DEEP 4.6.20


Grace is position, purpose, and provision! Which of the 3 P’s stood out most to you?


If you are going to experience God’s provision you have to decide if you are going to give your desires to Him or if you are going to try and make them happen on your own! How you decide determines the level of prosperity that you will walk in! Will you make the right choice?

What was your favorite part of the classes tonight?


  1. Grace
    If I don’t want my flesh to win I can’t be gracious with it.
    I’m competing with my flesh not with others
    I will be more tough on my flesh. To not allow condemnation when I make a mistake but to access grace with humility.

    I liked when PD said if you don’t give up the ambition and pursuit of making it happen on your own, then what He already made happen for you won’t be real to you! I don’t want my life, I want His life. I will be more diligent to hear from Him and obey, not just do what I know to do or what make sense but to pursue His plan!

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  2. DEEP was so good!! I’m thankful for Pastor Charity who put on that full hazmat suit, showing us the big picture of God’s grace for us!! Her class continues to show me that I need grace (JESUS) every day, all day!!! When she was talking about the children of Israel being provided for daily and how they were instructed not to hoard up for tomorrow, all I could hear was, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back” 😆 Like, He never leaves us hanging!!! Also one of my favorite statements of the night was, “I’ve got to depend on Him to get to the finish line!” Yessss!!! 💪🏼 And Pastor Dean is such a well-rounded leader, able to joke around and keep things light while keeping the main thing, the main thing…the Word!! I received such revelation and I’m still meditating on it…marinating it in my spirit! lol when He said that we should self insulate ourselves from all the junk going on, I looked up the meaning of it and it says to protect from heat, cold, or NOISE and also to protect from unwanted changes…wow! Exactly what we need to do in this time, protect ourselves from the outside noise of fear, fret, and worry and not let unwanted changes take place in our soul! Then I went even further and looked up “self isolate” and dang, I got a lot 🙈 but what stood out to me was the definition of shame and a tendency to hide behaviors; loss of social support. Ouch! That is NOT God’s design for our lives…to be hiding, downcast, alone! No! We must stand in our place of victory (in JESUS) and choose SELF-INSULATION, not self-isolation! Glory! Growing in these truths is an adventure!

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  3. DEEP!!! I look forward to deep nights!! Deep was so good, and like Larrisa said, STILL SO GOOD, everything we heard still ringing in the ears of my heart!! In Grace – Without Grace – without Jesus I CANNOT STAND! I have to continually walk in Grace, in religion & carnality, things begin to crumble. There has to be a consistency – i have to know where i stand & that I’m never above making a mistake! I have to acknowledge I can’t do this without Grace! 1 Cor 10:12 – So be careful. If you are thinking, “Oh, I would never behave like that”—let this be a warning to you. For you too may fall into sin. lol WOW!! Pride is such an ugly thing! You have to constantly check yourself! I like how PC says, “GoD, show me – me!” I don’t want anything that He didn’t put in me, to remain in me! We should be in a constant state of refinement – continually shaving things off! Any dependence = devilish🤢 I’m growing in this! To allow The HS to help me in the smallest of things. I really like this statement! “When He tells us something – watch that you don’t turn it into a suggestion or an option!! Whatever He says THAT’S WHAT GOES!! No alternatives! The real fight is that what goes on inside! That’s with my flesh! I can’t get comfy with my flesh!! Carnal = 🤢 depending on how high I place myself determines how hard I fall – OUCH!! I’ve been able to see more & more the areas where I have been depending on myself or my knowledge, instead of allowing Him to take His place as my everything! But I’ve also been accessing Grace instead of allowing the enemy to beat me up for the mistake!!💪🏼 talking about my position in Him is one of my favorite subjects. Having position means I KNOW WHERE I COME FROM & HOW YOU GET BACK HOME!! Glory!! I just picture the prodigal son! He messed up, but recognized that he did & went back to where he know he had it so good! How much more should we run back to where we know we are FREE, where we are LOVED & where we know there is GRACE!! Gosh such a huge deal! He’s a GoD of second, third, fourth.. chances! But in knowing you’re forgiven there’s such a Grace – an empowerment to not look back, to walk in freedom & never do it again! We can’t isolate ourself or we forfeit that position – have to run to Him in all humility!

    In Prosperity I learned more about position and that everything is trying to program me, to mold me into its kind! So it’s so important what I am thinking, exposing myself to. I like how PD said, “until The Kingdom has you – you have NOTHING”. You could have all the money, all the fame etc, but if you don’t have HiM – you lose! Nothing can bring the peace, satisfaction & fulfillment that He can bring! This is not about an amount – but a position!! I am seated high above!! And in Him I have it all! So good!

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