April Book of the Month

Speak to Your Mountain

Kenneth W. Hagin

Possess your mountain of God’s blessings! Have you ever looked at a mountain of impossibility and wondered what to do? God has provided a way for you to remove those hindrances and barriers that stand in the way of possessing all that God has for you in this life.

God wants you to get every mountain of hindrance out of your way so you can possess your promised land- the mountaintop of God’s blessings in Christ!

Your inheritance in Christ includes all the promises in God’s Word. you don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to receive everything God has for you in this life. But how do you receive all that belongs to you so you can possess your own personal promised land?

Your inheritance in Christ is exceedingly abundantly above all you can possibly ask or think. This book will inspire you and teach you how to remove every mountain of hindrance, so you can possess the mountain of God’s blessings in your promised land!



    Chapter 1//I love how Pastor Hagin made the message of faith so simple! These are things we know but omg they are my favorite to hear again and again…
    When I do my part which is believing and speaking God can do His part!!!
    God doesn’t back my word unless it is in line with His Word!

    This statement was fire, “You are going to get in this life what you believe in your heart and what you say with your mouth.”

    Always talk in line with God’s Word. Facts are facts but the truth of God’s Word supersedes facts!!

    It is up to us to take advantage of what belongs to us!!

    I really really liked the part where he encouraged us to identify our mountains!! That is so important…to speak specifically and intentionally…PG and I are doing that!!!!!!!!!!

    The more spiritually immature you are the more you grumble!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! That is a great statement!!

    We aren’t praying about mountains…we are speaking to them!!!

    AND…I really like this…”Real faith commits to what God says and never turns away from that.”

    I really liked the example of when people actually move mountains…using dynamite…one confession at a time we are taking authority over mountains in our life and demanding that they get out of the way!! In Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Chapter 1// what you say is important if you want faith that works.
    Jesus was telling ya we are going to have more trouble with our saying than with our believing. It’s scriptural to continue to speak God’s word about a situation.
    Confession is corresponding action.
    Realize that you are going to get in this life what you believe in your heart and say with your mouth. Don’t just speak the Word out. Believe it with my heart.
    Isaiah 43:26…put God in remembrance of his word!

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  3. Chapter 1
    I’m liking this book so far! I had a few favorites in this chapter:
    *usually the problem isn’t believing it is speaking!!
    *sometimes we stop looking at what God said and done and instead we look only at the natural facts- the circumstances and that causes us to get out of faith
    *the example of the car…you can’t just keep “fixing” everything. you have to identify the problem!!
    * you pray to God but you SPEAK to the mountain
    * your circumstance is nothing for the Word to move out of the way
    * when you keep talking about your mountain you make it bigger and bigger and at the same time you’re making God smaller and smaller in your perspective
    My favorite part was the last point. I don’t want to talk about my mountain so much that I make it my “god”! I will speak to my mountains and keep my eyes on God!! I have the victory in Him! I will stop relying so much on what I can see and start focusing more on what He’s said!

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  4. Chapter 2
    I really liked this chapter…SOOO MUCH!!!!
    I really like the story about Joshua and Caleb!! I think that I tend to be the other spies and have a negative report lol so just how adamant they were inspires me! My favorite part of this chapter really went off in me.
    “God never told the Israelites that they had to be stronger than the giants in that land. God is stronger and that’s all that mattered!!”
    I’ve never seen it in that way before!!! I don’t have to have it all in ME because I have HIM!!! In Him, when I keep my eyes on HIM I have what it takes!!! I don’t have anything to prove I just have to keep my eyes on Him!!!! I will remind myself of that statement over and over again! God didn’t tell them they had to be strong He told them that was their land and that is what they should have stood on!!

    Then later in the chapter he said “they got into doubt and unbelief because they knew THEY couldn’t do it. Anytime we rely on our OWN strength, it produces despair”!!!! OMG!!!! I will keep my eyes on Him!!! My focus will be trained to stay on Him!!! In me I have weakness but in Him I have everything I need!


  5. The moment I get my faith LINED up with the WORD of God, the Word will BEGIN to WORK for me! 🙌🏻

    Believe, confess, receive… that’s how I get all the promises of God!


  6. Chapter 1//these were my favorites so far:
    If you are going to successfully claim the promises of God you have to have some word to back your belief and confession. You can’t live off is someone else’s beliefs.
    God won’t back up your words unless they are His words.
    We have a legal contact with God – His word!
    When we line our faith up with His word that’s when the word will work for us!

    i’m excited to keep reading this book!


  7. My favorite part of chapter one was the description of the worked making a road through the mountain. How each time they dig a hole, place dynamite in it and basically repeating these steps they carve out the road. It’s the same for me as a believer. Each time I place the word in my heart and speak it out of my mouth I am blowing up part of that mountain. And sooner it’s gunna be gone. Praise God for word pictures!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 They are my fav!! ♥️♥️


  8. Chapter 2//
    Just like the Father gave the people of Israel their promised land to possess it–all His promises to us today are YES AND AMEN!!

    God always gives His children a plan; this goes along with what Pastor Kathy taught us at Coffee w/PK on Tuesday…there is a plan and it is my job to seek Him and get the plan for every season of my life!!
    I oppose God with my words!! I refuse to be like those 10 spies who said what they saw instead of what their God had said!!
    Taking possession of what God has provided requires my words! I have to speak in line with His Word!!
    God is stronger and that is all that matters!!!!!
    I will not allow my emotions to be leaders…indicators of my thinking but not leaders…I will not allow something I feel that’s wrong like depression to linger…it must be removed by faith-filled words in my thoughts and in my mouth!
    When problems are blown out of proportion and they always are because nothing is bigger than my God, then I have to know the enemy is behind that!!
    God has already solved all of my problems!!
    An unrenewed mind left unchecked will produce negative thinking!
    I refuse to allow unbelief in my life because it will turn into rebellion.
    I refuse to allow people to cause me to stumble!
    Anytime we lean on our own strength it produces dispair!
    The enemy is not the problem; he has already been defeated…we are our problem…
    God is just waiting for Christians to believe and take Him at His Word!!

    That will be me!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. “A confession that is not based on the Word has no validity!”
    “When we rewind God of His Word, we are just calling His attention to what He’s already promised us. He said that because we’re His children, our inheritance in Christ already belongs to us!” Hallelujah!!!

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  10. Chapter 2 highs// when you are fully persuaded, God will perform then you were on your path to your promised land!! Don’t be someone who opposes God with your words! God doesn’t look at circumstances and say “it’s impossible”. God looks in faith at what he can do in the midst of impossible circumstances! And evil report can not only hurt your faith but it can also affect the people around you. The Israelites saw themselves as grasshoppers so they thought everyone else did too and spread that to everyone else. They believe the lie over the truth. I won’t be an unbelieving believer! Wrong thinking will get you talking wrong and believing wrong. A negative report shows your lack of faith in God. Just learn to stay at the table and eat the word of God. Enjoy life because I am seated in heavenly places with the king of kings and Lord of lords. Watch unbelief because it stirs up rebellion! Be mindful of what I’m saying because I will have what I say!!!!


  11. Chapter 3
    OMG!!!!!!! Seriously, OMG!!! This chapter was sooo good and soooo timely for me!!!! Wow!!! I’m just sitting here so thankful I read it (because let’s be honest I was putting it off🤣)

    Caleb! I never saw him in the way I do now after reading him! His example I will follow!! He was able because of his ability to totally follow God!!! He was success because of his commitment to God! He didn’t question he just obeyed!! My fav was- Caleb followed God with EVERY ounce of his being!! I just thought how different would my life look if EVERY ounce of be followed completely!!!
    Most believers know more Word than they’ll ever be able to use but they are still in bondage because they haven’t wholly followed God!!! Omg!!!! I will not be that type of believer!!!
    Caleb distinguished himself by his faith in God!! I will inventory what I’m distinguished by!! Like Caleb, I want it to be because of my faith in God, so I will begin making changes!!
    Beware if compromise, complaining, and murmuring!!!!
    You can’t compromise and receive Gods best in this life!!
    Caleb had no rivalry or jealously between him and Joshua!!! That was such a big eye opener to me!! I’m super competitive in natural things but I cannot be that way with others spiritually! Caleb supported and loved Joshua and helped him fulfill his mission!! Caleb was a team player!!
    Don’t spend so much time doing that I’m missing genuine time with Him!!
    My favorite (maybe lol) of the chapter was when Caleb asked Joshua for the mountain God promised him! He didn’t pick an easy, Already maintained land!! He wanted what God told him even though it was more “work”! I will removed the worldly, lazy attitude from my life!!
    Last favorite lol! Mountain taking is not for those who are afraid to skin their knees from trying to climb up the mountainside of their possession!!!!!! Wow!! I will NOT ALLOW FEAR TO KEEP ME FROM MY LAND!!!!



    Chapter 3//I liked when Pastor Hagin talked about the reason why Caleb was such a success; he wholly followed God; he wasn’t half-hearted about it. When you know God’s cause you can get in line with His plan. Doubt and unbelief will shut down your faith every single time!
    I like when he asked us, “Can God depend on you to get your thoughts and words in agreement with His Word?” OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Get in line Charity!!
    Be aware of compromise, complaining and murmuring!!
    You cannot compromise and receive God’s best in life!
    You will never possess your promised land until you can submit to spiritual authority!
    I liked when Pastor Hagin said you can get so caught up in well-doing that you don’t spend time with God…and then you aren’t able to hear His voice!! THAT WILL NOT BE US!!
    After 40 years Caleb was still unrelenting…as an 80 year old!!
    If the devil is leaving you alone its because you aren’t living in line with God’s Word.
    Faith is tapping into what already belongs to you!
    Lot took the easy way out…Genesis 13:10-11 OMG!!
    On page 103 I made this note: “the Word works; the Holy Spirit is on point. Your commitment is the moving variable.” I really liked the prayer at the end of the chapter for taking your mountain!! YESSSSS!!!

    Chapter 4//Faith takes action! Its my responsibility to believe and receive God’s Word…God is responsible for the answer.
    Because of Jesus I never have to yield to fear.
    I would rather live by faith than try to make it on feelings.
    Feelings will change but I can depend on the Word of God.
    I like when Pastor Hagin said the most important thing for Him is the time he spends in the Word and prayer and how that famous pastor in England didn’t allow any interruptions to disturb his prayer time…not even the Prime Minister….MIC DROP FOR ME…I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO BE MORE INTENTIONAL!!


  13. Wow!! Chapter 3 really ministered to me!! Here are my highs//Caleb had another spirit within him…he had a spirit of faith! He believed the impossible could happen in God. We possess what’s ours because of WHO God is not who we are!!! Can God depend one me to get my thoughts in agreement with His Word????
    The God kind of faith keeps on believing God in the face of all opposition.
    Caleb submitted to godly leadership. He became a staunch follower of Joshua. There was no rivalry between them. Caleb’s attitude was, “All right, Lord, You chose Joshua and I will wholly follow You. That means I will be submissive to Joshua as the Leader You chose. I’ll help fulfill the vision you have for him.” I love that!!!! That is so awesome!!! Then he goes on to say you’ll never be able to possess your promised land unless you can submit yourself to spiritual leadership.
    My favorite part of the whole chapter was when he said that when it was time for Caleb to receive his promised land that he didn’t pick an east land to maintain. He picked a mountain. What God gives us takes big faith. The vision He puts in our heart is always bigger than ourselves! I like Caleb’s heart and like him I want the same spirit of faith!!


  14. Chapter 4
    I had so many highs!! Gosh I really like this book!
    When Joshua told the priests to go to the river and the water didn’t instantly do what they thought it would they didn’t stop or question, they put action to their faith!! They believed and it showed!!! That just reminded me like I have to DO something! I can’t just expect everything to happen I have to step out and believe!
    We posses our promised land by step-by-step obedience! It’s not standing on the sideline hoping- it’s doing!!
    My favorite part is when he said of you qui you have nothing to gain. And you’re not a failure until you refuse to try again. You cannot be branded as a failure until you quit trying. That really, really helped me!! I am not a failure because of mistakes but I have to get up and keep going!!! It’s only a failure when I stop movinge forward- when I quit.
    One final lol is when he said as I quote the Word I begin to hear the wall crack as the Word demolishes it piece by piece!!!!! The Word will demolish the barriers but I have to work the Word!!! I will hear those walls crack!!
    Ok, one more lol!!! I so liked how midnight represents the darkest hour of your trial BUT it also means the dawning of a new day!!!! Wow!!!!!! Perspective!!!! I can see it as negative or choose to see the positive!!!!! A new day!!!! Praise God!


  15. Chapter 5
    Another chapter I received so much from. I knew the story of Moses but never thought about it in the way it was described in the book. I would never want to be Moses in the moment he stood on the mountaintop and looked at his promise land knowing he would never posses it. Moses disobedience cost him his dream. Ahhh. Like I just don’t even want to imagine that.
    Despite the people’s rebellious attitude, Moses was still responsible to obey Gods instructions exactly. Situations, thoughts, emotions- it is not an excuse! I have to obey God FULLY!!!!
    I feel like I’ve been a Moses and it has cost me but I was really encouraged by Moses response!! He wasn’t angry or mad but was humble and still saw the big picture- his people still inheriting the land he never would! People still knowing that God is faithful!! That is so mature and team player and I admire that so much!!! I am going to ask the Holy Spirit and make changes so that I too can respond that way!!! Not in pride and selfishness, but humble and focusing on God not self!


  16. Chapter 6
    This book was so great! Here are a couple of my take a ways from chapter 6:
    We need to equip ourselves with the Word of God and prepare ourselves by the power of the Holy Spirit!!!!
    We need to get the plan from God!!! We might be where He wants us but if we don’t plan and get steps from Him we can totally go off track and even miss what we are supposed to be doing!!
    When circumstances seem impossible are we going to believe God or believe the circumstances?! Omg that was so good!! I’ve allowed myself to let circumstances rule but I will stop that and just stand on the Word!!! It’s not impossible when I get my directions from Him!!
    This quote is my new fav! “Faith that fizzles in the finish had flaws at the beginning” wow!! I want to start right, continue right, and finish strong!!!
    Humility is one of the fruits of a right relationship with God!!! Eye opener!!!! When I’m having pride there’s a tell tale my relationship with Him is not in a good place!
    ****some believers actions are in line with Gods Word but they’ve neglected to get their attitudes in line with it….😳…that was probably my take a way from the entire book!!! My attitude HAS TO LINE UP WITH THE WORD!!!!!!!!
    Great book!!! I’m going to keep going over my take a ways from each chapter because they were all jam packed with truths!! So thankful! ♥️


  17. Pastor Hagin has been the only other pastor I have ever had besides my dad and reading this book reminded me of why I loved him so much! I remember how much he loved people and loved seeing them meet Jesus and jut love him with all their heart…I was literally moved to tears at some point during this book…it was soo anointed and honestly it was like it just kept getting better!!!

    Chapter 5//Obedience is key to possessing your promised land. That reminds me of what we all say, “You never move past your last act of disobedience.” Disobedience cost Moses his dream…none of us are above that!! Lord, make me more and more sensitive one day at a time!!
    I really like when he said a church will only be as good as the people sitting in the pews! I believe we are growing!
    We can’t do things our own way instead of God’s way and expect to prosper. This was a big statement, “Wrong attitudes hinder believers more than they realize from being able to receive from God.”
    Disobedience is sin: murmuring and complaining is SIN!!! JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing things my own way will make a loser out of me, however if I am faithful to put the Word of God to work in my life it will work for me!! It is my responsibility to believe God, live right, and stay in faith!

    Chapter 6//this was the best chapter of the book in my opinion!!
    Winning at the faith fight requires that we really find out about who we are in Christ!! The greatest weapon I possess in the faith fight is the Word of God. I choose to think like God thinks!!
    Benefits from Him are not more important to me than relationship with Him!
    This was soo good, “There’s something about entering into the throne room of God with the simple attitude of a child–pure, humble, and trusting. Jesus said we would receive the Kingdom of God like a little child.

    When the motives of your heart are pure, the benefits of God come rolling in!! Humility causes us to take possession!! Blessings of God come from holy living not just faith confessions! You have to crucify your flesh to walk in the abundance that the Father has provided!

    The enemy can hinder the work of God when people become selfish…only using their faith for what would benefit them and not for lost and hurting people around them! What do you want in life…I like that so much!! I want souls! 😉


  18. Chapter 4//God gave his people a plan so that by his strength and wisdom they could accomplish the impossible. If the Israelites had just stood at the river without taking a step of faith, nothing would have happened. I have to put action behind my faith.
    When you are confronted with your spiritual Jericho’s begin to shout the victory before you actually see the victory, that‘s Faith. When you face an obstacle or a problem just praise God!! Faith believes and trusts therefore Faith praises!
    Don’t allow my personality to become negative due to wrong thinking just speak positive. Stop talking about what I don’t have start saying what I do have!

    Chapter 5// obedience to God will help you receive what God has promised you in this life. Obedience is a key to processing your promise land in this life. Disobedience is why Moses never possessed what God had for him. He decided to do it his own way. We can’t do things our way and expect to prosper.

    Attitude determines how far you go with God. Moses did humble himself and didn’t think about himself once he knew his disobedience had removed him from the opportunity of being able to enter into the promised land. My success in this life is up to me.


  19. Chapter 6// it will take a fight of faith to receive what God has for you in this life.
    Faith that fizzles in the finish had a problem in the beginning. Jesus was bold when He talked to the Father but never arrogant. He always had the Father’s thoughts on His mind. As God’s children, our mission is to give.
    Humility is how you possess in the Kingdom if God. It’s walking in integrity knowing I am nothing without him. I will not be able to possess my promised land if my attitude is wrong.
    Jesus never considered Himself. He considered God first then others.

    I really enjoyed this book. 😃🙌🏼


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