1. Coffee with PK was so good today ! Here are my take aways! I really liked what PK said about it’s time we Step It Up! I will go after God like never before to focus on Him more. This is the church’s finest hour to be bold like never before and STAND UP to the world. We are not of this world. We are the church of the Lord Jesus Christ not to fret or worry , we are of a different Kingdom, the Kingdom of light! I will now begin to let The Father shake and sift those things out of me that need to be shaken, that will only be left to see is God’s Word. I have a job to do, to continue to be about His business. To tell every person He gives me the opportunity to introduce to Jesus the good News! To be yielded to Him every day I get up ,to seek Him first , what am’I to do with You today ,where are You and I goin today! We have been called for just such a time as this! I’am the light and salt to a lost and dying world. Our BEST days are ahead! Thank you Pastor Kathy this was so good today! I love you💖

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  2. IM NOT OF THIS WORLD! IM PECULIAR! IM CHOSEN! IM SPECIAL!!! IM HIS!!! 🙌🏼we should behave differently than those in the dark! I really really liked the Visual PK gave of the Sifting… i could literally see my life being sifted of all unnecessary things! Everything that isn’t faith I want OUT!!!! BOLD & STRONG like never before!!!!! I want people to see Jesus not me!!! I believe for a HOLY BOLDNESS!!!! I will keep my focus on God like never before!!!!! RESOLVED & YIELDED TO HIM!!! These are our best days as His children! I will guard my ear gates and my eye gates… I WILL KEEP GROWING- THERES MORE! I will be ready!!! I want to please my Father!!!!!!

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  3. I really enjoy Coffee with Pastor Kathy!!
    I also really enjoyed the example of sifting…I know there are things in my life on a regular basis that are not profitable and are dead weight…I am so grateful for all the tools we have here at church to continue to move forward and be all God has made us to be!!
    I will be focused in my attention and focused in my faith!


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