1. Church was So good!

    Jumpstart- IT BLESSED ME SOOOO!!! having Faith=believing the best will happen. Fear=believing the worst will happen! LIVE A LIFE OF WORSHIP! Intentionally ignore the wrong voices! Cute don’t make the cut! I REFUSE ON EVERY LEVEL TO BE A CUTE BELIEVER! I’ll dig deep and do the work needed to live life on purpose for Him by Him. DO NOT BE MOVED PATRICIA!! Goshhh I am his kid & he’s got me! Be strong and immovable! COMMITTED! Parenting is no joke!!!! It’s a lot of time and a lot of digging.. THIS ISNT ABOUT A CUTE PUT TOGETHER LIFE!! Life is messy! This is not about my way but His way! THERES MORE! DEEP AND FOCUSED!!! TOUGHER THAN HELL!!!!

    2nd Service- GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF ME BECAUSE I LOVE HIM! Seriously thankful for PD! I’m worth Him going off on my behalf! John 16:33 really just ministered today to me in a Huge way! I choose to be of good cheer no matter what comes my way! I BELIEVE GOD & I BELIEVE IN HIM IM PROTECTED.

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  2. I heart church lol!!
    My favorites from today:

    Believing is about ME! I have to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God is not limited by education but humility and hunger!!
    I don’t use my reason I use the the WORD!!!
    I can’t be religious…this can’t be part-time
    I choose the narrow path!!


  3. Church was soo amazing today!!!

    Jumpstart was so for me!! I do not want to be a cute leader in any way!! My prayer this week is for the Holy Spirit to show me, me and help me eradicate all cute tendencies in me!!

    1st service blessed me!!! When PD went off about what we believe and how we will stand in the face of the enemy and HONOR God!!! So powerful!!! I am GRATEFUL for all my pastors and this amazing place I get to call HOME! ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Services were so good today. JumpStart was my fav i’ll def be listening again.
    Cute makes public more important than private. Cute leaders are caught off guard and high maintenance! Cute retreats when hard times come! I do not want to be cute!! I will eradicate that from my life!

    3rd service
    I really liked when PD said get in a position where you don’t rely on anyone but Him! It went back to JumpStart where I need to make sure my private is more important than public!! If i’m good in private, with Him, I will have a healthy relationship with others!

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  5. Church was so very good today! JumpStart/ When your information has you all into hearing the wrong voices more than God’s voice you’re a fool! I will not hear the voices of strangers ,but only the voice of my Father! Anyone who lets himself be distracted is not fit for the kingdom of God! Mark 10:17– Jesus said , just follow Me! Cute doesn’t make the cut! So don’t be caught off guard about things that don’t really matter , that’s being cute! No! I can make it through anything as long as I’m in Him! Cute always misses the mark , always has the wrong perspective . So don’t be cute ! I will be all in with Him! Being a leader of responsibility , to stand out in the right way for all the right things! He’s my first Love that’s what really matters, and I know He loves me , so I will simply praise and worship Him alone! Making the Leadership cut!!!!! Thank you PC this was so good!♥️ 1st/ God is all about what we do from our heart.A cheerful giver is quick to give and likes it! We give because we love Him! In times of confusion right now, He’s not, He’s not moved! The faith fight is believing and doing God’s Word in the face of adversity! Looking past those things we see trying to keep us from Divine Life! When I believe there’s more there will always be more! He has shed His Love abroad in my heart to love others. I will keep my focus on Him!!! ♥️


  6. so grateful for the uncompromised word at chooselife!!! so exciting and and an honor being apart of the end time church!!!
    jumpstart//i will NOT be a cute leader!!!!! Pastor faith encouraged the kids by telling them the time for cute church is over and it reminded of what we heard in jumpstart!!! i will get DOG DIRTY! whatever it takes! God does NOT need cute soldiers so i will not be one!!!!
    1st//pastor dean went off 🙌🏼 God is NOT confused right now!!!! there’s a divine life that He already paved the way!!! i will aggressively take it!!!


  7. Church was so good. I’m so grateful we get to call choose life home. I’m so grateful for the truth we hear. First service was 🔥🔥🔥 Pastor dean blesses me so much. We are faith people and we have to stand and not be moved!!! There will be storms to come and we have to stand. We are faith people. I love our church family ❤️ Also in kidz Pastor Faith brought it. It was so good. I like that she taught what you do in battle. Your pray in tongues, praise, and stand on the word.


  8. Jump start// you should never spiritually be caught off guard.
    Cute leaders are high maintenance. If you can bend easily you won’t break.
    Confrontation is messy. Cute leaders won’t confront. Leaders give their lives for the ones that are following.
    Service highs// no matter how far you go there’s always more. God doesn’t just bring relief He brings deliverance. The distance I go is up to me.


  9. God isn’t moved, God isn’t confused and neither should we be. He doesn’t author confusion, so if it doesn’t bring peace it’s pretty easy to know it’s not from Him. We have to fight the fight of faith and be unwilling to go by what we see happening in front of us and all around us. If we don’t believe in the promises he has for us then what are we doing? The word is the evidence of our faith and that’s all we need.


  10. Sunday EVERYTHING was just AWESOME!!!
    Jumpstart!!! Wow!
    We have to intentionally ignore the wrong voices!!
    Caught off guard = not spiritual
    Cute always makes public – more important than private!!
    Leaders are content & committed 💪🏼
    Leaders have to get in there!
    People who live a life of worship – have NOTHING to fear!
    Cute stands out in the wrong way – for the wrong things & therefore is displaced – they won’t stand

    1st PreK
    A winner doesn’t quit!!
    “Filled with Your Power – for The Glory of Jesus Name” – everything we’ve been given all to Glorify Him❤️

    You can see your cute – when hard times show up! Reminds me of the scripture, that says when things come up, you can see your true colors!
    I have The Spirit of GoD – I shouldn’t be caught off guard! – this is why I have to continually keep my eyes on Him – this can’t be something cute I do – this has to be real!
    We are tougher than hell!!💪🏼

    The distance you go – is your choice!! THE BALL IS ALWAYS IN MY COURT!!

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