Sunday, March 29

Happy Sweet Sunday!! Church was so fun today!! Today’s message, Who is in control? was amazing!! “If God were in control He could have stopped Adam and Eve from eating the tree!” God gave us control! What was your favorite part of service?


  1. My fav thing today was when PD said
    “ when you KNOW HIM, you won’t take NO for an answer !” I love that !! Knowing him produces a confidence so that I don’t let anyone or anything tell me that the word isn’t real and true !!!!

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    1. …and also how hard you laughed when I said in jumpstart , “if you haven’t heard of carmen…” love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. So thankful we had church. I know many weren’t in church today, out of fear or not knowing their rights as believers or whatever. So so thankfully to have The Truth & freedom we have❤️❤️ here’s some of my takeaways:

    Kidz Jumpstart
    As we obey & are led by GoDs voice, we’re able to be used by Him to lead others to Him❤️❤️ obedience is a big deal – much bigger than ourselves!

    As I focus on Him – I’m protected & kept in perfect peace 😊 just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They had their focus on Him & even the smell of smoke was not on them, after being put in that fiery furnace🙌🏼 Glory to GoD!

    I have constant peace as I’m dependent on Him & Him alone!

    Seeking, dying to self, hungering & thirsting, digging deep, & becoming & remaining as a child IS NOT AN OPTION – in order to keep up with what lies ahead! If we want to walk in victory – it’s gonna cost us – it requires focus & discipline💪🏼

    If we’re not serving Him – we’re serving our senses

    The only way I could be wise – is to be full of The Word❤️

    “There’s all these things going on around me – but NONE of these things move me”! Glory!!! The only thing we are to be moved by, is by His voice – and He always leads to peace & victory

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  3. There were so many things I liked about church today! I always really love Growth Tracks…OMG! Soo my favorite!!!

    During 2nd service//John 17:23…He loves me the same way He loves Jesus…I don’t have to prove it or earn it…I just receive it! I am going to meditate on that so much this week!!
    John 16:33…no matter what comes, He has overcome it!
    In this new day I should and will take this time to put things in order; my relationship with Him being number 1, then my spouse, friends and family etc.
    He doesn’t want me to “carry” anything but His presence!!

    This is one of my favorite things Pastor Dean said today…”everything has spiritual roots!” SO GOOD!!
    The sense realm is the realm of the enemy…you have to stay out of it!

    I will have what I say, not what He says…

    I will not allow deception and spiritual blindness in my life through ignorance or rejection of the truth…why would anyone want to reject truth…that is rejecting Jesus!! 😦

    Great Word, Great day!


  4. It was so good to be back in church today a Sweet Sunday ! Here are my highs: Jump Start/ In fear you’re not in God, you’re not in love. You cannot be in the Will of God in fear, any decision made in fear is not in line with the will of God!!!Fear believes the absolute worse will happen, Faith believes the absolute BEST will happen! So good PC! 💖 1st/ We are to walk in truth and fight the fight of faith. We don’t have time to seek after our own things, but to be quick to obey seeking His things as a child of God, it can be fatal if you’re not! Begin to do the word that is written, to be directed not just convicted. To choose to walk by faith not our senses. I choose to be focused on Jesus , He focuses on me, man won’t! God and I are a majority!!!! Thanks PD! Good Word!!!! 🙌♥️ 3rd/ When you’re in in tune with His Love you’re not in tune with some cheap imitation!!!

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  5. I’m so thankful for church!! I’m so much more aware of how important the act of gathering together to hear and receive the preached Word of God is…no wonder people in the Bible would travel and stay for days to hear JESUS teach!! ❤️ Here are my highs:
    JS * Leaders endure (persevere, remain, last, abide)! That’s me! 🙋🏻‍♀️
    * Cute doesn’t make the cut! I want to be ALL IN! 💁🏻‍♀️
    * All leadership should be self-imposed; lead by example!
    * Every voice is rooted in either light (truth) or darkness (the enemy)!
    * What am I listening to, having relationship with, and expecting? 🤷🏻‍♀️
    * A person who lives a life of worship has nothing to fear!
    * What is in my future? JESUS!!!!
    1st service (pre-K)
    * We were definitely encouraged to not quit running our race because we have the men and women of faith who’ve gone before us, cheering us on!
    * When I burn for Him (God), the enemy can’t burn me out! Stay lit! 🔥
    * Don’t let the temporary distract you from the eternal!
    * I refuse to carry anything but His presence!
    * In Him, I’m NEVER in 2nd place!🥇
    * I have to fight off the tendency to justify not doing what I’ve been called to do…this is NOT about feelings! 🙇🏻‍♀️
    * I will never again be surprised by the craziness of this world!
    3rd service –
    * God’s plan for His kids = a steady incline of growth!
    * When you’re really in tune with God’s love, you won’t settle for some cheap imitation!
    * Once you start to rely on the world, the world will start taking you out!
    * The world’s problems don’t have to be our problems when we allow God’s solutions to be our solutions!
    * If you don’t understand that you’re in control, you’ll never change because that’s an inside job!

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  6. Soooo thankful for the ability to gather together! When all things have been in a sense taken away (that don’t really matter to begin with). It really gives you an opportunity to focus on the things that really do matter ( our Father God, our family and the church)!
    Jump start // Love is in us through the love of the Father God and should be visible to those around us. Just because we have something does not mean we are using it or even using it to its full potential. I choose to put the love of God to work in area of my life!
    1st serv. // Who is in control???? Kind of like when Jesus asked the disciples, “who do you say that I am?”. To really stop and think…..and study…..and meditate on what the word says. We has believers have to know who he is and we have to know that he has given us control. I really liked when Pastor Dean said “if God is not in control of the most important thing in His heart (salvation)…… Why would He be in control of anything else…..?” Absolutely a great question. God has given us His word and with His word in our mouth we will have life and victory!

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  7. “And let us consider [thoughtfully] how we may encourage one another to love and to do good deeds, not forsaking our meeting together [as believers for worship and instruction], as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more [faithfully] as you see the day [of Christ’s return] approaching.”
    Hebrews 10:24-26 (AMP)

    We will not be moved, we will not be shaken, we will not let the enemy and fear pull us away from gathering and bringing Jesus to the people. If ever the church is needed, it is NOW. We are no good if the doors are closed!

    Jumpstart: You’re not in the will of God if you’re being moved by the influences of the world or in fear. We are called to live on the higher ground of glory that God provides.

    PD: God is not in control! Don’t pay attention to the signs on the buildings that say otherwise. We have been given the control, the power and the authority to use it to progress the Word, not regress the Word. Don’t get distracted, don’t get deterred, don’t get discouraged. We are the light.

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  8. I’m so grateful for church that we aren’t live streaming and watching from home. I’m so grateful for pastors who don’t back down.

    Jump start// if you can’t lead you, you can’t lead anyone else. If you are in fear, you lead in fear. My voices are so important to my life and I have to be intentional to ignore the wrong ones. Where am I getting my information and what am I yielding to? Everything matters and is either producing faith or fear.

    Service highs// what he’s telling me to do is always beneficial. To be consistently successful I must demand myself to be consistent and discipline myself to do what I know should be done. None of these things move me! If you don’t realize you are the one in control, you’ll never change!

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