1. Pastor Dean said my problem is my focus. I must maintain my focus! He said the abundant life is about submission to the Father and all He’s told us to do. I must be unwavering in these things regardless of what’s going on around me, I am fixed and unmoved…is that a word? Lol! It is…I just looked it up 😂😂…it means emotionally unaffected. That’s exactly what I have to choose to be! None of these things move me as Paul said!
    Then the last thing that really stood out to me was when he said, “isolation is not the way the Father protects or provides for His people. Isolation turns to devastation.” That’s so true…isolation rages against all wisdom!!

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  2. Church is essential, if it was a custom for Jesus it should be a custom for us. Especially during these times of uncertainty in the world, we as the church really need to step it up and be motivated to shine a positive light. Continue growing in wisdom, continue praying in the spirit and continue being led to make a difference.

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  3. 👆🏼 I agree!! Like PD was saying going to church should never be negotiable! Like Jesus knew the value of GoDs Word, He knew where to go. So shall we run to where we know where our answer is – in hearing His Word, in being about His business. We were created to worship, work & grow together as a body of believers. Like TB was saying isolation is the complete opposite of His plan. It’s in unity that we become stronger. He is The GoD of order, and isolation is disorder <— in a state of confusion 😐


  4. I really like what PD said our custom should be to want to be in church , that’s where Jesus was found by His parents at 12years old! Gosh!!!! If Jesus thought it was important , and He did , He told us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together as some have begun to do! It’s the only place I will grow , mature, and flourish in the Word! PD said Just Do It!!🤗 Our problem is maintaining the right focus, it’s not other people’s fault and not even the devils fault! My focus is on Jesus, His Word , praying in the Spirit everyday so I will stay where He places me knowing I will have good fruit! Only then can I really help others when the Father tells me what to do and what to say! He gets all the Glory!! My God reigns and I will let Him take care of things I can’t handle. I will be submitted and yielded to the Holy Spirit! Like Paul, None of these things move me off of the stability on Him!♥️


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