1. Coffee With PK was so good today and fun! Here are my take aways! I really liked what Pastor Kathy said, when fear rushes in, faith isn’t present. When Jesus is in my boat I don’t have anything to fear! Fear comes by paying more attention to the storms and the winds around us , to the ways of the world. Fear is like a magnet ,it keeps drawing you into more and more fear. But we have to be wise and stay in faith! We have nothing to fear but fear itself.Why should we embrace something God hasn’t provided for us?? We have the Word in us, we have His Spirit in us, His Love in us , absolutely nothing to fear. Fear is worse than the virus! We have God’s protection! I will read Psalm 91, feeding on His Word everyday , relying on His promises, His provision, His protection, trusting in Him, covered by the Blood of Jesus. I have victory over all the stuff goin on. I’am resting in the Seat of Jesus today!

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  2. So many good scriptures In coffee with Pastor Kathy!!!
    I really liked Luke 21:26 //. I refuse to limit the power of God in my life by being in fear and the expectation of those things that are coming on the earth. I choose to not be shaken!
    2 Timothy 1:7 // I have not been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. I choose to have no fear!
    James 4:7 // when I submit to the Father and resist the devil has NO choice but to flee. I choose to grow in the word daily and give no place to the devil!


  3. I think by far my favorite part of this coffee with Pastor Kathy was the example of the chicken and her baby chicks…I even liked how resistant they were at first to getting under her wings…we can be like that sometimes…or even that chick at the back that kept peeking out…in these times more than ever I just don’t care…like how Bro. Copeland says all the time…its amazing how little I “care” about anything…I am just going to stay put…under His Word and under His love…taking my orders and my directions from Him and Him alone…not worried or bothered with what is going on around me in any way!!


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