DEEP 3.30.20


You have the tools: choose to respond in humility not pride! Which story of pride/humility did you like the most?

Divine Health

You ARE healed! Your confession is so powerful! Will you begin to make more positive confessions over your health and life?

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  1. Deep was 🔥!!! 💪🏼🙌🏼👆🏼🤗 here some of my takeaways:

    You’re diluting your focus when you try to do more than one thing at a time. I picture someone trying to get so much accomplished at once, but in the end nothing gets done😰

    When you know who you are – you will act right! WOW!! If we really kept that in mind all day, we wouldn’t have these fleshy outburst, we wouldn’t let emotions run wild, we wouldn’t allow thoughts to roam in our mind, we wouldn’t put up with any kind of lack in finances, health or peace for that matter! We would KNOW, we’re children of The Most High GoD, The Creator of the world and we would take our place, and give Him His, HIGH ABOVE ANYTHING!!

    (How I heard it lol) You can’t be more concerned about not disappointing others than in The One who’s right next to you. Be aware of His presence. It’s Him we should be desiring to please

    I only have so much time here – to nail my purpose (Makes you just check yourself & think what you have done with what you’ve been given)

    “If you don’t spend time with Him – you will look like them” Gosh so good!! This is perfect for this season we’re in, if we don’t stay on our knees, with our focus on Him – we will fall into the same trap the world is in, kneeling to fear.

    There is power in confession

    To have what belongs to us – we will have to discipline our mouth & thoughts

    Prov 4:20-27 Being saturated in The Word – is how we obtain in our body what is contained in The Word

    PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE has been a Word I keep hearing!! We have to be aggressive. No matter how it looks, how it feels – Praise stills the enemy

    Thoughts are seeds being planted – watch what you are meditating on

    Saturated in The Word + Praise = My week = you can’t touch this 💪🏼 Glory!!!

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