” I resist it all!! I really liked when Pastor Dean said don’t ever see where you are as a place you can’t move from–He is the God of all hope.

    AND I really really liked God’s love is His foundation; God’s grace is His power, and God’s truth is His legacy. This is so simple but I can live on that and live by that!! Love, Grace and Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also really liked the statement, “Being free from sin begins in your mouth.”

    And I really liked It will bless me to crucify my flesh! I really liked that!!

    Oh, and I really had fun with the 9th-12th graders at the movie night. Paul has always been one of my heros, but after watching that movie today…even more so!!!!!!!!

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  6. I’m so thankful for church and the worship today was awesome ♥️I really liked the new song!
    Jump Start//
    Joshua 1:8 the Word won’t depart out of my mouth…how much does this mean to me? We don’t need anything to compete with the Word.

    Service highs//
    The world lives by its feelings. I refuse to live like this.

    I am in process…God wants me clean so I can reflect Him!

    Humble yourself and the grace will be given to you to grow. The grace of God in me equips me to change.

    When you work on it, the big stuff drops off.


  7. The new worship song was amazing!!!! There was such a peace and power when singing that during 1st service. I will not be afraid!

    Jump start // I really like the comment that ” to be human is to be God’s greatest creation “. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made! Like Pastor Kathy always says ” you are good stuff”.
    Also that if we get out of position of love, faith and being led by the spirit of God……. Just get right back in!! Do not allow yourself to get in shame, fear or disappointment. We are not defined by our fall but in how we get up and continue to press on❤️
    1st service// I really like the scripture James 4:7 submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. I liked that Pastor Dean said that the enemy is not looking for a fight. I choose to back down to attempts to steal, kill or destroy in area if my life!


  8. The wages of sin is death and death doesn’t just show up without a cause. Don’t walk in deception because God has given us power over all the power of the enemy and he has also given us the power to keep ourselves in check. The devil can’t make you do it. Sounds like a good excuse, but you can’t blame him for your own stupidity or ignorance.
    Crucify your flesh, defer to Him and let him show you his grace, mercy, and send you in the correct direction. Don’t choose sin – You don’t have to.


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