Coffee w/PK 3.31.20

Coffee with Pastor Kathy was so great! God has prepared a table for US (Psalms 23:5). It is filled with blessings, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, joy, peace, protection, provision, and everything else we need for an abundant life!! Will you begin to see yourself at the table? See yourself with everything He provided?


  1. Was so glad to get back to Coffee with PK today !it was so good! Here are some highs on Communion: When we are born-again we can take Communion anytime and there are many benefits to taking Communion. This is a sweet time of fellowship , a covenant relationship with God when we make Jesus our Savior! This is a time to have sweet fellowship with one another as well. Jesus did it all for us! There is aTable Jesus has prepared for us loaded with blessings, forgiveness, healing,deliverance,joy, peace, protection , and provision , everything we need for an abundant Life! Jesus said I’am the Bread of Life, I’am the Vine When we take Communion it’s a time to examine ourselves if there is sin ,to ask forgiveness to repent , 1John1:9 before taking Communion to put off what would not be pleasing to the Father! The Bread represents His body and everything that He has done.While the cup represents His Blood! Jesus told us “This Do in Remembrance of Me until I come!” This is the New Testament Blood!And we now can make a withdrawal by using our faith in what Jesus did for us!Praise Him! Thank you Jesus! And Thank you Pastor Kathy !I love you!♥️


  2. Today when PK was talking about the table He has prepared for me in the midst of mine enemies the Holy Spirit showed it to me this way. The table is placed between me and my enemy. It is like a protective boundary. On my table is all the blessings He has given me. The enemy can’t reach across my table to try and touch me and he has no right to touch what is on MY table. I don’t need to be focused on the enemy but just sit down and enjoy the blessings of my table in front of my enemy and just eat and eat and eat and get fat on prosperity, health, protection, peace, etc. I just have to know my place as His daughter and live like an heir of His!!
    I am so grateful for this church and the opportunity to hear the truth ❤️


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